Silly Jenny showing up at the wrong time

Silly Jenny showing up at the wrong time
That afternoon I really needed a good relief for my stress. I was totally exhaust after a long week; but still I had to complete Friday at work…

My Boss Andrew called me to his office. When I went into, he was on the phone. He motioned me in quietly and I shut the door behind me. After listening for a few seconds, it was clear he was talking to his wife. He was telling her something about how he just still needed time to build his trust in her back up.

I walked around his desk and got down on my knees in front of him. He made a nervous look at me and tried to tell me to wait but I continued.
I undid his belt and pants and pulled down his zipper. I worked his hardening cock out the front of his boxers.

Then quickly I put his cock in my mouth so I could feel him getting hard around my lips. Within seconds his cock was stiff a piece of iron.
I took him all the way to my throat and repeated going up and down as my head bobbed on his cock. My Boss’ breathing became sharp as he tried to hide his pleasure on the phone as he talked to his wife.

As I ran my tongue up and down his shaft, I heard he could barely talk to her. I stopped at the thick cock head and used my lips and tongue to tease him. Finally, he hung up the phone.

Andrew smiled to me and ordered me to slid a bit more under the desk.
I slid over, getting hidden from sight. Then I kept sucking him in that very cramped space.
His moaning was getting louder and stopped abruptly when I heard a knock on the door and it was fully opened. My Boss leaned forward suddenly, thrusting his cock in my throat, making me almost cough.

It was Jenny, one of the sluttiest bitches of the whole building. Andrew talked to her in a pretty obviously unfriendly tone. I smiled to myself and kept bobbing my head up and down on his cock; but now moving slowly…

Jenny said she needed to ask him a personal question. Then I pulled my mouth off Andrew’s cock and just ran my tongue up and down as I listened to that stupid bitch…

Andrew said he was busy now; but Jenny insisted, telling it was important.
She sounded urgent. I returned his cock to my mouth, using my hand and mouth to jack him off while I was hiding under his desk.

Jenny claimed about her supervisor; he was having an inappropriate behavior about her. She had caught him staring at her round boobs and later he had touched softly her round ass cheeks. She was scared…

I had seen her that early morning. The slut was wearing a nice revealing tight blouse and a tight mini skirt that barely even covered her ass cheeks…
I could not blame on that supervisor. I had stared her sweet body too.

As she continued talking, Andrew let go a moan of pleasure from his lips. I knew he liked looking at Jenny’s body while his cock was in my mouth.

Suddenly Jenny reacted, yelling if he was looking at her boobs…
Andrew`s cock throbbed in my lips; he was trying to hold back an orgasm.

I smiled again to myself and started sucking him harder and faster.

Jenny asked him if he was feeling good; as his orgasm finally hit him. His hands clenched tight the desk’s edge as his eyes rolled up.
Andrew whispered he was fine; as his semen was being shot into my mouth and down my throat.

All of a sudden he backed his chair and he shot some of his load away as Jenny walked around to see me kneeling under his desk.

Wiping a string of cum off my chin I licked my finger and swallowed it. The silly redhead was in shock, as she looked at our Boss and saw his hard cock still sticking out of his pants in his lap.
I got out from under the desk and I kissed Jenny deeply.

She was tense at first but she relaxed after a few seconds. My hands were running up and down her, her hair, her ass. Eventually her hands did the same as my tongue found its way into her mouth.
Wisely, our Boss just sat there, watching us.

With my naughty hands on Jenny’s soft hips, I pulled up her skirt and with hardly no effort it popped up over her nice ass.
My hands kept squeezing her ass as I felt how firm it was. She pulled her mouth away from mine and not wanting her to lose focus I put my mouth on her neck and licked and kissed her, from earlobe to shoulder.

I brought my hands around her thighs to the sides and moved her skirt up in the front too. She was wearing a very tiny black thong and I worked a finger up under the waistband and pulled it down.

Jenny gasped as her thong dropped to her knees. I worked one of my fingers into her pussy and started to finger fuck her. Her pussy felt tight…
My mouth worked down her chest and I kissed the top of her firm boobs.

I pressed her backwards and her nice naked buttocks hit the desk. I pressed again and she sat down on it.

Getting to my knees in front of her I stuck my tongue in her slit and licked from clit to ass and back. When I got to her pussy I shoved my tongue in as far as I could. She tasted very sweet.

My Boss now stood up and moved closer to us. I watched Jenny’s eyes as he approached and noticed she was not too happy about it.

So I waved a hand at Andrew, signaling him to get behind me and he did. His hard cock still hanging out of his pants as he pulled my leggings down.

I bent over to make it easy for him as I continued to lick Jenny’s pussy.

With my legging pulled down to my ankles, my Boss lined up behind me and worked his cock easily into my wet and willing pussy.
I moaned into Jenny’s pussy as he started fucking me with long strokes.

The slutty girl was squeezing her own tits in front of him as he fucked me.
Andrew’s thrusts got so hard that I could barely keep my mouth on Jenny.

She was moaning in pleasure and suddenly she started to cum in my mouth. Her thighs tightened around my head as I rode my tongue through her intense orgasm. She cried out loud.

Her coming brought me to my orgasm as well as Andrew fucked me from behind. As I came I moaned hard into her pussy. My Boss pulled out of me after my orgasm and Jenny stood up off the desk. She had smile on her face as she pulled me to the desk and pushed me back to sit down.

Switching places, the slutty redhead now bent over in front of Andrew, inviting him, while her tongue found my slit.
It felt so good after the fucking I had just had. Her soft tongue swirled around and around my clit; her moans of pleasure from being fucked by our Boss were vibrating through my pussy.

It did not take any of us long before we started to cum. I was first; with Jenny`s tongue flicking my clit.
As her own orgasm neared its finish, our Boss grunted and pulled out just in time to cum all over Jenny’s round ass cheeks.

All of us breathless, we started getting dressed, no one spoke for a while until Andrew asked Jenny if she could join us at same time the next day…

The silly redhead girl laughed and said she would be here just in time…

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