My Favorite Cocksucker

My Favorite Cocksucker
We all need role models. My personal favorite is a first class cocksucker I met out West while serving in the military. He was a piano player in a local lounge near the training facility I was attending. The back room of the lounge doubled as a private after-hours bar for selected clients. Our facility provided the majority of those who were selected: young, hung, horny studs.

Don’t get me wrong, this wasn’t the backroom/black room, anything goes kind of gay bar scene. No, it seemed to be a quiet place where the men just wanted to keep on drinking. As I remember it, the only hint of gayness came from that piano player, who was eager to buy drinks for any hot, young guy willing to put out. At the time I thought everything was rather subtle, but, on reflection, I realize what was going on must have been blatantly obvious to even the most casual observer.

My introduction to the piano player, whose name was Lloyd, came when a buddy of mine, Alan, a blond, surfer type from LA, said he’d heard about the place and wanted me to go with him to check it out. When I tried to find out from him what kind of place it was, he just grinned and whispered, “You’ll love it!”

Now, Alan and I had met in the showers back at the barracks one evening. I looked up and, suddenly, here was this bold, golden-skinned, big-cocked, fucker starting up the shower right next to mine in the large, otherwise empty shower room. I had never seen him before, as he was newly reassigned, and my mouth dropped open at the sight of him. His reaction was to give me a knowing grin and rub a hand lasciviously through his crotch as I stared in awe. Before he was completely wet, he was completely hard!

It was one of the most magnificent cocks I’d ever seen! My body reacted to it without engaging my mind. My chest expanded and my nipples hardened; my abdomen tightened as my cock rose quickly in response to his. I watched his eyes widen as he took in every detail of my cock, which was the equal of his. We both knew we were looking at a hot, turned on male.

Wordlessly, he wrapped a hand around his large cockshaft and began jacking off. Right there. He didn’t give a damn about being caught. I found his actions extremely, overwhelmingly exhilarating, and, as if hypnotized by his beauty and his daring, my hand gripped my cock and I joined him in the jack-off without comment. We stood there, facing one another, a foot or two apart, pumping away like two horny teenagers, which is exactly what we were.

There we were, beating off. I didn’t know his name, nor he mine. But we’d become jack-off buddies from the moment we encountered one another. It was terrific! We both stared at each other as we fisted glowing meat, and within moments I knew I was approaching orgasm. He saw my reactions and knew what was happening. But before I came, he whispered, “I sure wish you’d suck this big thing for me.” He waggled the cock at me for emphasis.

I saw his cock enlarge to its most spectacular fullness, gleaming, shining in the bright shower room lighting. He kept pumping, but at the same time was offering it to me. It was such a lusty, sexy offering it put me over the brink. I quivered with ecstasy, stiffened, and exploded a giant wad of stringy white sperm into the air. It sailed between us and landed with a splat onto one of his solid breastplates.

He sucked in his breath and shot a wad right back at me. It landed noisily on my chest. Then, for what seemed like the longest time, we fired off incredible loads at one another. We really emptied our balls. During this unloading, he started rubbing my semen all over the front of his muscular body, unselfconsciously. I followed his lead, making my body gleam with his hot juice. The slippery syrup felt spectacular as I rubbed it all over my neck, chest, abdomen, cock, balls, and thighs.

Then, he lifted his cum-laden hand to his mouth and lapped at my liquid. His eyes closed with pleasure for a moment. When he opened them, he grinned. He saw me lapping at my sperm-covered hand, too.

“Geez, you’re sexy!” he sighed.

“Me? YOU’RE the sexy one!” I blurted out.

He laughed knowingly. I joined in after a moment. In that instant, we became close friends, even though we had yet to learn each other’s name.

It was only two days later, on a Friday evening, that Alan mentioned the local lounge. We napped, planning to go into town fairly late in the evening, then we showered together, showing puffy mutual interest, but withholding our urges for later that night. But the memory of that shower, with him standing so close we bumped each other as we lathered up, revving our engines with the contact and enjoying the sight of our strong bodies, is as strong today as if it happened last night.

