Jock Slave

Jock Slave
Ford, sweaty from his weight session, entered the deserted locker room. One of the top members of the varsity wrestling team, he often made arrangements to come use the school’s weight room on the weekends, since his family couldn’t afford a gym membership. About 5’11, 190 lbs, he had the narrow waist and broad shoulders appropriate to his athletic prowess, although the look was more natural, not as exaggerated as some of the other guys on the team.

At 18, he was one of the older boys on the team, admired and respected as much for his hard work as for his dark farm-boy good looks. He stripped off his tee and shorts, pausing to squeeze his swelling dick through his jock. It seemed like he was always horny. Working out always made him even hornier. His eyes lit up as he remembered the incredible j/o session he’d had last week when the coach was away and gave him his keys.

Alone in the locked weight room, the boy had used the video equipment to make a movie of himself jacking off, talking dirty. Watching the tape was the hottest sex he had ever had. He came three times. Unfortunately coach was around somewhere today, but maybe he would sneak a quick one in the toilet stall, pulling his meat and fingering his hot hole… He was startled by the slamming door. The coach stormed out of his office. “Ford! Get your ass in my office! Now!” “Uh, ok, coach, I’ll be right there.” He started to grab his clothes. “I said now, and I mean NOW! Move it!” Ford, wearing only socks and a jock strap, hustled into the coach’s office.

What he saw made his blood run cold. There, on the desk were his private notebooks filed with graphic sex fantasies, and a video tape. Not only was he humiliated to have the coach find such personal stuff. But the worst of it was that the coach would now know he was queer. And if his folks ever found out…

The coach slammed the door behind him. “You’re a disgrace, Ford. A disgrace to the team and the whole school. What have you got to say for yourself?” “I – I’m sorry coach – please – I don’t know what came over me – please – I’ll never do it again -” “Stop blubbering, you disgusting pervert! A queer like you deserves what he’s got coming.” “What – what are you going to do?” “I tell you what I ought to do! Give this stuff to your folks and let them give you the punishment you deserve!” Ford blanched. His father was a fundamentalist preacher. “Coach – they’ll kill me – please -” “And then I’m gonna put copies of this disgusting filth in the lockers of your team mates.” “Coach -” “And I’ll give you one guess what those horny young bastards are gonna do to you when they read what you’ve written. They’ll make your life a living sexual hell.” “Please coach, no -” “When those guys read that you’ve been including them in your sicko fantasies, they’re gonna stick it to you like you deserve. They’re gonna have at your faggot ass every day. Maybe I’ll cut practice short to give them plenty of time – with you on your knees in the shower!” “Coach, please, I’m sorry, I’ll never do it again I’ll do anything you want, please -” “You’ve got to be punished, Ford. Punished severely.” “Please – can’t you punish me yourself? Please!” “What would your father do, Ford? Huh?” “He’d beat my ass black and blue. Before kicking me out of the house for good.” “Spanking, huh? Spanking and humiliation. Well, that’s what you deserve, Ford.” “Please – I don’t care what you do to me – just don’t tell anyone. Please!” “You’d better be sure, boy. I could humiliate you really bad.” “Please, Coach. Please punish me yourself. I can take it. Anything.” “Then get over here and bend over.”

The coach scooted his chair away from the desk and sat down, taking off his belt. He pulled Ford down across his lap. Instead of letting him put just his belly across, he forced the semi-nude boy further so that his basket was between the coach’s legs, with his torso off the chair. Ford had to support his upper body by leaning down to the floor.

The coach spent a moment admiring how the 18-yr-old boy’s powerful shoulders and thighs tapered to his narrow waist. How the two perfect melons of his ass were tightly clenched. He let the folded belt dangle against the perfect, tight skin of Ford’s butt crack. Then he raised his arm high. The boy gasped as the first lash of the belt cracked against his naked ass. As the blows rained down, the coach laid a pattern of criss-crossed red marks against the boy’s buttocks. The first few blows stung, but Ford was quiet. However, as his ass grew ever more sensitive, he was unable to keep from crying out.

Soon he was squirming in the coach’s lap, tears in his eyes. Finally he stopped. Ford’s ass was bright pink. The boy was breathing raggedly. The coach let his hand rest on the boy’s butt. Ford shuddered. “We’re just starting, Ford. Now that you’re warmed up on the belt, you’re going to taste the sting of my hand.” He slapped him, drawing a yelp of pain “It’s gonna be slow. I’m gonna keep your ass burning for quite some time. A long time.” Ford groaned. “How long?” “Long enough for you to read this whole notebook. Aloud.” “Oh, no, please coach -” The coach gave Ford a good whack. “You do what I say, or else. You know the alternative.” “O – okay.”

Without a word the coach threw the notebook down to him. Ford swallowed hard and started to read. As he read the lewd text, the coach swatted him intermittently. In between, he let his hand linger, massaging and teasing the tender flesh. Ford, humiliated, read his own fantasies aloud. He felt dirty. At the same time, the attention his ass was receiving, as well as the sexual images he was forced to read, were combining to make his cock tingle. He tried to fight it down, but his cock started to swell. Kept swelling. He shifted a bit, trying to keep his cock from touching the coach’s thigh. As he did, he spread his ass a little and the coach’s fingers slipped right into his crack. Against his anus. Ford groaned. He squeezed his buns together, but the coach kept his hand there.

“Spread your legs,” he said huskily. “Please, coach, I-” “Do as you’re told, boy. Let’s get this real straight. You’re gonna put out for me – REALLY put out – or else.” “How – how far?” “Let’s just say you’re gonna get to live out your fantasies. ALL the way.” “Or else?” “Or else.” Silently, Ford spread his legs a little. And gasped as the coach’s finger entered him. Began to fingerfuck his rear. “All right, boy. That story where Nick ties you down and makes you eat his ass – read it aloud. Nice and slow.” Ford did as he was told. After that, the coach told him to stand up and strip. The boy, cheeks burning, stood up to reveal his erection stretching the cloth of his strap. Silently, he took off his socks and jock strap, buck naked, cock bobbing. The coach took off his own pants and underwear. Seated in his desk chair, he ordered the boy to stand with his back to him, straddling the chair. Then the coach lifted the boy’s legs, positioning him so that his hard cock was pressed down on the coach’s groin, cock to cock. Ford was forced to support his upper body by leaning across the desk, all of the weight of his lower body on his groin. The boy’s powerful but shapely thighs were spread very wide, divided around the coach’s chiseled torso. The twin mounds of the boy’s ass were spread wide as well. Admiring the tight young sphincter displayed in front of his face, the coach let his eyes feast on the vision of the boy’s ass at his mercy.

The coach reached into a desk drawer and pulled out some lube. He squirted it into the boy’s luscious ass, as well as in between their pressed cocks. A long, hot fingerfuck began. The coach knew what makes an ass feel good, and he did it to Ford. The boy, helpless, squirmed in his lap, grinding his hard young slippery cock against the man’s throbbing member. Once he had the boy good and hot, he picked up the strap from the floor and tossed it on the desk. “Take a good whiff, boy.” He forced Ford to keep smelling his ripe sweaty jock. “And now you’re gonna tell me a story. A sex story. You’re gonna tell it the way I want – hot and dirty. I want you to sound like a two-bit whore in heat.” “Oh please, coach -” “Here’s the story. The boys tie you to a bench in the locker room. Your buddy Nick gives you a good long fuck up the ass with his big dick. While he fucks you, the other guys take turns sitting on your face. You are forced to eat their butts while they jack off. Nick shoots up your ass while making you come at the end. Got it?”

Moaning, squirming, and sniffing his own soiled jock, Ford obeyed. The coach forced him to add lewd detail to the story. The poor boy got hotter and hotter. Finally, as the fantasy approached its climax, the coach slipped his hand under Fords belly and worked the boy’s slippery cock with his fingertips. Just as Ford got to the cum scene, the coach forced the boy to beg to be fucked. Then he made Ford come. All over the coach’s crotch. When his spasms subsided, the boy was forced to stand up with his back to the coach. The coach got his handcuffs and snapped them on to the boy’s wrists. Turned him around. “You made a pretty big mess, boy. All over my crotch. “Lick it off. I want to see you eat every drop of your own jism.” Ford groaned and knelt between the coach’s legs. “It feels like some of your cum dripped down my ass, too. Way down.” The coach pulled the boy’s head deep into his crotch. For the next 20 minutes, Ford licked the coach squeaky clean. Inside and out.

The coach took every advantage of his new sex slave. With the video and handwritten diary in the coach’s possession, Ford was helpless to resist the coach’s lewd demands. The worst part was, he was really enjoying it. Once he had gotten over the shock, Ford found that being forced to talk out and even act out his fantasies in front of the coach made the sexy images even more compelling. Of course, the coach being the coach he was, there were rules.

