My hot wife turned hotwife

My hot wife turned hotwife
We had been going through a quiet patch in the sexual side of our relationship for some time. That was until Linda began to take more of the initiative in our love making. She had asked if I still wanted her to shave her pussy, she had some misgivings about it, her bush being part of her womaly identity. I thought that she should try it and I’d shave my cock and balls to se if she like that as well.

I was expecting Linda to take a little more persuasion, but the next day after arriving home from work My hot Linda had a smile on her face and was wearing a short skirt. As she hugged and kissed me hello I ran my hand up her leg to feel her pert ass, which was accentuated by her heels. Linda moaned softly, saying your dirty wife has a surprise for you. She let her knickers slip to the floor and then placed my hand between her spread legs to discover her smooth shaved pussy, which happened to be soaking wet. You we really looking forward to showing me your shave pussy weren’t you I asked. Linda replied, yes as she let her skirt drop to the floor, laying back down on the floor, spreading her legs wide to show me her previously hidden labia proudly exposed, lightly tanned like the rest of her body they glistened as they pouted a littl, begging for attention. I didn’t hesitate to lower my mouth to meet her lips as Linda revelled in the new sensations as I licked and sucked on her labia before letting my tongue delve deep into her willing hole, inly retreating to lick and suck on her slightly swollen clit. Linda was quite vocal, encouraging me to do what felt good for her and guiding me when I was less successful. With her guiding me Linda was soon experiencing an intense climax, encouraging me on momnet and then pulling my head away as the instensity became too much. Linda closed her legs together, pausing for a while, then unpromted she rose to her kness to remove my trousers and underwear. I need to suck those smooth shaved balls she says quietly, pushing myt feet apart and immediately taking one into her warm mouth. It wasnlt long before Linda was taking the head of my pulsating cock between her painted lips. Linda looked up at me and said a proper slut would take it all into her mouth wouldn’t she. I asked, was she a proper slut? Linda said that I’d have to wait and see, but she had been playing with her freshly shaved pussy before I got home, so she was pretty sure that she was eith a proper slut, or well on the way to being one. She didn;t managed to take my full length before I was cumming in her mouth. Linda looked up at me, making sure I saw her swallow my load, I might need some practice taking that cock of yours all the way but I think I’m a proper slut. I asked her what made her think that? Well, Linda continued, I told you I was paying with my pussy before you came home and I swallowed your cum, which is what a proper slut would do, but I forgot to mention that I was being a slut whle I shaved as well, did I think that a really dirty slut wife would have on webcam while several guys watched and masturbated for her. I agreed that if she had done that it would be very dirty indeed. Linda could tell by the tone in my voice that I was turned on by the idea. She guided me to her computer and showed me a profile she had created, and more specifically comments she had recevied today from her webcam activity. She massagd my balls with a warm hand, pulling on them asking if she was a proper slut wife, she felt like it. I noticed her sign up date was a few months ago and a substantial number of subscribers and asked Linda how long my hot wife had been showing herself off. Linda said she had been camming for the last three weeks or so, alot of women do it and she wanted to see what other men really thought of her mature body. One of the guys had told her that she had an amazing pussy, well a lot of them had but this one guy suggested like I had done a long time ago that it was too beatiful to be hidde, but should be shaved smooth for her husband to admire. I began to finger Lindas pussy, she looked at me sprewading her legs to allow me full access to her juicy wet hole. Linda moaned, yes that’s it I knew you’d like it, will you finger me on cam? Linda hadn’t waited for a reply, switching on her cam and moving position to allow her pussy be in shot/ There were soon some viewers suggesting all kinds of things. Linda typed, It’s my husband fingering my newly shaved pussy, he really likes it and my webcamming for all you guys. Linda massags her breasts as one user suggests adding another finger to the two i Have in her pussy already. Linda nodds at me, saying I could try three fingers as a treat. She was really so wet it was no trouble for her to take the tree and she was climaxing within a few minutes of me following her directions again.

We continued to shave and Linda continued to webcam, her followers would end dontations or presents from a website Linda had signed up to. She was able to take my entire length easily inside her mouth after a week and would introduce some of their suggestions into our sex play every now and again. I have to say I was extremely happy and satisfied at the time.

It was maybe a couple of months later that I receved a text from Linda saying She had booked a hotel room for the weekend and to be there by 7pm. I arrived and went to the reception as she had directed and they handed me a sealed letter. I opened it and it was a hand written note from Linda, I’m upstairs in the room, I’m dressed like I was two nights ago. I knew what she was wearing, an open cup bra, stockings, suspender belt and high heels. The note continued, we’ve both really enjoyed the last few weeks and I wanted to try something away from home, come up to the room and we can go from there.

When I entered the room, it was more like a suite Linda was there in the main lounge area, dressed as she had described. Linda said, I know you’ve been 100% behind me all the way and we can have a great weekend either way. Linda moves to the doble doors which lead to the bedroom, she opens the doors and says, these two guys wanted to meet me in person, they’ve really enjoyed my webcam and well. i’ve really enjoyed theirs and wanted to give them a chance to experience the real thing. I said, you want to fuck two black guys. Linda could tell it hadn’t started as well as she had anticipated adding, wellnot at first I just wanted to let them see me in person and me them, you can watch and nothing else has to happen, you’ve been encouragin me to be a dirty hot wife and well, putting on a show for them in person would be really hot and it doesn’t have to go any further. The two guys get up and \linda moves towrds them putting a hand on each of their chests, saying, he didn;t say no. I watched as Linda let them cares her bodygently as she undressed them to their reveal their semi hard black cocks. Linda then moved to lie back on the bed with her legs spread wide as she masturbated for themas the two guys stroked their cocks , which increased in size to surpassmine in both length and girth. Linda was licking her lips as they moved closer, their black cocks now within easy reaching distance for Linda. Linda said she really wanted to touch them, that was OK wasn’t it, she wanted to see me stroke my cock for her, she could see it bulging in my trousers. LiSo Linda now stroked their impressive members as I undressed and began to lick the tips of their black cocks as I stroked my cock to full attention. It was then that I noticed one of the guys was fingering her soaking wet pussy, three black fingers penetrating her willing hole. Linda was writhing on the bed in pleasure as she now sucked on the other guys balls. Linda directs her next comment towards me, I want to see how it feels to fuck you after they do, you want then to keep going don’t you honey. There was now a big black cock replacing the fingers as Linda squirmed as she was forced to take it all, her soaking wet pussy struggling despite it’s self lubrication. Linda moaned that it felt so good, so big, to fuck her like the dirty black cock loving slut they knew she was. Linda was reaching a climax quickly, the guys traded places afte her first orgasm swaned. Linda now lay over the corner of the bed on her back able to take a black cock into her moouth and pussy at the same time now. Linda gagged as he fucked her mouth able to take him balls deep all the same. As Linda’s next cliamxed took hold both guys unleashed thier cum inside her, almost simulanteously. Both guys sttod back with Linda looking at me, saying it’s your turn to fuck your slut now. Linda cleaned their cocks as I began to slide my cock inside her juice laded pussy.. I thought I would be cumming almost immediately, but she could hardly feel me and she was so llose it took me ages to work upto my own climax. When I had, Linda replaced my cock with four of her fingers working herslef upto in last orgasm in front of all three of us.

Linda looked at us afterwards saying that she had enjoyed that much more than any webacm session and hoped that there’d be a repeat perfomance tomorrow she neede to continue her black cock education.

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