At the lounge, a typical roadside bar really, we ordered a drink and, almost immediately, Alan told me the piano player seemed interested in me. I was startled. He just grinned. Then he left me and went over to talk to the piano player. I watched.

Lloyd was probably in his early thirties, I guess. Naturally, to an eighteen-year-old, he seemed, at first, like a lecherous old man. But as I watched the light banter between Alan and him, I could see that he was well put together: rather tall; strong build; rugged, almost handsome, features. Not at all like the picture of a licentious, drooling, insatiable cocksucker the military was always warning young recruits about.

Alan came back and told me that when the bar closed, in about an hour, Lloyd wanted to take him for a brief ride in his car. He told Lloyd that he was with me, and Lloyd had simply said to bring me along. Naively, I asked Alan where they would go.

Alan grinned. “You’ll see,” he said enigmatically, “and afterwards,” he added, “he’s going to bring us back here to their private, after hours bar and we can drink as much as we want!”

I sat quietly in the back seat. Alan’s head was writhing against the cushions of the front seat and I could hear slobbering, sucking noises from an unseen Lloyd. It was weird but strangely exciting. Alan was getting a blowjob! I was fascinated, but also deeply disappointed that I wasn’t the one giving him that blowjob, myself.

We’d parked in a deserted area, but soft lighting from old street lamps gave some illumination. Moved more by overwhelming curiosity than anything else, I leaned forward and peered over the front seat to see what was going on. Lloyd’s head was bobbing in Alan’s lap. Lloyd had slid down and was kneeling, probably uncomfortably, on the floor, not really between Alan’s legs, but more towards the side, almost under the steering wheel. I knew what was going on more than I could see what was going on.

“Oh! Jack,” Alan suddenly whispered, “this guy’s terrific!”

At that, Lloyd popped up, off of the stalwart erection that appeared shining in the dim light. It looked incredible. I was instantly envious of Lloyd’s position. I wanted to be sucking that cock!

“Lean back, and don’t watch us,” Lloyd commanded.

“Why?” I asked. “I wanna watch,” I added.

“No. It will put us off. This is private,” Lloyd said. “You shouldn’t see what’s going on.”

“Why not? I like to watch. I want to suck his cock, too.” Maybe it was the drink, or the excitement, but I couldn’t contain my desires or control my admission.

“You DO?” Alan asked incredulously.

“Really?” Lloyd echoed in surprise at the same time.

“Well…” I said hesitantly, startled by their reactions, “…sure I do. You like doing it, don’t you, Lloyd?”

“Yeah,” he admitted.

“Well, I think I’d like to, too. Watching might give me some ideas about how to do it.” I actually thought this sounded reasonable.

“Listen, Jack,” Alan interjected, “I’m about to shoot my load, I’m so hot. Why don’t you relax, and let Lloyd, here, give you a blowjob later. Maybe you’ll find that you’re just horny. Okay?”

“Well, okay.” I replied without enthusiasm.

By that time, Lloyd was already back down on Alan’s dick. As soon as he heard “I’m about to shoot” his head had zoomed downwards.

Alan kept his head twisted to look at me and, after a moment, slowly closed his eyes as the ecstasy of his orgasm into Lloyd’s mouth overtook him. His body shuddered and trembled with excitement.

We drove back to the bar after Alan came. Nothing more was said. But, about a half-hour later, Lloyd came over to me.

“Why don’t you come take a short drive with me?” he asked softly.

I knew he could as easily have said, “Why don’t you take a short drive with me and come?” Cocksucking was on his mind and we both knew it.

Alan had heard the invitation and said, “Great idea, Jack. Why don’t you go with him?” He looked happy for me.

“Are you coming along?” I asked him.