Every Sunday afternoon, the jock stud reported to the back door of the athletic building for his main weekly session. Alone in the deserted building, Ford performed whatever perverted fantasy the coach had worked up. Often he forced the boy to have sex on video, using lewd sex toys while talking out hot fantasies of the coach’s choosing. Knowing that he would be forced to watch the tape later got him all in a lather. Afterwards the coach would use him sexually, coming up with variations to humiliate him. But no matter how humiliating the situation was supposed to be, in reality the jock just got more turned on. Ford spent hours with his face buried in the coach’s buttocks or groin, servicing him with his tongue and mouth, front and back. Then he would be well fucked in a variety of ways.

The coach rapidly found out the dirty little secrets of Ford’s fantasies, found the things that got him good and hot. Ass play. Rimming. Group humiliation fantasies. And bondage. Lots of bondage. Then there were other weekday assignments. Each week, he had to write a lewd sex story and give it to the coach. Each day at team class or practice, Ford had to wear secretly a set of ass beads up his rectum. He took a good deal of teasing about his perpetual hard-on. Little did his teammates know why. And three days a week he got a pass from the coach to get out of study hall for private training. These sessions, though short, were often very hot. Locked in the sound-proofed, private training room behind the coach’s office, usually in bondage, the boy would watch the videos of his own degradation while the coach played with his ass beads and jerked him off. But sometimes there were inventive games, instead.

There was one, where Ford, nude was impaled on a dildo which was fixed to a high stool. His hands cuffed overhead. The key to the handcuffs was attached to a string which passed up, over a pulley, and down to the bench where it was on a ratchet spool. The handle of the ratchet spool was nestled into the crack of Ford’s ass. Each complete slide up and down the latex dildo would move the ratchet handle once, raising the cuff key 1/2″ closer to his hands. At a distance of 80″, it took 160 deep fucking strokes to get the key. He had 40 minutes to do it before the next gym class came in. The intense self-fuck made him so horny, coupled with the fact that he was forced to watch one of his home-made porn videos at the same time, that the coach would bring him off with only 4 or 5 strokes just at the moment he got the key. Helpless, he would squirm with pleasure on the dildo while his cock spurted and spurted, unable to manipulate the hard-won key until his orgasm subsided, often just minutes before the next class.

Another good one was the butt-jerk game. Naked, he was bound face up on a low bench. The coach would borrow a well-used jock from one of the boys’ lockers and stuff it in Ford’s mouth. Then he would strip and straddle the helpless boy, gripping Ford’s cock in his ass cheeks. Using only his ass crack, he would masturbate the boy’s cock. The game: if Ford came this way, he would have to spend the rest of the period eating the coach’s ass. There were several refinements which made it a fun game. First, the coach made sure it was very warm in the training room. Both of them dripped sweat, making the masturbation really slick and sensitive. While he did it, the coach would talk dirty, coming up with fantasies he knew turned the boy on. And, when Ford inevitably came sooner or later, he would position his ass so that a lot of the load would get up his ass and all over the crack. Then the boy was forced to slurp his own jism out of the coach’s sweaty butt. Often the poor jock could only hold off for 10 minutes, so that he had to orally service the coach’s asshole for half an hour.

Then, at the end of the first quarter, Ford’s humiliation took a new turn. One day, as a big meet was coming up, the coach had scheduled an extra practice for him one-on-one with Nick during the last period on a Friday. The period before was one of his private workouts with the coach. Ford was forced to stand spread-eagled as the coach worked his ass with beads and a dildo and whispered a super-lewd fantasy (starring his favorite fantasy-partner Nick) in his ear. The boy got super hot, but the coach didn’t jerk him off. At the end of the session, he ordered Ford to get on his wrestling shorts, leaving the dildo up his ass, and that he would have to practice that way. Humiliated, the boy did as he was told. The wrestling room was deserted except for him and Nicky. The coach left. They started to wrestle. Ford, already hot, couldn’t get rid of his erection. Making it worse, Nick was using moves that often put his well-endowed basket in the other boy’s face, and his hand in Ford’s ass crack. Helplessly, Ford got even hotter as the contact continued. Images of Nick from the coach’s lewd fantasy distracted him. Nick rolled him onto his back and got on top of him, grinding their groins together. Ford struggled, attempting to free himself. Too late, he realized that he was about to lose control.Ê

He struggled helplessly, managing to topple Nick for a moment, but the boy reversed and swung around, planting his buttocks right on Ford’s face and pinning his shoulders as he leaned forward and grabbed Ford’s inner thighs to pin his legs. The smell of Nick’s sweet butt was too much for Ford and he convulsed, cumming in his shorts as Nick held him down. It seemed that the orgasm went on forever. Ford had never been so humiliated in his life. Or so he thought. He lay there, moaning as his orgasm subsided. Nick didn’t move. Ford was conscious of the fact the Nick’s butt crack was pressed to his face. Only the thin worn cotton of his shorts separated them. Ford squirmed a little and tried to speak, but his mouth was covered. This was getting way weird. Then it got weirder. He felt Nick’s hands slip into his waistband, pulling down hisshorts and jockstrap. Ford flailed, but was helpless to prevent it as he was exposed.Ê

Methodically, Nick worked the other boy’s shorts down around his ankles, then picked up both legs and gripped them together in one hand. With the other he tied Ford’s shoelaces together. Then something happened as he felt something else being pulled between his ankles and didn’t know what it was since he couldn’t see. Then he realized: it was the gym rope, which dangled from the ceiling. They must have been nearly under it. Nicky took it and looped it between his ankles and tied it off somehow. With his ankles tied together, Ford’s legs were now strung up together, helpless. He flinched as Nick ran his strong hands all over his private places.

“Well, what have we here? A butt toy! You must like it, huh? How about I help you out?” And then, as Ford struggled in vain, Nick gave him a nice hard fuck with the dildo. After a few minutes he stopped. Huskily, he said “Since I’m helping you out, you should help me out, too.” Before Ford realized what was happening, Nick leaned forward, yanked down his own shorts, and planted his naked butt crack right smack on Ford’s mouth. “Eat it, baby. Eat me real good. Or your balls are hamburger.” Ford struggled, but Nick gave his balls a good hard twist. The pinned boy opened his mouth to yell and got a good mouthful of Nick’s ass. As his tongue grazed the other boy’s anus, he was overwhelmed with the thought that he was actually living out one of his hottest fantasies. The other boy was giving him no choice. Obediently, Ford began to lick the other boy’s asshole. Nick sighed and squirmed his ass to get it in good position, spreading his cheeks wide. Ford responded by sticking his tongue deep up the tight young butthole. “Ooh, yeah, eat that ass, eat it, yeah, lick it, get your hot tongue way up in me do it oh yeah -” Ford did as he was told. As the forced rim job continued, Ford felt Nick grab the dildo again, plunging it in and out of his helpless asshole. The dildo **** got his prostate buzzing, while the sexy taste and smell of the other boy’s hunky ass made his head spin. He was starting to get helplessly hot, made worse when Nick started to stroke his exposed dick. Soon he was writhing and moaning with lust. Suddenly Nick stopped, and lifted his butt up off Ford’s face. He wagged it seductively, out of reach of the other boy’s tongue. Ford groaned with frustration. “You want it? You want more of this tasty ass?” “Oh, yes, please…” “Then beg for it. I want to hear you beg. Beg to do anything. Everything I want. Make it good, fag.” Ford obeyed.

The weeks of training with the coach had given him an extensive repertoire for verbal fantasy. Ford begged in graphic, lewd detail, offering to eat his ass, suck his cock, begging Nick to fuck him in a variety of ways. “You’ll do anything I want?” “Oh, yes…” “Good!” Nick abruptly got up, leaving Ford lying on the floor, his legs tied up but his arms and body free. The bound boy lay still, his face wet with sweat and saliva. “Jack yourself off till you come! Fuck yourself with the dildo while you do it. I want to watch. And keep begging.” Ford moaned in humiliation. Nick really knew how to get to him. The boy reached between his legs and worked the dildo, telling Nick how he wished it was the boy’s cock fucking him. The degradation made him even hotter and after about five minutes of masturbation, he came again, while Nick watched the whole thing. Afterwards, Nick untied his feet. Then he rubbed his hard dick all over Ford’s abdomen, coating it with come. He straddled Ford’s face and grabbed him by the hair.Ê

“First, you are gonna suck my cock. You’re gonna lick your own come off it and suck it till I come. Then you’re gonna eat my asshole again until I get nice and horny. Then you are gonna bend over while I fuck your fag ass. Any questions?” Ford opened his mouth wide.Ê

NEXT SUNDAY Ford, naked, knelt on the coach’s desk as the man played with a vibrator up his ass. His hands were bound behind his back and his mouth was stuffed full of soiled jock straps. As the coach often did, he worked the boy while making him watch one of their homemade sex videos. It was much like all the others in that it starred himself, Ford, getting off being used as a sex slave. It was different in that the person using him was not the coach. It was Nicky. He didn’t know if he should cry or cum. His cock, however, voted for the latter. What had happened with Nick was humiliating enough – even if he was hoping to do it again! But to know that the coach watched the whole thing – that the whole thing had been PLANNED, with Nick’s connivance – and that it had been videotaped, was humiliating beyond words. And now he was being forced to watch it while the coach amused himself. The man worked Ford’s sensitive ass, making the boy enjoy his anal ****, while keeping up a lewd commentary of the video action. Of course, he had recorded audio, too, so Ford could hear every word of his perverted begging. And all of this was making him incredibly hot. As they watched, the coach told him his plans for a new dimension to the hunky jock’s sexual degradation: that he had given Nick permission to have Ford as his sex slave, to make him do anything he wanted – as long as the coach got to watch, or as long as it was filmed for later. When the tape was over, he led the boy, hands still bound, up to the wrestling room. There he saw Nick, wearing a black jock strap and boots. The only other thing the guy was wearing was very a lewd smirk.

