Sisters Wedding Part 3

Sisters Wedding Part 3
The next day the party packed up and left. The Aunt who knew said nothing apart from if you need an excuse to get away from the k**s let me know.

Sam’s cunt had not settled down, the cooling pool water eventually calmed her hot cunt, but even walking proved difficult, going commando like the old days helped but her cunt was constantly leaking, it ran down her thighs while standing and walking and she left wet patches on chairs. Jesus, she thought and bought tampons, to help.

Driving back also proved difficult, the constant rubbing and movement from the road meant she was nearly always either on the verge of cumming or actually cumming. Small silence climaxes, kept her smiling. Her clit, hard, poked through its hood, almost as if it was looking for Pete’s cock, she daydreamed of feeling it fill her cunt again as she drove the family back.

Back, an old girlfriend, Sarah contacted her and asked her out, few drinks and chat might take her mind off her cunt.
Hitting the bars, seemed like a good idea, it brought back memories or her slutty ways, and her friend wasn’t scared of a cock or two. The two girls talking about the old days and Sam’s new found love of huge cock made her cunt start to feel warm, and empty. The girls sitting at a table enjoyed the conversation but decided to call it a night after the second bottle. I need a cigarette said Sam as Sarah and her packed up; I need another piss said Sarah I will see you outside.

Walking to the smoking area, looking in her bag only to find she had left her pack somewhere. Not wanting to go back she engaged in conversation with a group of guys to get a smoke. Taking the cigarette, she took the banter about the first one free; then they would have to charge her. Putting the cigarette out she reached for another one; you know what that means, what? said Sam, pay a forfeit said one, whats the forfeit, show us something. Sam lifted her skirt and pressed her hand to her groin to expose her cunt. Dropping her skirt back down and lighting her reward, the continuing banter picked up a level and the braver of her new friends asking to have a feel for the next cigarette. Sam’s already wet cunt started to feel warm and empty. I can better than that said Sam, whose wants a fuck, WOW OH said the group and she pulled one of the guys away to the corner of the smokers area, and the rest of you Sam said the group followed.

What the fuck, she heard Sarah say, back from her piss, looking for her friend

Sam pulled at the stud next to her and undid his trousers, pulling at his cock Sam looked at the rest standing around and told them to get their cocks out. As they lined up Sam looked for a horse cock like the one she was missing and could only see average cocks. she turned and lifted her skirt to show her ass and gash and dreamed of the massive cock which she would see tomorrow. The first of the studs ran his hand down her gash and turned to his mates and said, she up for this she is wet and its dripping from her cunt. The stud pushed his cock into her cunt, it slipped in even though she kept her legs closed. She felt empty, she could feel his cock just, his balls slapped against her thigh, The stud pumped her cunt, but his cock did not really touch all the sides at once. When he had finished, she poked her fingers into her cunt and licked the creamy load from her fingers, looking back she called the next over, and he quickly shot his load into her as did the other 4. She only climaxed as the last cock finished by rubbing her hard clit herself.
Jesus Sam said Sarah, as they walked to the curb looking for a taxi. Did that satisfy you cock needs? Not a chance said Sam, as the 5 creamy loads started to leak from cunt, and run down her thighs. She left the seat of the taxi with a huge wet patch, as Sam left the taxi Sarah said be careful as the girls kissed. Sam knew from tonight experience her husbands cock was not going to be enough.

Next morning, Sam left the k**s with Grandma on the excuse she was going to see the Aunt to sort out some of her legal stuff, including a will. Stay overnight and will see the k**s tomorrow before getting to the airport.

All goodbyes said, Sam drove not to her Aunts but to a suburb in the West of Sydney and parked outside a traditional terraced house, an hour early she so wanted to see Pete’s cock again. Tina’s Husband opened the door dressed in a maids uniform and asked her to follow him downstairs. What Sam saw next was a complete surprise, in a brightly lit room Tina was being fucked by a stranger to Sam, Pete standing behind the man was videoing the action, his semi-hard cock out straight from his groin, the husband stepped up and took the camera from Pete and continued to film his wife being fucked. Tina looked around and smiled, Pete came over and kissed Sam, she could smell Pete’s sex, she rubbed his knob which was greasy with Tina’s cunt juice and hanging like a broken arm, the bell end shiny. She wanted to hold it again and reached out Pete smiled kissed her and grabbed her ass and whispered soon be over, as the man fucking Tina picked up the pace and drove his thick cock into Tina’s cunt. Tina swearing and goading her fucker on to cum, screamed as the large balls tightened and pumped cum into Tina’s cunt. Some squeezed out on to her gash and down her legs and fell on to the white sheets of the round bed Tina had been fucked on.

