The Ballet Mistress Part 2

The Ballet Mistress Part 2
Hello again it’s Anna here, it had been an eventful day so far in my dance studio let me briefly remind you what had happened, I was teaching three students, 2 girls and a boy they were all 16 years old and were doing final dress rehearsals for an important dance competition. They all looked good in their dance costumes the girls in shiny blue lycra leotards, white tights and white tutus, the boy in shiny blue lycra tights and a tight white lycra top.

As is usual I had been present when they dressed in their revealing costumes, there is no place for shyness in the dance world I had seen plenty of naked athletic bodies in my years as a professional dancer and now as a teacher things were no different. I helped the girls into their tights and leotards and made adjustments as I saw fit, and yes I admit I have to touch them in intimate areas to ensure everything is perfect, the seams of a dancers tights must be correctly aligned. When it came to the boy I again helped him dress properly but unfortunately there was a small problem.

He had forgotten to bring his dance thong! A dance thong is a common and necessary piece of underwear worn by male dancers it holds their genitals in place, I didn’t have any spare thongs and normal underwear would have been impractical so I decided he would have to be naked under his silky blue tights, I watched him as he encased his legs and firm young bottom in the stretchy lycra and I had a slight flush of excitement seeing him tuck his penis inside the revealing material, there was definitely nowhere to hide in his lycra leggings, his young cock and balls were beautifullly defined and his muscular cheeks nicely separated by the seam of his tights, it should be ok shouldn’t it ?

It wasn’t, as soon as he entered the studio the girls noticed he was just wearing tights and nothing underneath of course they had to comment on this they were young adolescent teenagers and were fascinated by what they saw. Initially things were Ok but then after about an hour of close intimate dancing with the 2 girls and having a penis that was being constantly rubbed by the tight lycra and occasionally brushed against by fit young female bodies the inevitable happened.

The boy got a very visible erection! As I say lycra hides nothing and his erect penis was on full show encased in shiny tights and oozing precum I knew there was only one option he had to be made to cum.

It sounds bad of me but these rehearsals were important and having him distracted by his hard cock meant he would not be at his best he had to orgasm to relieve the tension. I went over to him and pulled his tights down his erection sprang out towards me, I took him in my hand and started wanking him, the 2 girls joined in and between us we made him cum, it didn’t take long bless him!

Following our brief and erotic interlude from rehearsing my young pupils continued practicing their routine ahead of next weeks recital, I was acutely aware that the dynamic between them had changed, but of course it had to. Here I had 3 teenagers who had been incredibly intimate with each other and of course I had to remember that I had been heavily involved myself, had I broken the trust between teacher and students? I was after all twice their age they are all 16 I’m 35! Would I be in serious trouble if any of them told their parents?

To be honest I didn’t care they are all legally old enough to be involved in sexual activity, I had jokingly said to the girls that the boy owed them a favour and suggested that he should fuck them after rehearsals, they didn’t respond to this suggestion but their actions and attitudes towards each other after the wanking incident made me think it was an idea they wanted to pursue.

As I watched them dancing together I noticed how much more relaxed they seemed, they glided around the floor in perfect harmony, the parts of the routine where the boy was holding one or sometimes both of the girls seemed more believable, the dance was based on a young man torn between the love of two young women and it certainly looked as if they were all embracing the story. Towards the final point in the routine the boy stands in a dominant pose, his legs apart his arms crossed, the girls are either side of him and slide down his body their hands clasped around his silky legs as they slowly lower themselves to the floor.

Given the boys unrestricted penis was hanging to the right and was strapped to his thigh by the stretchy lycra, the girl on his right made sure her hand was close to the boys tip as she slid down his leg. As they went through the dance several times I noticed each time her hand getting closer and closer until inevitably she was deliberately rubbing his lycra clad cock as she went down.

I confess I was getting very aroused watching them and soon realised I had my own problem but I’ll get to that a bit later, as they danced I often make notes I always have a clipboard with a note pad and a pen, one observation I had was the girls white tutus looked awkward so I stopped them dancing.