On a table was a wide assortment of sex toys. Ford noticed another new twist: two video cameras. He supposed the coach would do a fancier video since he had someone else to take care of working Ford over. The experienced sex toy jock also noticed that several of the workout machines had straps and manacles on them in interesting places. His mind filled in the positions as his cock throbbed in anticipation. The jock slave boy watched as his new master slowly turned around and put on leg up on the table to expose the crack. The coach pushed Ford to his knees. Without the use of his hands, he crawled awkwardly closer, dick bobbing, and saw Nick’s buttocks get bigger and bigger until they were the only thing he could see. For quite a while.

The next Friday, Nick invited Ford to spend the night at his house. Nick made it clear that accepting the invitation was mandatory – or else. Ford was certainly not surprised to discover that Nick’s parents were away for the weekend – or that the VCR was ready to go with a copy of the tape from last week’s extended sex session in the workout room. The two boys watched the tape, feasting on pizza and beer. Nick ordered him to strip during the tape, so that he could watch how horny Ford got as he was forced to watch his own degradation on film. The coach had done an excellent job editing the tape from the two cameras they used during the session. In fact, Nick and the coach had had a pretty hot session of their own, at their own private preview, beating each other off while they watched the hot film of their mutual jock slave. Nick, a vain boy, thought he himself looked fucking hot in the film, too. The coach agreed, but kept his further plans to himself. He did, however, suggest that Nick get Ford over for a good workout – as long as he made a tape for the coach!

After watching the tape, nick was certainly ready for some action and ordered his nude sex slave to lie spread-eagled on his four-poster bed. Once bound, Ford was ordered to tell the camera all about how he wanted Nick to use him, especially to beg to eat his ass. Nick got his wish, sitting on Ford’s face for half an hour as the helpless jock worshipped his ass with his powerful tongue muscle, licking and sucking and slurping and thrusting. Nick bucked and squirmed with pleasure, riding Ford’s handsome face, grinding his hotass against the slurping mouth until he was so hot he couldn’t take it any longer. Then, lubing the boy’s ass and propping a pillow under him, he fucked Ford until he came. Nick, a little sozzled from the beer, drifted off, leaving Ford bound and helpless. Several times during the night Nick ****d his new slave, orally and anally. Each time, afterward, he untied one hand and forced Ford to masturbate to orgasm, shooting his load into a soiled jockstrap of Nick’s, rank from weeks of wrestling practice.

After their night of lust, the boys slept until noon. Nick woke with a piss hard-on and made Ford crawl under the covers to suck him off. Nick’s cock was a little sore from the overnight activities, so he decided to give himself a break to recuperate for later that night. However, that didn’t mean Ford was off the hook. Far from it. A deliciously perverse thought had occurred to Nick during the night’s hot fantasies and he wanted to try out on his hunky captive.

Re-tying Ford to the bed, he went downstairs to the garage to make his preparations. First he took the seat with its short pole attachment off his bicycle and clamped it securely into the Christmas tree stand, which was screwed down to a 36″ circular plywood base for stability. Into the plywood base were also four heavy screw eyes, used to attach guy-wires. Then for the good part. He found the short-handled hoe his mother used for hand-gardening. It had a shaped wooden handle about 12″ long and 1-1/2″ thick and a typical hoe blade. Taking the seat cover and pad off the bicycle seat he fixed the hoe blade down to the metal seat with fiber tape so that the handle pointed straight up. Then he cut an X in the seat cover and forced it down over the handle and snapped it back on. Stepping back, he admired his handiwork. The top of the bicycle seat was about 8″ off the floor. The handle rose straight up from the center of the wide part of the seat – just where a boy’s butt hole would be. It’s lewd use as a perverted sex toy was obvious. Smirking to himself, he wondered what the shop teacher would think of his engineering genius. If they had more shop projects like this, class would be interesting!

Next he stopped in the kitchen, rummaging in the pantry to find a can of Crisco. He continued back to the bedroom with his equipment, where he described what he was going to do to Ford in detail. Ford protested, but Nick could see that the boy was throwing a rod just thinking about it. He pointed this out to Ford and laughed when the boy blushed. Nick untied him from the bed and had him kneel on the stand board while lashing his ankles securely to two of the eye bolts. Then he tied Ford’s hands behind his back and forced him to bend forward. Slowly and lovingly Nick greased up the boy’s ass, packing it with the grease, and then slathered Crisco on the hoe handle. He then ordered Ford to lower himself on to the bicycle seat. Nick giggled with glee as he saw the boy whimpering as he forced the rigid tool deeper and deeper into his rectum. Finally it was in all the way. Nick tied the boy’s wrists to the bolt behind him, forcing him to arch his back sharply. This also had the stick pushing hard on Ford’s prostate, which Nick didn’t know, but Ford sure did! Ford tried to ease the pressure, tried to rise up on the handle, but his bound wrists would only let him raise his hips a couple inches.Ê

The position was impossible to hold and he slid back down hard. As he felt the pressure again on his love-nut, he groaned loudly. The groan gave Nick another idea and he picked up the dirty jock strap, still soaked with Ford’s overnight loads, and stuffed it in the boy’s open mouth, tying it in place with a bandanna. Nick roared with laughter at the face Ford made as he felt the cold sperm slime coat his mouth. The helpless boy started to writhe in revulsion, but the writhing made him squirm on the handle up his ass, and finally he stopped, moaning into the disgusting gag. Nick thought the scene looked hot: the dark-haired football stud, nude, bound and gagged, his ass impaled on 12″ of hard wood, back arched with his chest and abdominal muscles in high relief, and his throbbing boner jutting out from his writhing hips. Hot.

ÊNick played with his slave, twisting his nipples and stroking his cock until the helpless boy was dripping pre-cum. Then he stopped. Ford was squirming with lust. Nick put the TV where Ford could see it and turned it on. He rewound last night’s video and hit the play button. The sights and sounds of Ford’s **** filled the room. At the time, Ford had been too into it to really know what he was saying as he had babbled lewdly the night before. Now he heard every word. Begging to be used. Begging to be ****d. And all of it was totally fucking humiliating. But it was also totally fucking HOT. “Have a good time watching the movie, Ford. I’m going out for a while. But it’s a two hour tape and should keep you entertained all afternoon. Enjoy!” Ford yelled into his gag and tried to wriggle free. His cock throbbed in vain as Nick shut the door. Unable to tear his eyes from the screen, Ford watched with mingled shame and lust yet another tape of his violation. He ached for release. After a while, more or less for something to do, he started to slide up and down on the wooden dildo. The semen in the gag mingled with the saliva in his mouth and trickled down his throat. Slowly.Ê

When Nick returned, the image on the video screen was that of Ford getting fucked up the ass by Nick. Meanwhile, the real Ford was fucking himself on a wooden dildo. His penis was drooling. Nick laughed. “I see you missed me! Shall I take out your gag?” Ford nodded. “There you go! Now, how about I do something about that cock of yours? What do you say?” “Oh please – please -” “But first, how about a nice kiss to welcome me home?” Nick turned around and dropped his pants. “A nice, FRENCH kiss!” Obediently, Ford stuck out his tongue and welcomed his master home. “Oh, yeah, eat that ass, yeah, get that tongue in deeper, yeah, that’s it, work it boy, eat that ass, oh yeah…” Nick watched the tape as Ford serviced him with his tongue. The tape was hot. He really got off watching himself in homemade porno. And tonight would be even better. He had given thought to some really hot scenes that he could film. And he had plenty of blank cassettes.