Handing the camera back to Pete, the husband laid on the bed next to Tina, Tina straddled his face and poked fingers into her cunt and pulled the hot sticky load out into her husbands face. Pete filmed him licking her fingers and receiving as much of the cum as he could. His average size cock splat to dollops of cum over his uniform.

Getting off the bed, Tina greeted Sam, french kissing her leaving Sam with a hint of cum on her lips, “Your early” Tina Said. “Eger to get some real cock” said Sam. “30 minutes earlier you could have joined me, this is Dave” Tina introducing her fuck buddy. Sam’s eyes betrayed her, and he smiled, her eyes caught a knob semi-hard, thick as her wrists with a bell end almost as big as her fist. The pair of heavy balls hung almost halfway down his thighs
“Can I ask whats going on” said Sam? “Sure” said Tina reaching for a robe. Opening the patio doors, Tina walked outside to an area under a decking, and lit one,

Refilling the glasses, the husband said something to Tina, who turned to Sam and said, “Are you OK?” “Yes” why said Sam, “You came commando today?”, “Yes” Sam said “how did you know?” “Your dripping cunt on the patio” said Tina, as both Pete and Dave, smirked as everybody looked down at Sam’s feet to see a small pool of fluid between her feet.

“Oh Jesus” said Sam, “Not to worry” said Tina, “I had big trouble for a long time, I left wet patches on all the furniture and needed to change underwear 3 – 4 times a day. Bought bigger and bigger dildo’s to try and satisfy the itch. Kept the maid busy, that was for sure. If that skirt is wet, take it off we can find you a robe if you like”. Pete stepped over and helped her out of her clothes and ran his fingers down her gash. A robe appeared.

Lunch will be ready soon said Tina. Transcript of lunch conversations at end of story.

Lunch served, more wine, Tina asked Sam, what the home situation was like, Regular said Sam, 2-3 times a week, it was a good sized cock, but told the table about last night disappointed episode, which Tina was very understanding about, the husband kept the glasses filled

Sam had sat between Pete and Dave and between drinks been lazily rubbing their cocks, smelling her hand each time she took a drink, Daves fingers longer than Petes had been fingering her clit, she cum at the table. Tina said “Dave take her inside and fuck her brains out”, Pete and I have something to discuss.

Followed by the husband, who grabbed the video and started filming, Dave led Sam back into the room and removed her robe, sucking on her tits and grabbing her arse, Sam easily found the heavy cock, and pulled back the foreskin, different to Pete’s but as heavy and magnificent, she slowly wanked it unable to close her fingers around its girth, her cunt lubricated with her thoughts of being fucked by it. She lost all thoughts about the cameras as she dropped to her knees in front of Dave’s cock

Sam needed to use both hands hold the cock, she licked the bell end tasting Tina’s dried cunt juice, and Dave’s pre-cum, running her tongue along the underside of the shaft to the bollocks hanging between Dave’s thighs, Sam worked her way back to the bell end, leaving a trail of split along its length.

Her clit was hard and poking from its hood; any movement ensured a wave of warmth passed through her groin. Dave pulled her up and pushed her back onto the bed, spreading her legs he ran his tongue along her gash, finding the clit easily making her climax again as he sucked at it.

Holding his knob at the entrance of her cunt, Dave rubbed his knob along the gash, until his knob end found her cunt hole and he pushed his cock in gently, Sam immediately felt her cunt entrance expand to accommodate the bell end, and a wave of warmth came over her.

Dave smiled and pushed his hard long thick cock into Sam’s cunt. Sam could feel the cock as it progressed up her cunt hole inch by inch her cunt was filled with Daves hot cock as he pushed to the top of her cunt. She pulled in her new lover, wrapped her hands around his neck and legs around his waist to pull them together and she felt his bollocks on her arse. She grunted as Daves knob pushed at the top of her cunt.

Her new lover, started to pull his cock out of her cunt slowly, not to much before he pushed it back, as the cock hit the top again the bollocks bounced on her ass. He repeated the action and got into a rhythm. Sam climaxed loudly and her cunt flooded juice over the cock and down her ass crack, she climaxed again as Dave eased into a new position, with Sam on her side Dave scissor fucked her, his bollocks rubbing on her thigh, his hand squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples, she climaxed as Dave sucked on her toes.

She felt the mattress move and saw Tina sitting on the edge, sucking at Pete’s cock, squeezing is bollocks. Dave had picked up the pace and was now pumping Sam’s cunt, pushing his cock deep into her cunt, kneading her tits.

Tina laid facing Sam. Sam was looking directly at Tina’s cunt as she saw Pete’s thick hard bell end pushing at Tina’s gash from behind her, spooning her pushing his huge cock into her cunt, it slipped in and Tina gasped and reached over to pinch Sam’s clit, Sam climaxed again and reached over to rub Tina’s hooded clit Tina pulled Pete in close to force his cock further up her cunt hole.