“No,” Lloyd interjected, “we’ll go alone. Com’on, they don’t like me to be away too long between sets.” He grabbed my elbow and guided me out of the room. I was looking at Alan as I was led out. He was grinning knowingly. Personally, I was feeling somewhat betrayed. It was Alan who I wanted tugging my elbow, going out for a blowjob, not Lloyd.

In the car, after a few moments of silence between us, Lloyd slid a hand onto my thigh, lovingly, and whispered, “Relax. I know you want to be with Alan. I know you want to suck him off and have him suck you off, too, but I’ll teach you a few tricks you’ll really enjoy and it will make it better for you and Alan when you do get it on together.”

It was the right thing to say to me. He understood. And, as his hand slowly slid up to my balls, I realized I might as well follow his advice, relax and enjoy this. Lloyd noticed the swelling in my trousers.

“Hmm, that’s it. Let it get good and hard for me,” he whispered as he fingered the growing weapon.

We pulled up at the very same spot where he’d given Alan the blowjob. I realized it must be this favorite make-out spot. Wasting no time, Lloyd undid my belt, unzipped my pants, and opened my fly. My erection poked out.

“Nice,” Lloyd said rather noncommittally. Then, he slid off the seat, kneeling on the floor, leaned over and slobbered the head of my cock with some wet kisses. It felt all right, but nothing earth shattering.

He sucked in the entire glans and ran his tongue around it energetically. It felt good and the head of my cock swelled to greater dimensions. He came off of it with a “pop.”

“Man, what a cock!” he sighed enthusiastically, and immediately went down on it again, getting more of it into his mouth. It felt even better. I tried to hump more of it into him. He hummed with pleasure. More humping and more humming. It felt great. He had it in his throat. Man, he went way down on it! He went down on it all the way! It felt terrific! Until that moment, no one had seemed able to go down on it all the way. The cocksuckers I had encountered while hitchhiking, or at bus terminals, train depots, airports, and bars, had all simply sucked the head of my cock while pumping the shaft. This guy took the whole thing down to my balls. I was impressed!

Again, he came up off of the cock. With a whoosh of strongly exhaled and then strongly inhaled breath, he sighed with great emotion, “This is a great cock, man. Even better than Alan’s!”

It seemed like a great compliment. He thought my cock was better than Alan’s. It made me feel proud.

“Are you enjoying this?” he asked, but before my reply he engulfed the entire shaft once more, deep-throating it to the pubes again.

“Yeah,” I whispered down to the top of his head, “I am. It feels great.” And I was enjoying it. But the position was unfamiliar and uncomfortable, the booze seemed to be slowing me down, and I didn’t feel like what he was doing was going to raise me to the level of orgasm. He kept bobbing on the long tube, but I was stalled at the level of good stiffness but not bliss.

“Man, this is great,” he sighed, coming up for air. He smiled at me and asked, “Are you getting ready to pop your wad?”

“To tell you the truth, this position is rather uncomfortable. To be honest with you, I usually come with my legs together and by ankles crossed…”

“Ah, when you jack off, right?” he interjected.

“…Yeah, right. When I jack off. It feels funny with my legs spread apart.” I was being very open with him.

“You know what you’d like?”


“You’d like to be standing.”


“Yeah. Outside the car.”

“Is that safe? Won’t we be seen?”

“Naw. Com’on. You’ll like it.” And, with that, he opened the passenger side door, and half pushed me out as he followed, struggling to get to his feet. He quickly closed the door, dousing the light, and leaned me against the car. Then, simply bending over, he recaptured my straining cock in his throat.

He was right. I did like it standing. My cock got much stiffer, my balls were less confined and, now, felt great in his loving hand, as his other hand roamed my body freely. Now, THIS was a blowjob!

Everything worked together to bring me to that mindless level of intense pleasure we all strive for. Time stood still. Muscles stiffened. Gut-wrenching spasms began. And I blasted off into orgasm, hosing long spurts of hot cum into his suctioning throat. He took it all. And he sucked for more. Even after there was no more to give. I shuddered in exquisite pleasure, almost moving to intense pain as the head of my dick became over-sensitized, and I was forced to push against him as I pulled out to release my long, spent tube.