As much as he was enjoying the ass job, it was probably time to let Ford get some rest before tonight’s festivities. He pulled away and hunkered down next to the bound boy. “Time to freshen up your gag, slave boy!” Holding the sodden jock strap against the tip of Ford’s penis, he stroked the boy’s cock shaft with his other hand. Almost instantly, Ford cried out loudly and came, his body writhing in spasms as he sprayed a huge load into the wad of cloth, saturating it completely with gobs of thick, sticky semen. When his orgasm subsided, Nick put the soaked jock strap to the tip of his own penis and beat off, rapidly releasing a load of his own.Ê

Afterwards he put the gooey wad in a zip-lok bag to keep it moist, and then wiped his messy hand off on Ford’s chest. Releasing Ford from his bondage, he forced the boy off the wooden handle. It came out with a plop. Ford, exhausted from his two hours in bondage, collapsed moaning. Nick half carried him to the bed. “Get a good nap, Ford. Need to have you good and rested for tonight!” “Wh-what? I’m not staying tonight. Just last night. My folks’ll expect me.” “No they won’t. I called and told them you were staying over tonight, too. They said that was fine since they were going to go visit your Aunt and might be back late.” “Nick – I don’t know -” “Listen, sleaze boy! You know the coach and I have on you. What do you think the guys at school will think when we show it to them? Or, better yet, your parents! Huh? HUH?” “Oh no! No, please…” “So I figure you’re my permanent little faggot now. Whenever I want you to suck my dick, or eat my ass, or anything else, you’re gonna DO IT! In fact, you’re going to let me do ANYTHING I WANT!” Nick slid his fingers into Ford’s greasy rectum. Ford shuddered. “And if I stick something up your ass, you will not resist. If I tell you I want to fuck you up the ass, you’re gonna spread your legs, bend over and let me! I’ve got you right where I want you! Your my whore-boy slave, and don’t you forget it!” Ford said nothing. But as Nick continued to slide his fingers around in his ass, Ford silently lifted his legs and spread them, his face turned away. His cock was hard. “Yeah. That’s a good boy. A good slave boy!” Nick leaned down and turned Ford’s face toward him. “And you like it! You like being a slave, don’t you?” Ford was silent, looking him in the eye. Then he whispered thickly. “Yeah. Yeah, I like it.” Nick surprised him by kissing him hard on the mouth. Then he withdrew his fingers and slapped him on the ass. “Now get some rest! After your nap hit the shower and clean up! Then after that we’ll chow down some burgers and beers, and after THAT,” he leered, “you’re gonna star in America’s Horniest Home Videos!”Ê

Oh, the fun they had, the coach and Nick. They loved to invent a new position to try out during their Sunday sessions. Here’s a typical example. THE ZETA POSITION Ford sits on the mat, facing south. His hands are cuffed behind his back, to a ring in the floor. He is forced to lie backward flat on the mat, arms under him. His legs are lifted and spread apart, then raised to point northwest and northeast. His ankles are tied with ropes to posts at the northwest and northeast corners of the mat. His body forms a “Z” – arms, shoulders and head flat on the mat, torso at a 60 degree angle to the floor, legs bent back over his head parallel to the floor. And since his legs are spread apart from each other at a 45 degree angle, his asshole is totally exposed and pointing straight up. The coach likes having Ford in this position. The boy’s asshole and cock are totally accessible, and since his torso tilts back, Ford’s face is available for Nicky to sit on. Nicky puts a rolled towel under Ford’s neck, forcing his head to tilt back. At the coach’s suggestion, Nick mount’s the other boy’s face this way: he faces the floor, splays his legs around Ford’s shoulders, and supports his upper body on his hands. Crushing his balls against Ford’s nose, he plants his asshole smack on the helpless boy’s tilted mouth. The coach stands south of Ford and admires the view: Nick’s gorgeous buttocks spread, placed so that every lick of Ford’s tongue will be visible as he is forced to rim his hunky teammate. And, in the foreground, Ford’s cock and ass, ready for use. And use them he does. He feels up the boy shamelessly, milking his long boycock, forcing it to lengthen, making Ford moan with pleasure even as his tongue continues to lick Nick’s butt hole. Nicky squirms with mounting lust as his butt is rimmed, spreading his hunky thighs wider and pressing his hot horny hole hard against Ford’s handsome face. With his other hand the coach caresses Ford’s heavy ball sac, squeezing them playfully, getting the boy’s hormones in working order. As the genital massage continues, Ford squirms and moans, getting horny just the way the coach intends. The helpless boy knows what’s coming next, but can’t help himself. His vulnerable asshole quivers with anticipation. The coach releases Ford’s balls and lightly traces the boy’s asscrack, circling the anus slowly.