Dave moved to mirror Pete and Tina, and the girls could see others cunts being fucked by the huge cocks. Dave pushed Sam closer to Tina by impaling her on his cock, making her cum again. Sam could now see and hear Pete’s cock sliding in and out of Tina’s cunt greasy coated in her juice, Tina cunt pink and puffy the lips pushed back against the groin, his bollocks hanging over her thigh. Sam rubbed the shaft as it slid in and out, cupping the bollocks she stuck her tongue against the shaft and tasted Tina’s juice on the shaft and sucked at the gash being split open by the huge hard cock.

Tina did the same, and Sam felt Tina’s tongue on her clit, Tina licked at Dave’s shaft sucking Sam’s juice from the shaft as she had done. The boys ploughed those cunts hard pushing their long thick cocks deep into each of those cunts. Tina turned away first and sat cowgirl on Pete’s cock bouncing up and down on the shaft. Tina did the same, her legs as wide as she could get them exposed her gash fully to Tina’s husband’s camera who went in for a close up of her cunt filled with Dave’s knob. She ground her arse into Dave’s groin to take as much of Dave’s cock as possible in each push as Dave squeezed at her tits. She looked down and saw the thick pole poking her cunt, and Tina’s husband smiling, and the sight made her climax, she saw the large heavy bollocks between his legs tighten, and the cock gets even harder in her cunt. She climaxed again as the first rope of spunk hit the top of her cunt, the second third and fourth flooded her cunt and she felt the sticky liquid force itself out of her hole between her and the shrinking cock. Laying back on to Dave, she felt his sweat mix with hers.

Looking over at Tina and Pete, Tina had disengaged from Pete’s cock and was under him, mouth open rubbing her tits and gash, The slit in the bell end of Pete’s cock opened and spat the first rope over her face and tits, the second over her face as did the third and fourth.

Sam rolled off Dave and licked Tina’s cum covered body, the sweat and cum mixing as she sucked up the dollops of spunk from Tina’s tits and neck. Tina’s fingers scooped the cum from her face and cleaned them as Tina kissed her friend’s mouth. Dave’s discharge running down her thighs Sam reached back and mixed Dave’s spunk with Petes in Tina’s mouth.

The boys got off the bed and left the girls to it Tina reached for Sam’s cum filled cunt and Sam obliged by sitting on her face, letting the cunt juice pour into Tina’s open mouth. Using their tongues, the girls cleaned each other before joining the boys.

Sam sat, naked, Tina robed, the boys naked their cocks flaccid, still big enough to satisfy most women, their bollocks in bags, looking like fruit shopping from the supermarket. Sam wondered how she was going to manage without.
Drinks and food relived everybody, Sam still sitting ran her hand down her gash and the lip parted to reveal her hole, still wet from the fucking an hour ago, she could see the boys talking and looking at her. Tina was doing the same next to her and poked her fingers in her cunt and then in Sam’s mouth, the salty, bitter taste of cunt biting on Sam’s lips as she did the same, pulling a dollop of Dave’s cum for Tina to taste.

“You boys ready for more,” said Tina, “because I could use some more”. How about you Sam? Yep, I know my cunt is ready for more, she smiled. You bitches might have to work a bit harder on this one, said Pete as Dave moved towards Tina. Tina looked over at Sam, remember how we got Pete up last time. Sam smiled and said to Pete assume the position.

Pete moved over and bent in front of Sam, Sam opened his big arse cheeks and pushed her face into his crack, Tina did the same to Dave. Licking at his arse she could, Sam felt like she wanted to do this all the time, the sweat, the smell of his arse and Tina’s dried cunt juice filled her senses and she pulled the cheeks open more and poked her tongue in deeper.

She heard the sound of a camera and lights came as she worshipped the arse of the man who had given her some much pleasure with his huge cock. Reaching around his girth, she could feel Pete’s cock rising filling with blood, as it extended. Her hand wanked its length. From the corner of her eye, she could see Tina running her tongue along Daves crack, licking her juice from it.

Turning Pete, she wanked his cock while sucking on the shaft, laying a trail of split along its length. Her cunt is throbbing with anticipation making her reach down and play with herself, poking a finger into her hole where her lover’s cock was going to be.

Getting on the bed, she assumed the face down and ass up position and spread her cunt lips for him, looking around she saw him get behind her and poke his cock at her gash and into her hole filling it completely. Tina joined her, and their both gripped the linen and grunted as her holes were pumped hard.

Tina looked at Sam, and they kissed, sucking on each other faces, each tasting cum and sweat as they accepted the cocks into their cunts again and again. Both girls climaxed, there tits swinging, slapping against their chests. Sam looked up through eyes in slits and saw Tina’s husband filming her fucking and cumming on her lover’s cock. She didn’t care again as she cried out when she climaxed again, her cunt twitching with pleasure as her lover’s cock topped her cunt. She felt Pete’s thick fingers explore her ass, him rubbing her cunt juice into her puckered hole before his poked a finger into her brown hole.