“ Listen girls I don’t think the tutus work take them off please I want a more streamlined look to you both.“

The girls duly obliged removing the garments and handing them to me, tutus are very very short skirts and offer some covering of a girls intimate area but when a dancer is in full flow her bottom and crotch are clearly exposed even if covered in lycra.

“ Go and stand either side of the boy and get into the final position.“

This is the position I mentioned earlier when the girls slide down the boys body, straight away they looked better and they could stand closer to the boy there was no spacing between their young bodies. They completed the final part of the routine and I knew that removing the tutus was the right decision and again the girl on the right lingered her hand over the boys cock as she slid down, he was starting to get hard again!

As they carried on dancing I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and saw I had a problem! I could feel myself getting aroused my nipples were hard and my vagina felt hot and wet, I was wearing my usual attire of skintight leggings and a bra top, normally I wear black but today I was in an old pair of grey leggings with a white top, the leggings are I confess too small for me now and I never wear knickers under them I can’t see the point and I find underwear uncomfortable when I dance, as a professional I never wore anything under my skintight costumes.

So I caught myself in the mirror and to my horror my nipples were clearly visible under my tight white bra top and worse than that I had a very visible damp patch in my leggings! Oh fuck I thought how long has that been there? Instinctively I covered my embarrassment with my clipboard and went and sat down on one of the plastic chairs at the back of the studio. I continued to observe my students but all the time I was thinking about what we had done earlier and now the girls looked lithe and even more sexy without their tutus and the boys growing penis drew my attention more and more.

It was 5 o’clock the dancers were tiring and there was no point continuing, they were all sweating and breathing heavily, the boy had patches of sweat around his testicles and the tip of his by now erect penis was wet with what I assumed was precum, the girls also had sweat patches on their lycra clad bottoms and down their backs, I was hot but my heat was purely sexual I wanted these three in my bedroom and I wanted them now.

They walked over to where I was sitting and stood in front of me, their lycra covered crotches were at my eye level and that is where I was looking, there was a long pause as I looked them all up and down making no effort to disguise the fact I was looking at their intimate areas, then one of the girls spoke up.

“ Madam did you mean what you said about the boy fucking us? “

I was taken aback by her honesty but I told her that I was serious about my suggestion. I beckoned the boy over to me I put my hands on his hips and turned him round, I now had his shiny tight bum in my face, I kissed his lycra clad arse cheeks and pulled him down onto my lap. I reached around and began massaging his penis through his tights, it felt so good it was hard and warm yet silky and smooth through the lycra, I looked at the girls as I played with my young toy they became aroused and both blushed when I suggested they put their hands inside each other’s leotards and rubbed their friends cunt through their sweaty tights.

I could feel the boys penis getting harder and harder he was grinding his bottom into my lap almost as though he was hoping I had a penis to push inside him! I asked him if he liked watching the girls play with each other, he said he did and wanted to fuck them both and he wanted to fuck me as well! I pushed him forward and put my left hand between his firm buttocks rubbing his sweaty anus through his lycra tights While I continued massaging his erection with my right hand, I knew this is what he wanted he liked me fingering him earlier when the girls were wanking him.

“ I don’t want you cumming in your tights young man, I think we should all go up to my apartment and continue this there! “

I live above my dance studio in a large modern apartment, I led my young students up the stairs to my home very much aware that the boy was behind me closely followed by the girls.

“ I hope your not looking at my arse boy! “ I said cheekily, I then stopped on the stairs and turned round my three young friends looking up at me.

“ Look what you three have done to me! “ I pointed towards my crotch.

“ Oh Madam you’ve got a wet cunt! “ the boy blurted out, the girls giggled and stared at the damp patch in my skintight grey leggings, knowing that they were looking at one very aroused vagina, we went up and I led them into my bedroom.

My bedroom was very messy clothes everywhere and the bed was unmade but it didn’t matter we were there to have sex not sleep! A pair of my sheer tan tights were hanging off the back of a chair, I had worn them the day before and they needed washing, one of the girls picked them up and the naughty thing sniffed The gusset!