Ford struggles, his powerful thighs pulling against the ropes to no avail. His ass is completely exposed to the coach’s prying fingers. The coach spits a big wad onto the exposed anus, rubbing it in as Ford squirms. Slowly pushing and massaging, the coach works a finger into boy’s fuckhole. Slipping it in and out, he gets Ford warmed up. Once he’s ready, he adds a finger and heads straight for the boy’s prostate. Experienced, he gets the hot spot of the love-nut immediately, making Ford’s whole body spasm, cock leaking pre-cum. The coach collects it on his fingers, then works it into Ford’s cock, especially the sensitive glans, making it glisten, driving the boy right to the edge of orgasm. The coach releases the boys cock, leaving him frustrated, and continues to work his horny prostate. Ford goes wild (as usual!) opening his mouth wide, passionately thrusting his tongue deep, slobbering and frenching Nick’s velvety rectum, chewing on the succulent ass flesh, making Nick writhe in heat. At this time the coach orders Nick to turn around, re-seating himself facing the coach, but leaning back. Now, as Ford continues to slobber helplessly, the coach feasts his eyes on Nick, writhing with lust, muscles gleaming with sweat, throbbing cock dripping pre-cum on Ford’s chest. Nicky bucks and squirms, mashing his buttocks against Ford, moaning with lust. After ogling this lovely scene for another ten minutes, the coach decides to move on. Nick gets the signal and eagerly responds, lifting his ass and moving back to thrust his cock into Ford’s open mouth. Instantly, he releases his pent-up orgasm, pumping wad after wad into the slave-boy’s throat. After Nick recovers, they move on to the next part. Ford is quivering with need, his chest covered with a slick of pre-cum. Nick is given a bag of lewd ass toys, and asked to use them on the bound boy as he pleases. The coach re-arranges the towel under Ford’s head so that he is now tilted toward himself, in order to get a good view of his anal workout. Then Ford is told that he must make up a sexual humiliation fantasy featuring himself and Nick, and keep telling it until Nick is hard again. Panting and groaning, grunting as Nick thrusts a dildo into his asshole, Ford tells the following story: << By the end of this hot fantasy Nick is indeed sporting a hard-on again. At the coach's urging, Nick inserts it into Ford's well-greased ass and fucks him. When he gets close, Nick grabs Ford's swollen dick and strokes him to climax. As the helpless jock comes convulsively, Nick aims the spurting member so that the thick ropes of semen hit Ford in the face. The spasms of orgasm make his asshole clutch at Nick's thrusting penis, and just as Ford is finished Nick pumps his own load into the butch asshole of his helpless butt-slave... to be continue *** THE STALL Nick and the coach devised an ingenious humiliation for their jock sex slave. They picked him up at 9:30pm one Wednesday and drove to the local university campus. En route they gave him a duffel bag, which he was told not to open until he reached his destination. In the bag were written instructions which he was to verbatim. Dropping him off at the library twenty minutes later, they told him to find the men's restroom at the back of the basement, and go into the middle stall. Of course, Ford didn't know that this was a notorious 'hot spot'. Anyway, he found the stall, going through a largely deserted library section housing infrequently used materials. Once in, he locked the metal stall door and opened the bag. In it was the usual selection of anal equipment, the ubiquitous camcorder, and two sealed envelopes, labeled "A" and "B". Opening "A", he read his instructions with mounting anxiety: 1. Get out camcorder. Using strap provided, hang it from hook on stall door, facing toilet. Turn it on. 2. Strip naked. Put clothes in duffel. 3. Lube ass. Insert vibrator 4. Sit on toilet; spread legs; turn on vibrator and fuck for the camera. Read graffiti on stall partition. 5. After performing the above, open envelope "B". He followed the instructions hurriedly, praying that no one would come in. To his horror, he found that the vibrator was a very loud one, resonating throughout the room. Even so, the anal stimulation had its usual effect and he was sporting a healthy hard-on in seconds. Then he read the graffiti. Usual things: so-and-so sucks cock, so-and-so takes it up the ass, miscellaneous telephone numbers, etc. Then he saw it: "barefoot, will suck cock, lick ass Wed. 10pm". Ford almost squirted the vibrator out in shock. He grabbed envelope "B". He read: 'That's right, slave boy! See the toilet paper holder assembly? It pulls off the wall if you push it straight up. Do it now!' Ford, trembling, tried it. Grasping the stainless steel two-roll dispenser he shoved up and it came off. Revealed was a 4" x 8" slot, looking into the back of another dispenser in the next stall. He read again: 'Good! Your assignment is to perform oral sex on any body part put in the opening, by anyone who comes in. You must do it! We will know from the video if you don't obey completely - and the next punishment will be far, far worse! Oh, and you must use the ass toys on yourself whenever your mouth isn't busy. Fuck pretty for the camera! We know you like that! And keep the toy in your ass while you service the college studs. That should keep your engine running.' 'P.S. All of the ass toys make lots of noise. So everyone will know.' 'P.P.S. Some guys might like to watch you fuck yourself. Put on a good show. If they reach through to help, let them! Enjoy the humiliation. We know you will!' Ford sat on the toilet, stunned. He couldn't stand this embarrassment - although what they wrote was true. His cock was rock-hard just thinking about it. Hoping desperately that no one would come in, and simultaneously wondering what it would be like if someone did, he fucked his butt as per the instructions. About five minutes later he heard the door open. The vibrator sounded like a truck, and even the softer sucking noises made as the device slid in and out of his tight asshole also sounded loud and clear: the guy would know exactly what Ford was doing. Ford's face burned with shame. He held his breath as the guy stood near the door, his legs moving a little, turning in place. Ford knew he was peeking below the door. Seeing his bare feet. The student got in the next stall. There were noises as he unzipped and pulled his pants down, then a minute or two as he obviously started to beat off. Ford, heart in his throat, wondered what else would happen. Suddenly, the dispenser filling the slot in the other stall slid slowly up and was removed. At first he could see nothing as the man was out of view. Then he heard the guy stand up. Ford swallowed nervously as the man's midsection came into view. Slim hips, tight stomach. Blond bush. Big dick. The man backed up a bit, and even though he could only see the man's midsection, he realized that the guy could look down at an angle and see what Ford was doing to himself. Mortified, he wanted to stop the self fuck, but knew the tape would show this lapse to his masters. Resigned, he continued to fuck his hole. The guy moved to a different angle, obviously to get a good view, and started to jerk off again. Intensely embarrassed, Ford fucked his ass with the noisy dildo, putting on a lewd show for the stranger watched him for a couple of minutes. Then the man turned, slowly, posing for him. He showed off his cock and balls, then his well-rounded buttocks. Moving closer, he spread the cheeks so Ford could see his anus. the man's ass crack was shaved smooth and squeaky clean. Then he heard the guy whisper. "I hear you do both sides. That right?" Ford, terrified, nodded - then realized the guy couldn't see him. He squeezed out a nervous assent: "mm-hm". "The I want full service," the guy whispered in a breathy baritone, and pressed his spread ass against the slot. As if in a dream, Ford got on his knees and put his face in the guy's beautiful butt, and started to lick. Weeks of practice had made Ford a very good little rimmer indeed, and had also given him a real taste for ass. He went to work, slurping and reaming as he had been taught, savoring the succulent butt. Soon his anonymous user was moaning and squirming, loving it as the highschool stud worshipped his ass. This made Ford even more aggressive, nibbling and chewing to give the stranger even greater pleasure. Every so often he reached back to work the vibrator back into place in his own horny ass. His trick was getting pretty hot, and pulled away to present his dick, now drooling pre-cum. Ford licked it clean, then took it all the way in. The man groaned louder now as Ford used his tongue and throat on the guy's hot tool. In only a minute or two he came, pumping a hot musky load into Ford's gullet. Abruptly, he pulled out and got dressed. As the door slammed shut, the noise of the vibrator was the only sound afterward in the suddenly still room. Ford licked the come off his lips. God, he felt cheap and humiliated. However, he groaned as he clutched his throbbing cock. No doubt about it - the encounter had made him incredibly horny, as well. As his masters would see on the tape. He stood up, jacking his dick into the lens of the camcorder. "Fuck you!" he said, then searched in the bag for another ass toy. He was in the process of inserting the (even noisier) vibrating jumbo ass beads when the door opened again. This time the dispenser was already gone, so when whoever it was got into his stall he had a clear view of Ford's ass play, first thing. The guy watched for several minutes as Ford inserted and removed the large red balls and jacked off. Then it was another "full service" request. After him, a muscular hairy guy came in, and without even looking in at Ford, slapped his cock through the hole and growled "suck it, faggot" which Ford promptly did, until the guy came down his throat a few minutes later. But then, instead of leaving, the dude looked down and noticed the bag of ass toys. "Like to get your hole reamed too, huh? Well I'll give you a helping hand, buddy. Gimme that big black thing." Trembling, Ford got the large black dildo (with handle) and passed it through. "Now get your butt in the hole." Ford hesitated. "I said now, butt boy!" He glanced helplessly at the camera, grimaced and obeyed. The man proceeded to ram the dildo forcefully into him. Writhing under the ****-like onslaught, Ford moaned and gasped as the man put it to him, pushing his horny prostate like mad. He wondered how much more of this he could take before he came. During this he heard the door open, and several other people entered the room. His partner never paused, pushing the dildo in and out. Ford knew that the others would certainly hear what was happening, but couldn't stop moaning as the big tool slammed against his sensitive prostate each time. He could hear the room of guys snickering. "Sounds like Jack's giving him a good time," someone