“Oh, Man! That was fantastic!” he said with an emotion-laden voice. Once more I felt the emotion of great pride. It had been fantastic. For both of us!

“Yeah,” I agreed. “Fantastic!”

“I don’t come with every cock I suck,” Lloyd admitted to me, “but I sure feel like coming now.” He looked into my eyes.

There we were, in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of the night, and I knew I was being asked to suck cock. I also knew I was not going to say “No.”

He gasped as he felt my hand grope his crotch, and then he swiveled to lean against the car next to me and I moved to stand in front of him while opening his pants. When his cock popped out I was surprised to discover it was covered in a condom.

“I wear a rubber to keep from coming all over myself, should I get really excited. You can suck it with or without the rubber, it’s up to you,” he instructed.

As I rolled the rubber upwards, I felt the cock stiffen in my fingers. Naked, now, it looked inviting in the dim light. I leaned downward. I smelled the lingering odors of the rubber mixed with the unmistakable scents of lubricating precum. I knew he was ready.

It wasn’t the first cock I’d had in my mouth, but it seemed like the most mature. The most experienced. He wasn’t humping it into me frantically, like most young men do. He wasn’t overexcited. He was working with me to improve his own enjoyment of the experience, which improved my own enjoyment immensely. And it was a BIG cock. Probably the biggest I had worked on to that point.

“Relax,” he sighed, instructively, “let it slide into your throat. Don’t fight it. Relax. That’s it. Let it get way in there. That’s it! You’re doing it now, man. Take this fucker into your throat. Suck it! That’s it! Now, that’s good cocksucking! You’re a good cocksucker! Man, what a cocksucker! What a master cocksucker!”

I was doing it right. I had his cock in deeper than any before. He was guiding me, patient with me, helping me. And his comments were making me feel great. Like I was entering into a club of good cocksuckers. Again I felt surge of pride. I WANTED to be a great cocksucker! I wanted to suck his cock and receive the reward of his fantastic orgasm in my throat. I really wanted it!

“Oh, man, you’re down to the bone, now. Suck that cock, boy. Suck it hard and get ready for my load. It’s comin’ now, soldier. It’s here! Uh! Uh!” And he began firing off into me. It was remarkable. I swallowed the whole load without a whimper, not choking or gagging, not stopping or hesitating, getting what I wanted. What I needed! Cum! A man-sized load of cum! It was marvelous! I wanted more!

When he finally stopped spurting into me; when he begged me to stop; when he pushed on my forehead to disengage himself; I straightened up and, wiping my mouth with the back of my hand, told him, “I’m gonna shoot off, again, man, this got me so hot!”

Unhesitatingly, he dove into my crotch and captured my stiff rod with his hot mouth, which was still slippery with my first orgasm. The organ slid into him with ease, and reacting to the strenuous suction, almost immediately began erupting great jets of cum into him. I was amazed at the intensity of this second orgasm, while Lloyd whimpered with ecstasy as he tried to keep up with the heavy flow.

“Man, Oh, Man!” he sighed, “and I thought your friend Alan was the sexy one! You’re the best, man!” he whispered, and he drew me to himself and we embraced tightly, hugging one another enthusiastically. It was the first of frequent orgasms we had together and formed a strong bond and solid basis for a good friendship. Over the period of my stay at the facility, I introduced him to many of my horny buddies. He never told any of them I was as good a cocksucker as he was. It was our little secret, although many of them came to discover that secret by themselves.

But Alan was suspicious as soon as I returned with Lloyd to the after hours bar that night. And he was more that just a little interested to learn exactly what had taken place in the car.

Early the next evening, I was lounging on my bunk in my boxer shorts when Alan came into my cubicle. He was wearing just a towel around his waist, looking like he was ready to take a shower. And looking like he might want some company – all grins and winks and sly gestures of overt sexual interest. Nearly naked and showing a big bulge in the front of the towel.

