My Fantasy

My Fantasy
After a bit of chatting online where I confess my wants and needs to you and my darkest secrets, you finally tell me you want to meet up. We’ve arranged a daytime meet, I arrive at the place and see the car you’ve described to me and you recognise my car. After I’ve parked up you get out and start working into the woods, I follow you through the woods into a small clearing where you turn around and tell me firmly to stop. I see your face clearly for the first time. You are probably about 10-20 years older than me, in your fifties or early sixties, as I’m taking you in, I hear your next command “strip and let me see who you really are”. At that command, I remove my top, shoes and tracksuit bottoms and I’m left standing in front of you, naked other than a pair of woman’s stockings and a suspender belt. You tell me to put my hands on my head, and you look at my cock, you smile and tell me how pathetic that little thing is, how I’m not much of a man, you tell me that you wonder how I could ever fuck a woman with it. You walk towards me and cup my flaccid pathetic excuse for a cock along with my balls. They fit easily into you hand, you look straight at me and just say “pathetic”. You tell me in no uncertain terms to kneel in front of your master, which I do quickly. I’m reminded me that I must address you as Sir or I’ll be punished, I remember this from our online chat. You ask me “Would I like to see what a real man’s cock looks like?”, I reply “Yes, Sir!”. You tell me to unfasten your belt and trousers then unzip your fly. You tell me to take the trousers down, I can clearly see your bulge as I do this. Your next command is “come closer, take my underwear down”, leaving me millimetres from your cock so I have to inhale the masculine aroma from it. It’s a still flaccid however it’s bigger and thicker than I am when fully erect. You order me to take it into my mouth and get it hard.

You give me instructions on what to do as I run my tongue around your big cock’s helmet, lick you shaft and occasionally you make me lick your big hairy balls. I feel it growing in my mouth and when I next take it out, it’s fully erect and I’m struggling with the girth. It must be 8″ long and thick. Even though I’m struggling, you make me keep sucking you and after a while you start fucking my mouth. You can hear me gagging and really strugggling, you do allow me to occasionally get my breath back, however after a couple of seconds, you big cock is back in my mouth.

You pull out of my mouth, turn around and order my to lick your arsehole which I dutifully do after a minute or two of this, I’m back to sucking your cock, which you want me to practice as I need to get used to sucking your big cock.

Then the time comes, you take off your shirt and I see your manly, hairy chest and you order me onto all fours. I complain that I’m not sure I want it or that I’ll be able to take it, you tell me in no uncertain terms that “my big cock is going up your virgin arsehole whether you like it or not, now get on all fours”. I obey, I look behind and see you placing a little bit of lube on your cock but no condom, you then position your meat directly at the entrance to my arsehole and begin pushing it in. I’ve already lubed up however the I can feel the pain of my arse opening up as you slide it in. Luckily for me you take it easy at first, easing your big cock in an inch at a time, until after a minute or so, you’ve got the entire length in me. You give me a minute or two to get used to it before you start easing it out and pushing it back in, I’m starting to get used to the rhythm of your cock going in and out of me and you increase the speed until eventually I know what being fucked feels like, you then start with the verbal insults again, telling me this what I am, a fuckwhore and I’d better get used to this as this is the first of many times you’ll be using my hole.

I’ve no idea how long you’ve been fucking me but eventually you push your cock as in as it will go and with a roar of triumph, I feel your cock twitch inside me and you seed starts pouring into me. Eventually you pull out and in a harsh tone I hear you order me to “come here, bitch”. You put your cock back into my mouth and order me to clean the mess on it. You also make me clean your balls with my tongue.

You pull your nice clean cock out of my mouth and I once again marvel silently at how thick it is. You then hold me by the hair on the back of my head and with your cock about 3 inches away, you point it directly at me. I then receive the ultimate humiliation, from short range you release your golden nectar all over my face, you order me to open my mouth and you piss into it before ordering me to swallow it. You then piss all over my stomach, cock and stocking tops. After you’ve finished, you tell me to clean you up again, and this time all I can taste is piss. After I’ve cleaned you up, you make me say “Thank your for using me, Sir” and then you get dressed and tell me that I’ll be getting used again.

You leave me on my knees, soaked and stinking of your piss, with your cum dripping out of my arsehole, my jaw aching from all of the cock sucking and my little cock didn’t even get hard, however I know I want you to put your seed inside me again.

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