said. Then his dildo-fucker, Jack apparently, opened his stall door so the other guys could see him thrusting the dildo through the slot. "Get a load of this." The guys crowded in, whistling, as Jack pulled the full 12" of black latex in and out. "He loves getting porked up the butt. Don't you, butt boy?" Ford said nothing, terrified. The glory hole humiliation had been turning him on. But with a room full of horny college students he belatedly began to fear for his safety. "Well, I guess the fag's shy. Why doesn't one of you guys go over and take a peek." Ford heard someone get in the other stall to the side, then realized that there was a removable dispenser in there, too, although this one did not have a mate on his side, just an opening. To his horror he saw the slot opened, and then the face of some arrogant frat jock, leering through at him. "Hell yeah, Jack, he loves it! He's throwing a big one and whacking it off." "All right, k**, none of that, put your hands up over the partition so I can see 'em." Tentatively, Ford did as he was told. Immediately he felt hands grasp his wrists, and two other hands grab his ankles. He was helpless! His hands and feet were spread wide apart, and he was pulled back against the metal partition as Jack continued the dildo assault. The guy across from him was clearly enjoying Ford's struggles, and r****g him with his eyes, gloating. "Oh, man you guys gotta come over here and see this!" "We got our hands full hanging on to him." "And hey, there's a gym bag full of sex toys in there!" Ford watched helplessly as the guy reached under the partition and pulled the bag over to his side, and then carried it to the other stall. "You won't believe the stuff in here, Jack! Real kinky stuff, and some of them are greased up! Looks like Mr. Stud knows how to show himself a good time!" "I'll say! And he's got all his clothes in here, too! That's really convenient." Ford gasped. "Please - please give me my clothes back!" "Not so fast, Butt Boy! And what's this! Clothesline! All right! Gimme your knife, Luke." Before you could say Homosexual Eagle Scout, Ford's ankles and wrists were tied to the partition legs and top rail. "Now listen up, Stud Puppy! I'm gonna use this sex toy stuff on your horny ass while my friends here take turns watching through the peep hole. Be a good little boyslut and put on a nice show." "Then - then can I have my clothes back?" "You're gonna earn them back. One piece at a time. While the guys are watching you're gonna offer to suck them off like you did me. Then afterwards you're gonna do it. And each load you swallow, you get back a piece." "I met Jason outside - he said the k** eats ass, too, Jack." "All right, Luke, you pervert, he'll offer to eat your asses, too, if you're into it. Got it, fag boy?" "No, no, please, just let me go -" "Listen, we can do this nice - or not. Your choice, Butt Bait." Ford glanced at the video camera (which fortunately was not visible through the slot!) Jack gave a little twist to the dildo, making him squirm. Oh, god, being forced to take it while they watched being forced to beg while they all listened - it was like one of the fantasies he was always coming up with. And there was the fact that his masters had ordered him to obey. "Uh - okay. I'll do it - as long as you promise to give me everything back." "Oh, we're gonna give it to you. That's for sure! Okay, guys - let's party with this dude!" Jack withdrew the big dildo and grabbed another toy - the Prostate Pleasure Probe - a flexible wand with a prickly round knob and a powerful vibrator. He flipped it on and chortled as the loud buzz filled the room. "Watch this!" Jack shoved the thing deep into Ford's well-lubed rectum. As the knob hit its intended target, Ford started to writhe spastically. "Oh, yeah, man, he's really getting off on it!" said Luke, who was taking the first turn at the glory hole. "Give it to him!" Ford squirmed helplessly as Jack worked his ass to a lather, putting on a show for the frat boy ogling him. Luke feasted his eyes on the slim hips, tapered torso and thighs, good pecs, broad shoulders. Jutting cock. "Hey k**, nice looking bod you got there. You play sports? Football?" "Uhhh!" Ford grunted as Jack got in a good thrust. "Uh - uh - no - I mean yeah, but - varsity - wrestling -" "All right! We got ourselves a Highschool Jock Sex Slave! I bet you really like wrestling - all that sweaty contact -" "I bet he TRIES to get pinned!" "Yeah, I bet he loves it when they grind against his ass!" Ford flushed deep crimson. "Yeah, or like when they sit on the guys chest to pin him - I bet he buries his face in their butts!" "Yeah," Luke said, "you like ass, don't you? Beg to eat my hot ass, faggot." "Uh - uh - oh yes - please - I want to lick your ass - please - make me kiss it, lick, stick my tongue in deep, please -" "Wow, you really get off on this, don't you?" Luke's eyes were wide. "Keep begging, it's hot!" Ford continued to beg to eat the guy's hot ass. After all the training with Coach, it was almost automatic. "Hey, Luke," one of the unseen companions said, "why don't you show him what he's asking for?" "Sure! Good idea!" Luke stood, dropped his pants and stuck his firmly-muscled ass in the slot, spreading it wide open. "Beg to eat this, Butt Mouth!" "Oh, yeah," Ford groaned, putting a sexy growl in his voice, "I want to bury my face in your hot ass, I want to worship it, oh baby make me do it, make me eat it, sit on my face, grind it in, oh yeah -" Jeez, the k** is good, Luke thought. I can almost feel his tongue! After a minute, Luke turned around and Ford could see that the guy was hard as a rock. Luke knelt to peer in and his face was flushed. "Boy, you are one hot number. If you lick as well as you talk, I'm gonna sit on your face for an hour!" "Hey, Luke give us a turn!" "Yeah!" "Keep your pants on!" Luke looked Ford in the face as he squirmed with the anal thrusts Jack was delivering, then reached through the slot to grasp the helpless boy's cock, stroking him. "No - no, please -" Luke stroked him firmly, looking on with lust. After all the stimulation, Ford knew he wouldn't last long. "No - please - don't make me come - please - ah - ah - oh god - oh please - oh - oh -" And then he cried out, erupting in a series of white jets that splashed against the partition. Luke watched every squirt and squirm, grinning. "You sure do have a horny little boytwat, don't you?" He gave Ford's cock an affectionate squeeze. "Don't forget - my ass, and your face!" With a lewd grin, Luke moved aside. Ford moaned with shame watching his come drip down the wall. He was still hard. The next guy got in place and it was pretty much the same deal, only no jack-off this time. Meanwhile Luke took over from Jack, inserting a squirming thruster that always got him hot and bothered. And so it went - one guy working his ass while another watched and made him beg. Finally it was time to put out. They untied his hands so he could bend over, putting his face in the other slot. Jack fucked him from behind as Luke got the rim job he'd been waiting for. The frat boy was writhing with ecstasy as Ford used his tongue expertly on the tasty Greek butt. Luke held off as long as he could but the ass eating made him so hot that in just a few minutes he turned around, stuck his cock in Ford's mouth, and came. It was the same with the others. The foreplay had made them so horny that they didn't take long. The last one came, grunting and thrusting his slim hips, pumping yet another load into him. Finally, the ordeal was over. As the well-satisfied college studs got dressed, snickering and sighing, one of them jammed the duffel back into Ford's stall. Ford heard the bathroom door slam as they departed. Ford slumped to the floor in shame. He couldn't believe what he'd done! Toilet whore for a bunch of total strangers! Oh, well, at least they didn't know who he was... As the boy started to dress, he looked over to see the guy called Luke peeking in the hole. "Thought you might want this back." He flashed Ford's drivers license. Ford's mouth fell open. He realized that the guy would have seen his name and address. Luke was smiling like the Cheshire cat. "See you here next week, Ford. Maybe just the two of us can get to know each other better." "I - I don't think I can -" "Or maybe I'll come to your house, if you prefer!" Ford's face fell. "I thought not. See you next week, sucker! And don't forget your bag of toys!" The frat hunk disappeared. Stunned, Ford finished dressing, gathered up the toys, and packed up the video camera. He shuddered to think what the recording would show, although fortunately the tape had run out before the end. He knew his masters would make him watch it. He didn't want to admit it, but thinking about it was starting to make him hard again. He adjusted his cock in his shorts and slunk out of the restroom. Around the corner was a table with 6 guys sitting around it, including Jack, Luke, and the others, and a blond he guessed to be the first 'full service' guy. They whistled and waved as he hurried past, face burning. He got outside the nearly deserted building and the van pulled up for him. As he got in, the coach took the duffel bag, leering. "Were you an obedient slave boy? Hmm?" Ford nodded. "Good. I'll be checking out the tape to see if any punishment is in order. Report to my office after practice tomorrow. We'll have a review session." Ford nodded. "Yes, sir." He knew what they would be 'reviewing'. His cock twitched in anticipation. As he clambered to the back of the van, he found Nick on the floor, nude. The hunky jock lifted his legs, exposing his tight asshole. "It's a 20 minute ride home, slave. Just enough time for a nice rim job!" Soon the van was filled with the sounds of slurping and moaning. The coach drove slowly, smiling and rubbing the bulge in his pants. Flipping the rear-view mirror to the night setting gave him a nice view of the boys' writhing, muscular bodies. The coach unzipped his jeans and started to stroke his cock. Maybe he'd take the back roads for a while... Ford glanced around the almost deserted university library. He shifted the duffel bag from one sweaty hand to the other and headed for the basement. It was late Sunday night. He had skipped the regular 'workout session' with the Coach and Nick that afternoon, feigning the flu. He wanted to be good and hot for Luke tonight. Ford had mixed feelings about this little tryst. It was something his masters knew nothing about, and Ford knew he would catch holy hell if they found out. Of course, that made it even hotter... The Jock Sex Slave had been mulling over Luke's 'order' to show up on Sunday. Sex with the older frat dude had been so hot, and truth to tell Ford was getting a bit in a rut with Nick and the Coach. Also, there was the minor issue that Luke might try to embarrass him at home if he did not cooperate - at least that was what Ford had thought until last night. The phone had rung about 9:00pm. His parents were at the