“Wasn’t that great last night, Jack?” he asked. His fist rubbed the front of the towel.

“Yeah. I gotta tell you it was a real turn on to be in the back seat while you got your rocks off, man,” I told him.

“I know it turned you on. I wanted to be in the back seat watching you when it was your turn, too, but Lloyd disappointed me when he said no. What happened? Did you like it?” His eyes gleamed with keen interest.

“He’s a pretty good cocksucker, isn’t he?” I whispered, not wanting to be overheard.

“The barracks’ empty, Jack,” he volunteered. “I checked. We can talk.” His voice was at a normal conversational level. “And I’d say he was more than just a pretty good cocksucker. He was great!”

“Ah, fuck! I know someone who’s even better,” I told him.

“Really?” he asked in surprise. “Who?”

“Me,” I said simply.

“You!” He seemed astounded. “I don’t believe you.”

“It’s real easy to prove,” I pointed out.

“Get your towel. We’ll go into the showers. If we’re fast, no one with catch us. Com’on!” And he half-lifted, half-pulled me up from the cot and tugged me towards the hallway. I grabbed my towel and allowed myself to be taken to just the place I wanted to be: alone with him in the shower room. Now, we wouldn’t jack off. Now, we’d have some serious sex!

We were both showing stiff erections by the time we walked naked into the showers. Without starting a shower, Alan turned to me, his arms at his sides, silently offering himself to me. It has always been one of life’s greatest thrills when so handsome a man as Alan offers himself to me without restriction, embarrassment, or hesitation. And I have never let any of them down.

My eyes grew larger as his cock rose up in front of me, a towering beacon of lust. I squatted down and lapped at his big balls. His rampant hardon quivered with desire and a drop of liquid formed in the indented slit at the top, beckoning me like nectar to a honeybee. I rose up and sucked his cock into my mouth and proceeded to prove to him that, yes, I suck cock better than anyone else he ever encountered does. He was very verbal in his appreciation.

“Man, you do this so good!” he sighed. “Did Lloyd teach you how to do this?” he asked, sounding amazed. “Yeah, suck my cock, dude. This is the best!”

With that he went up onto the balls of his feet, humped cock into me, and came! And Came! And Came!

He lurched back, tugging his spend organ from me, and stared at me like he didn’t know me. “I never expected such a wonderful experience!” he sighed sincerely.

“It was a wonderful experience for me, too. Thanks,” I said softly. “I want to do it with you all the time!” I was rising up from the squat as I spoke and he seemed to blink in surprise as my dripping, hot cock came to stand strongly in front of me, gleaming in the light of the shower room, untouched. I knew I’d come in an instant it I were to touch the pre-orgasmic organ.

“That was beautiful,” he whispered, “and so is this,” he added as he reached for my cock! “If you can do it, so can I,” he told me as he leaned over headed for my vibrating, stiff erection.

As his thick, hot lips slid over my cockhead, the thought of this handsome, strong, young male actually willing to suck my cock, put me over the top immediately! Cum spouted into his mouth so energetically he was forced to swallow – often! I came more with this connection than I could remember ever doing before. Excitement swirled through me, around me, and from him. I rubbed his back with heartfelt emotion. And like I did with Lloyd, Alan popped up, looked at me excitedly and said, “Man, sucking you got me so hot, I’m gonna blast of again right now!”

His cock was in my mouth before he said ‘now,” and he emptied a second hot load into me that was larger than the first!

He became my first real lover, taking and giving equally. Unfortunately, the military has ways of indiscriminately separating friends, so when our training was over, we were shipped out to units on the other side of the world from each other. We exchanged a couple of letters, but soon enough the realization of the situation we were in caused us to trail off and then stop writing. But there were many nights, alone in my bunk, I’d think of him and jack off imagining he was doing the same thing at the same time, and I’d shoot a load! Even now, I still do it sometimes.

Story By: Jack Sofelot

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