Tina screamed and swore at Dave, who had done the same, only deeper and with more fingers, “You Fucker You Fucker” she said and climaxed over his cock.

The girls lifted their faces off the linen and kissed before both turning to their lovers, begging them to fuck them harder and longer, to make them climax again and again. The boys poked their cocks into those willing greasy cunts, sweat dripping from both as the girls felt the cocks split cum into their holes. Falling into a heap, Tina and Sam held each other and kissed as their cunts dribbled cum. Laying on their backs, their legs open as wide as they could get them the husband filmed the gashes leaking cum down their cracks. The boys stood and watched as the girls rubbed each other to a final climax before rolling off the bed.

Final drinks and smokes the four fell asleep. Sam woke alone, the rest out on the patio, what time do you need to leave somebody asked, “12 ish” said Sam, “better get moving said Dave as a second coffee was handed to her”. “No time for a repeat of last night” then said Sam, as Pete walked her back through into the shower, and helped her wash the dried cum from her body, taking advantage Sam watched as Pete’s cock harden in the shower, only for it to be removed and replaced by towels.

Saying goodbye wasn’t easy, Tina’s said her husband would edit her movies and send the links. Sam dressed in warmer clothes for the journey, immediately knew it was going to be difficult as the rough seam of the levis rubbed on her exposed clit, making her cunt leak over her clean underwear.

The next steps all accomplished without incident, the 3 of them found their seats and waited for the next 24 hours to pass. The flight not so bad, the 3-4 small bottles of wine each sector made sure of that, the fatigue from being fucked all night helped her sleep, but each movement of the plane in the turbulent air made Sam’s cunt leak. She tossed away her underwear and brought very expensive new ones at the stop and used all 2 of the 3 before landing.

Landing at the final destination, the family waited for the luggage. Sam switched on her phone, and the buzzer sounded of missed calls and messages waiting. Looking through the missed calls, ones from her Aunt made her wonder, but she wasn’t in the mood. Looking at the message list, she had 6 missed messages, one from her husband telling her he was landside, 2 from Tina, telling her that the video’s had been loaded and the link. The 3 others where from the UK and people she didn’t know. One woman and two men, opening one of the messages from the mem, she was greeted by a short message saying he had seen the video and was interested to meet her, under which was a picture of a hooded cock next to 2 cans of coke laid end to end, clearly only semi-hard its owner holding it, the shaft as big as the cans. Sam surprised gasped but was brought back to reality as her youngest struggled with the first of 3 suitcases.

She would have to deal with the other messages later in private.

Lunch Time conversation
I own a fetish website, initially to sell vids of me dominating hubby and a couple of others. I asked Pete to appear in one, and the husband videoed him fucking me; the response was big, the sales were 10 times what the sissy vids where. So I had found a gold mine, but it lived on a farm 15 hours away in the bush. I needed to find an alternative closer to home.

Lucky you met Dave, Said Sam, Not luck said Tina. Advertising on the website drew in some hopefuls but generally “Want a B’s and guys with overinflated views of themselves” nearly drove me mad, and I suspect you know once you have given in to a cock like Petes its difficult to go back.

Was Dave in response to the advert, asked Sam Partly said Tina, I was contacted by an American lady who had been through the big black cock thing and ended up pissed off with the hype, the unreliability, the stigma etc. but of course needed a large cock to satisfy her. She made an interesting observation, and I guess Pete had this problem. Most girls don’t like to be stretched out by a monster cock, maybe most would like to say that’s not true, but I think Pete’s, Dave’s and others I know failure to find a regular girl is proof.

So what we decided to do, is to try and set up a community of girls, devotees I call them and very well endowed white men to solve the problem. It took 5 years to get to a mature state, but now we have associates in 40 countries. It’s members only, and the web admin has to confirm details of the men personally before we allow contact. Daves one of those associates and he fucks 10 of us in Sydney, and I have a monster cock to play with when I want. What you saw was the end of a tag team video, pure filth which will be edited and put on the website by the weekend.

How are you at lying said Tina, good I’m a lawyer said, Sam. I understand we have some monster cocks in the UK which could be a solution to your problem; membership will not be a problem, we do ask new members to put up a video of them endorsing their need, perhaps showing how much they can take.

We could kill 2 birds with one stone; my husband could video you getting fucked by Pete and Dave what better endorsement of your needs and wants. We can post it for you. If you agreed I waiver the fee If you let me sell copies.

Fuck it said Sam, sinking another glass, let’s do this, I came over today to get a big cock to plug my cunt, if you want to video me getting fucked as part of deal then do it, if it means I get to fuck Dave and Pete I’ll do it.

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