church for a lock-in for the junior high k**s. "I need to talk to Ford." "That's me." "Thought so. This is Luke. Can you talk?" Ford's stomach contracted. "Oh. Yeah." "So... we on for tomorrow night?" "Well - you didn't leave me a choice, did you?" "Oh come on, that was playing around. I like the domination scene. I mean obviously you do, too, or you wouldn't have been there like that, right? So, anyway, I just wanted to find out if you really wanted to party again." "Um - well -" Ford was non-plussed. Nick and the Coach didn't ask him if he wanted to submit, usually. Ford thought of that moment in the stall last week when Luke had jerked him off in front of the other guys. His cock stirred deliciously in his shorts. "Yeah," he said. "Yeah, I'll be there. Like last time." "All right! Just you and me this time - I'm making sure the other guys are diverted elsewhere. Oh - and don't forget your bag of toys!" Anyway, here he was in the rest room again. He got in the middle stall, like last time. Stripped naked. The holes in the partitions were already open. Ford shivered nervously. His cock was hard already. The door to the rest room opened. A man entered the first stall. "Ford?" "Yeah." "Stand up against the partition. Hands up, feet apart!" Like last time, Ford's wrists and ankles were securely fastened, hands to the top rail and feet to the screen posts. He felt Luke's fingers pry at his asshole, lubing it up, then felt the head of some device being pressed against his anus. Slowly, it was inserted, filling him. A moment later, Luke's grinning face appeared in the other opening across from Ford. "Oh, man, you are one hot-looking jock slave! I can't wait to see you squirm and moan. And, I made you a new toy!" Luke held a control box up to view. "I actually got to apply some of the stuff they teach in Engineering! Let's see if it works!" Luke adjusted the controls, and Ford felt the dildo in his ass start to hum. Different knobs made it expand, twist, and thrust. Ford began to groan. The thing was pushing all his buttons. Hard. "How's it feel, stud?" "Mmf - unh - oh god -" "Glad you like it! But the best part is this one!" Luke hit a big red button. A brief, sweet fire zapped his innards. Ford almost came, convulsing on the edge. "How about that one? That should be a doozy!" Ford certainly felt doozed. His throbbing cock was dripping pre-cum. "We'll keep that button for special rewards. Now, since I made you this nice toy, why don't you tell me some stories. I don't mind telling you, I've been hearing the echoes of your hot, dirty talk all week. So, I'm going to work your ass over but good with this joy buzzer, and you're going to do your best to make me so horny I drop everything and get it on with you. Got it?" "Yes, master, please, make me writhe, make me do it, yes, make me tell you my fantasies, make me love it, yes, work my jock ass oh yes work it work it fuck me use your dildo on my tight squirming butthole, make me beg, make me beg as you work me, as you sit on my face, yes make me beg for each lick, yes make me lick it, lick your ass, kiss it and lick it and chew it, make me go deeper and deeper, make me worship your hot male hole while you work my slut ass, take me, make me do it, oh yes..." Luke watched avidly as his slave responded to the robot dildo, tossing and writhing and straining at the ropes which bound him to the metal partition. Every few minutes he gave Ford a taste of the electrode shock which took him to the bring of ejaculation. After a few of these, the jock stud was raving, begging, telling preposterous stories of sexual slavery in High School. Hot stuff. Almost real. "Ford?" "Wh- what?" "Who's this Nick you keep talking about? Some guy you have the hots for?" "No. I mean - yes. Not like you mean it. He's one of my masters." "ONE of them??!!" "Yeah - him and Coach." Luke, shocked, turned off the robo-fuck. Ford groaned in frustration as anal stimulation ceased. Luke looked intently at the spread-eagled jock. "Tell me. Everything." Ford told him. Much later, as Luke finished pumping a load into Ford's ass, and jerking his slave off to his third orgasm, he hugged the sweaty jock against him and turned the boy's chin to look him in the eyes. "That was all true? What you told me?" "Yeah. Oh yeah. All of it." Luke mused for a moment. "I think I'm getting an idea." WEDNESDAY (INTERMISSION) Ford, on his knees in another rest room, licked the last drop of semen from his lips. Nick zipped up his jeans. It was a fun game that Nick had developed. He would get passes from Coach to get them both out of study hall about five minutes before the end of the period. Ford would be hustled off to the top floor toilet and forced to blow his master. He had to make him cum before the bell rang, or Nick threatened to keep him there when the boys came in between classes. "Thanks for the blow-job, slave. Now remember - keep that butt plug in all day. Coach and I are going to check after school." "Yes, Nick." The arrogant blond stud checked his hair in the mirror, then stuck his head in the stall where Ford was hurriedly pulling up his pants. "Oh, by the way - my folks are gone again this Friday. I'll expect you at 9:00pm sharp. Don't bother to bring extra clothes." "Yes, sir. Definitely. Wouldn't miss it." Nick swaggered from the room, too quickly to see the strange glint in Ford's eye. The bell rang. NICK AT NIGHT Nick dreamt. In his dream, he was Ford, tied spread-eagled to the four-poster bed. Fucked. Oh, the fucking, deep, slow, hard, filling him, driving closer and closer to orgasm, the electric cream building in his balls, waiting to flash from the throbbing lightning rod that was his cock. The Nick who was now Ford worked his ass, clutching at the hard thing piercing his gut, making love to the thrusting intruder with his sweet young man-cunt, twitching helplessly as each pass of the hot shaft turned his ecstasy knob, a glandular rheostat adjusting his lust up, up, up, a mounting crescendo of waves... Nick/Ford wanted to spread himself wider, pour himself out through his incandescent asshole, take in that impaling member further, deeper. He wanted the fucking to last forever. For a while, it seemed like it did. But finally, inexorably, the lightning entered the base of his quivering prick. In sweet, tormentingly slow waves, he started to come. The fucking claimed him, turned him inside out, made him come for ever. Coming... Coming... Coming... Nick awoke. Still coming. Yes, of course he was. He, Ford, tied to the bed as so often before, fucked by his master, coming helplessly as he enjoyed the deep penetration, loving the submission, eagerly squirming in the embrace of delicious degradation... The orgasm subsided. His ass felt fantastic. He opened his eyes to thank his master, Nick. He was staring into the face of Ford. He shook his head. But - but - he was Ford, getting fucked, wasn't he? - but this other person was Ford, too. As Nick started to surface, he realized a third person was on the bed, between his spread legs. Nick had no idea who the guy was. The guy reached between his legs and adjusted something. Nick felt an increased throbbing buzz in his ass. Moaning, he moved his thighs a little, squirming in time with the fuck. Ford, the real one, looked down at Nick's crotch with awe. "Man, Luke, he really creamed himself big time!" "Yeah, Ford, his jock pouch is soaked clear through. Mr. Stud here has one hungry butt hole." Nick blinked, confused. Surely he was Ford - but there Ford was, standing next to the bed, groping his pouch-covered groin. Nick could feel the sticky cum saturating his jock strap, trickling down the crack of his ass. As the hand massaged him, his cock was hard again. The thing in his ass buzzed deliciously, and the bound jock growled with pleasure. "Oh, god, please - fuck me. Keep fucking me. Don't stop -" Ford leaned over him, wide-eyed. "Nick! Who'd have guessed it! A horny butt slut!" Ford broke into a wide grin, burst out laughing, and turned to Luke. "All right! Let's party!" "Planning on it, stud slave. Just remember who's in charge, now!" Ford grinned and rubbed his ass. "Couldn't forget *that*!" Nick watched as the two naked hunks kissed and groped each other. His head was clearer, and he knew he was Nick. He knew he was supposed to be in charge. Supposed to be fucking his slave. He tried to remember what had happened after Ford arrived at his house. All he could recall was some funny tasting new beer that Ford had brought with him... But somehow none of that mattered. Something deep inside him had snapped. All that mattered was the fucking. He just couldn't concentrate on anything else. Obviously, neither Ford nor Luke was fucking him, so there must be some kind of gadget up his hole. Whatever it was, it was thrusting, squirming, buzzing in random patterns. He didn't care what it was. He just let it happen. The two conspirators heard Nick moan. "Oh, fuck me..." Luke broke off the embrace, leaned over Nick. "No problem, slut-slave! See this little control box?" He waved a fancy looking remote control. "This is gonna fuck your ass like you never imagined. Like this!" Pressing the big red button, an electric jolt hit Nick on the prostate. The helpless jock arched his back as a lightning bolt of ecstasy shot through him, taking him right to the edge. The moment passed. Nick groaned. "Oh god... Oh fuck... Don't stop..." Luke grinned. "We don't intend to - for a while. We're gonna make you come again and again. Make you come till you're shooting airballs. What do you say to that, Mr. High-and-Mighty Stud?" "Oh god - I don't care - just fuck my ass!" Luke set the controls to an automatic random program. Nick arched his back, twisting and straining at his bound hands and feet, tossing his head and moaning incoherently. His two captors looked on silently for a moment, taking in the spectacle of the muscular blond stud, muscles writhing helplessly in sinuous sexy curves, gleaming with fresh sweat. Luke slapped Ford on the ass. "Okay, Ford, let's give this tasty looking slave a tongue bath!" With a hoot of unalloyed glee, Ford hopped on the bed, and lamprey-like, attached his mouth on to Nick's left nipple with and audible smack. Luke soon followed suit, attacking the other nipple with gusto. The two naked studs worked their helpless victim, sucking and chewing on his sensitive nipples, licking and tickling hisarmpits, sides, and feet, kissing his neck, piling sensation on sensation. Nick experienced each new touch as an added frequency, harmonics fighting and reinforcing into chaotic turbulence. A sexual whirlwind, each eddy a new sexual vortex, sucking his incoherent brain deeper and deeper. Time lost meaning. He experienced nothing but tongues, fingers, skin, and above all the device pummeling his virgin ass, intermittently sending fireballs of electricity coursing through his nervous system. And his cock, painfully hard, desperate to blast off, on the edge for so long he couldn't imagine it any other way... "Okay, Ford, let