Mom’s Friend

Mom’s Friend
Mom is a very good looking woman for being 42. She is 5’ 3” and works out 3 times a week to keep her figure tight. Often I have had naughty thoughts about her over the years. I have even jerked off while watching her sun bathe by the pool.
One of Mom’s friends drops in several times a week to chat and drink with her. She is okay, but not as hot as Mom is. Belle, Moms friend is maybe 5’ 6” and has a little bit of a belly and some stretch marks that cover her butt and belly. She has quite a nice face, though.
There came a day when I was spying on them by the pool when I began to think of what it would be like if Belle and I were naked together. My cock was hard at the thought. From that moment on I wanted to have Belle. It was the first time I seriously thought about licking a woman’s pussy. I wanted to caress those stretch marks and put my mouth on her clit. I jerked off three times that day thinking about her, and twice more that night. I couldn’t get those marks out of my mind. For some reason they turned me on.
Two days later I answered the doorbell and there was Belle. “Is your Mom home”? She was wearing a blouse that let me see too much cleavage and tight fitting pants that accentuated her butt and thighs. I could feel my cock begin to move. “Yes, She’s out in the cabana by the pool,” I almost stammered. “Go on out there and I’ll make you a drink” I said, trying to regain my composure and sound grown up. “Thank you, Johnny. That would be nice,” she said as she put her hand on my shoulder and lightly brushed past me coming through the door. I turned and watched as she, I thought, put a little more wiggle in her walk. By now my cock was making a noticeable bulge in my shorts.
I brought a drink out to the cabana for Belle and quickly left. I had to go jerk off. The thought of what she had under her clothes had me to that point.
A few days later she was back at the front door. “Where’s your Mom, Johnny”? “Uh, Belle, she went out for a while. She won’t be back for a couple of hours”. “Well, Johnny, I guess you and I will just have to have a drink by ourselves,” said Belle as she touched my cheek. Come on, Johnny, have a drink with me”. Again I felt my cock growing in my shorts.
Belle went to the living room where all the booze was kept and made drinks for us. I was so embarrassed by the visible hard on I had in my shorts. I could feel it was wet with pre-cum. Geez; I was so horny for her. She handed me a gin and tonic that tasted like it was light on the tonic. At this point I didn’t care. I drank it and she made me another.
With the drinks and my lust my head was spinning. Now I didn’t care if my hard on showed. I really hoped she noticed. I wanted to grab her and take her clothes off. I wanted to suck her nipples and go down to where I could lick her pussy. Her pussy made such a display of itself in her tight pants.
“Johnny, are you hard for me,” asked Belle.
I was shocked. Of course I was hard for her. But, how could I tell her? This was an adult woman. I started to lose some of my rigidity. She put her hand on the front of my shorts and caressed what was left of my hard on. Two seconds later I was harder than before.
“Belle, I so much want to make love to you”. It just blurted out of me.
She kneeled and pulled my shorts down. My hard cock sprang forth and she almost immediately had it in her mouth. My God, that hot mouth on my hard cock had me pumping into her. She gagged and let flow thick spit. I almost came right then.
“Don’t cum, Johnny. Stop”!
Belle rose and began taking her clothes off. When I saw her erect nipples I felt some leakage of cum. Belle had me so ready. When her skirt and panties came down, I really began to have troubles holding the cum back. She had such a magnificent body. Her breasts were well formed with nice hard nipples, and her hips were wide with thick thighs. Between those thighs was a lightly haired pussy.
She pushed me down on the floor and took control. Her mouth engulfed me. She took me all the way in. She sucked like mad and then fell over on her back saying, “Put it in me, Johnny. Put your cock in me and fuck me”.
Blinded by lust I couldn’t just put my cock in her. I wanted to taste her pussy. I wanted all of her. I eased down between her luscious thighs. There I found a semi-large clit that was almost as hard as my cock. I put my mouth around it and Belle jerked.
“Yes, Johnny, suck it. Make me cum. Take all of me”.
I didn’t hesitate. I took her clit in my mouth and sucked it like it was food. She squirmed and bucked saying things like, “Oh, Jesus! Suck it, Johnny. Make me cum”.
I licked and sucked like there was no tomorrow. Belle finally gushed all over my face as I tried to drink it in. She grabbed my head and held it firm against her as she came. She tasted so good.
My cock was so damned hard. I rose up from her thighs and spread her legs over my shoulders and began to put my cock in her pussy. It was so wet my cock just slid in all the way to my balls. She was so hot inside. I began to thrust as much of me as I could into her. She thrust back, all the while making little a****l noises. She soon came again. She came so hard she almost pushed my cock out of her.
When that was over we lay beside one another breathing hard.
“Johnny, don’t you ever tell your mother this happened. If you’re a good boy, we can do this again.
I knew it would happen again. Belle so enjoyed what we did. She was so wet and into it. But, what would happen if Mom ever found out? It wasn’t long until I found out.
Belle couldn’t stay away. She started coming over four days a week and fucking my brains out. I even found out she liked spanking. That was a real twist for me. She didn’t want a bare hand. She wanted a leather belt.

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