“ How does it smell? “ I asked her. “ It smells of sweat and pussy juice” the girl replied, “ I think we should make the boy put these on! “

Well her young friend and I agreed let’s put the boy in proper women’s tights this should be fun! We stripped the young boy naked peeling off his sweaty lycra he stood there helpless and at the mercy of two horny young girls and an equally horny mature woman, the girls put the tights on him, first one foot then the other then pulling them up to his waist. They had obviously been paying attention as they made sure the seams of the tights were straight and aligned properly, his testicles nestled neatly into the soft gusset and his erection was upright.

“ I think we should make a hole and pull his penis through it so he can fuck us while he wears my tights. “ The girls were keen on this and between them they carefully ripped a hole in the tights and pulled his hard cock through, he looked so horny standing there in sheer tan tights with his young erection proudly on show ready for us girls to enjoy.

I decided to take charge I ordered the girls to strip each other, they pulled off each other’s lycra leotards and then their sweaty white tights, I did notice staining in the gussets of both girls tights a combination of sweat and vaginal juices, then when they were naked they stripped me removing my skintight leggings and bra top.

I then instructed the girls to stand side by side and bend over, they put their hands on my bed and I made sure their tight firm bodies were touching, what a great view two lovely firm bottoms, as they bent forward their bum cheeks separated slightly revealing their vaginas and arseholes, I took hold of the boys penis and pulled him towards one of the girls, I then helped guide him slowly into the girls tight wet cunt, she moaned softly as he went went in deeper until eventually he was in up to his firm balls. He began fucking her getting faster and using long strokes of his cock almost coming out of her before going in fully again.

I turned my attention to the other girl who was trembling with anticipation I reached between her legs and slipped a finger inside her vagina, she was wet and tight, as I opened her up I put more fingers in until I had four fingers inside her, could I go all the way and first fuck her? It was too much for her and she had an incredible squirting orgasm soaking my sheets with her juice, as she came she collapsed forward in a heap on my bed, I turned her onto her back and spread her legs before hungrily licking her ripe cunt, I could hear the other girl moaning louder as she too neared orgasm, but who would cum first her or the boy?

The girl being fucked by the young boy wearing my tights screamed in pleasure as she had a powerful orgasm, at that moment the girl I was licking came too, her cum oozing out of her soaking wet cunt, she begged me to stop as she had become hyper sensitive, I lay next to her on the bed and we kissed, she began fondling my breasts and nipples, I was then aware that my legs were being spread, I didn’t look to see who it was but suddenly I felt a warm tongue licking my clit, I glanced down and it was the other girl giving me the most intense oral sex, the boy was standing next to us looking hot in my tights and wanking his hard cock as he watched us girls together.

I reached out to him and took his erection in my hand it was wet with the girls cum, I told him I wanted him to fuck me and I wanted his cum deep inside my cunt, the girl licking me stood up and the boy lay between my legs inserting himself into my throbbing vagina, I took hold of his nylon covered arse and pulled him deep inside me, oh fuck it felt good, the two girls were now both kissing each other as the boy fucked me hard, I ordered the girls to play with the boys arsehole.

They did as they were told fingering his anus and groping his testicles, I was close to orgasm and then I felt the boy shoot his load inside me, just as I wanted him to, that sensation then made me cum my body convulsing in ecstasy, I grabbed his bottom and held him deep in my dripping cunt until I had finished cumming and he had drained his balls into me.

The evening continued into night, then into the early hours of the following morning filled with passion and sex, the boy taking a break after each of his orgasms, while he watched me turning two young female dancers into full on nymphos, we had intense lesbian sex interspersed with a hard fuck from a young eager dancer wearing his teachers tights, the boy got his wish he fucked all three of us more than once and got a great view of a mature woman taking on two teenagers, by the time we had finished my bed was soaked in cum and god knows what else!

The four of us lay on my bed hot, sweaty, filthy but satisfied, I put my hand on the boys thigh, my now ruined tights dripping with his cum, my cum and the cum of the girls. The two girls were on the other side of me naked and embracing each other, their lithe bodies intimately intertwined, I pulled the boy to me he put his right leg over me I felt his semi erect cock against my leg, I put my arm around him and playfully patted his nylon covered bum.

“ You look and feel good in my tights, we must do this again! “

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