him have it!" Ford grasped Nick's steel-hard prick through the sodden jock strap, and worked it rough and hard. In seconds, Nick came, convulsing, pumping fresh gobs of stud pudding into the soaked cloth of the pouch. The robo-cock still buzzed away. Nick's cock was still hard. Ford was in awe. Nick's mind, still assaulted by sexual stimulus, had somehow drifted below the turbulence and into a deep, still lake. It was nice there. There were many nice things there. Dirty, hot, forbidden things... Ford lay down beside Nick, fondling the sweaty muscular body, knowing that Nick would be made to come yet again. Feeling the power of dominance. He put his lips against the shell-curl of Nick's ear. "You like it?" he whispered. Nick's voice was barely audible. "... fucking ... so good ... feels good..." Ford dipped his tongue into the moist ear, tickling. "You know you're a butt slave, too? We can make you do what we want now. You're going to do what I want, right?" "yesss... slave ..." Down in the dark, Nick heard words being spoken. Telling him to say things. He said them. Soon he was saying more things. Things he had found in the deep place. Fantasies. Places where hard-fleshed males slithered against each other, hot, wet, throbbing, using him, taking him, sacrificing him on one dark altar after another, filling him with molten lava cocks, smothering him to death with their sweet strong buttocks, milking him over and over and over... Luke and Ford, hearing the torrent of sexual images, were at first amazed and then rapidly turned on as Nick raved on and on. The two hunky guys pressed against their sweaty captive, rubbing their hard cocks against his thighs, or his sides, licking his nipples and leaning across his heaving chest to kiss each other long and hard. After a while, with unspoken agreement they reached to Nick's crotch and began to massage the throbbing cock. Inch by inch, they drove the helpless jock slave to another convulsive climax - less volume, this time, but still enough to increase the wetness of the pouch. Ford and Luke were breathing heavily, close to coming themselves. "Man, I've gotta come," Luke said, and scrambled up to the head of the bed. Straddling Nick's head, he thrust his cock between the jock's lips, coming almost instantly, pumping his hips as the Nick sucked eagerly on the cock, drinking down the hot jism like mother's milk. Luke leaned back, breathing hard. "Whew! I'd say he liked that!" Ford was rubbing his own throbbing prick. "Oh, man, how about my turn?" "Sure, studboy - but I think you deserve to get some hot oral assworship from our slave here, don't you?" "Oh yeah! Man, I've been waiting for this!" "So, let's put some bait on it - get over him here and rub your ass on his jock strap - get his own come all over your ass and make him lick it off!" Ford didn't have to be told twice. He jumped up and worked his asscrack over Nick's groin, coating it with sticky sauce. Then he whipped around and planted his full round buttocks smack on Nicky's face. The bound boy lapped eagerly at his own come, working his tongue vigorously into Ford's asshole. Ford was exultant. The rimjob was as fantastic as he had dreamed. God, how he had wanted this! It was so good, so hot, shit, he knew he couldn't hold off for long and he didn't care, he was pumping his cock and felt so good, he just wanted to shoot - Ford snapped to as Luke slapped his hand away from his dick. "I didn't ask you to do that, Ford." Ford caught the glint in Luke's eye and swallowed. "S-sorry, Luke, I was just looking forward to -" "Well you can keep looking forward. I've been waiting to watch Nick eat your ass all day, and I want a good show." Reaching into the bag at the foot of the bed, Luke took out two pairs of handcuffs. "We wouldn't want you to come too soon, now, would we?" *** Some time later. Ford: arms stretched out and back, cuffed to the tall posts at the head of the bed. His body glistens with sweat. He is begging to come. Nick: visible from the chin down, slavering and slurping at Ford's ass, humping his hips in time to the thrusts the robot r****t buried deep in his ass. Luke: seated in a comfortable chair at the foot of the bed, finishing his second beer, one leg up, idly pulling on his dick. Smiling. *** Nick woke again. This time, he knew where he was. In his own bed. Face down. Naked. Hands and ankles bound. He remembered (mostly, at least) what had happened the night before. "Morning, Nick." Nick bucked against his restraints. "You bitch! You've had your fun! Now let me go so I can whip your slave ass!" "Now, Nick, really I haven't had my fun yet. But I'm about to." Nick felt a finger trace lightly down his back to the top of his ass crack. "You're NOT fucking me! You're NOT! I order you to untie me!" "Luke says all I have to do is get something in your ass, and you'll beg for it. Think he's right?" The finger traced slowly down to the top of his pucker. Nick pulled frantically at the ropes. "Stop it! I'll tell the Coach! I'll -" The finger entered his ass. Nick gasped. Groaned. "Come on, please, stop it please, come on Ford -" Ford worked his finger slowly, pushing in and out. Nick's ass rose to meet his thrusts. "Oh god, oh please, oh fuck - fuck -" Nick buried his face in the pillow. He felt Ford pour lube in his ass crack, work it into his tingling hole. He felt himself getting hot, grinding his hips gently against the mattress, as Ford added a second finger, then a third. His cock, still sore from the night before, swelled up to full size again. "Oh fuck, fuck, fuck..." Ford got into position between Nick's legs as he lubed up his cock. "You now, I've never fucked anyone." "Oh Shit. - Just fuck me. Just fuck me -" HEADS OR TAILS That Sunday, Coach had canceled their regular get-together, so Ford and Nick didn't see each other until school Monday. Nick ignored Ford totally. Finally Ford cornered him before the last period. "So - you going to give me a ride home today, or do I have to ride the bus?" Nick whirled toward him. "Yeah! Yeah I'm going to give you a ride! Like you never had!" Clouds of testosterone drifted in his wake as he huffed off to Chemistry. *** They were silent in the car. Nick drove off into the country. Both boys were still sweaty from practice, and Coach had let them know that there would be a long sex session the next night. Nick pulled off in a deserted spot, fields muddy in a late winter thaw. Abruptly, Nick yanked his zipper down. "All right, slave, suck my cock!" "Suck your own cock, asshole!" Nick grabbed Ford. "Don't you forget, Coach and I have those tapes! You have to do whatever I want." "So that means YOU'LL do what I want for tape we made!" "You - you what?" "Oh come on Nick, you've got all that video equipment up there, of course we filmed everything! What do you think? I bet Luke has beat himself off to a frenzy watching it!" "I don't believe you! And who the hell is this Luke person, anyway? A paying customer, you slut?" "Actually, you introduced us. He was one of the frat guys when you left me at the tender mercy of a rest room **** team! I could have been killed!" "Quit whining. You loved it." "Yeah, well so did he. He got my name from my wallet and blackmailed me into going back. Then he made me tell him about you, and cooked up the idea to d**g your beer and fuck you silly. You should see it on the tape. You loved it big time." "There is no tape!" "Then what's this?" Ford fished a video cassette from his bag. Nick lunged for it as Ford pulled away. "Not so fast - this isn't the original anyway. Just an hour's worth of highlights that Luke made." "I'm getting real sick of this Luke character." "So - I figure, unless you want copies distributed, it's your turn to be on the bottom." "No way! Not unless you want your precious preacher daddy to see what I've got on you!" "Right! Just like you want to have me send a copy to your dad, the city councilman!" The two jocks glared at each other. Impasse. Ford shrugged. "We could always toss a coin. Take turns. Loser has to do whatever the winner wants the rest of the day." "Only if you really have a tape, which I doubt." "Fine. Let's watch it and see." "I can't do it at my house. My folks are home all night." "Mine, too. Hey, we've got the keys Coach gave us - we could use the equipment there. Later tonight, after dinner. My dad's always on me to go to the library to study. Why don't you pick me up at 8:00?" Nick threw the car into gear. "Man, if that tape isn't for real, I'm gonna beat your ass. Even if it IS for real, I'm gonna beat your ass!" "Promises, promises!" *** It only took about two seconds for Nick to give in. "Shit! SHIT! I can't believe it! That bastard!" "So - what's it going to be? Coin toss, or do we get each other in serious trouble." "Shit! Oh, man - you win. Heads. Heads! Heads always wins." Ford started to toss the coin. Nick grabbed his arm. "No funny stuff. Just let it fall to the floor." The coin rang out in the deserted locker room. The silver gleamed against the grimy terrazzo floor. Tails. "Okay, Nick. Hands behind your head." "Oh no, Ford, please, can't we do this some other way?" Ford stared at him. Nick got into position. Ford ran his hands all over Nick, loving the power, making Nick wait for more intimate contact. The blond stud shivered convulsively as Ford's hands finally gripped his basket. Ford slipped a hand inside his pants and fondled his cock - already hard. Ford crushed their bodies together, digging his other hand into Nick's ass, putting his face against Nick's. Nick's breathing was shallow and rapid. He looked anywhere but in Ford's eyes. "You are going to really enjoy this. Almost as much as I will." Ford gave Nick's cock a hard squeeze, then withdrew his hand and began to slowly pull down his zipper. THE WRATH OF COACH Tuesday. A weekday, for Chrissake. No time for a proper punishment. The Coach jabbed his finger at the player again, fast-forwarding through the preliminaries. There. The spot where Nick was forced to strip and put on a scummy looking jock strap. Followed by his being forced to use a number of ass toys on himself. The change was remarkable. After a few thrusts of the dildo, Nick sank to a bench, put his legs in the air, and fucked himself like crazy. Ford kept swatting Nick's hand away as the boy tried to jerk himself off. Nick used three different dildos, a vibrator, and his fingers to violate his ass while Ford watched and snapped polaroids. After this, Nick's hands were cuffed together under the bench, and Ford used a huge set of ass beads on him, pushing them all in and then making Nick beg to have each removed. Apparently, sometimes the begging wasn't good enough and Ford would reinsert a bead. Obviously, he was making Nick tell lewd fantasies as he himself had been forced to do so many times. Shit! The Coach really wished he had audio on the surveillance cameras. He'd give anything to know what Nick had fantasized about. Well, he was going to find out soon. Wouldn't the boys be surprised that the Coach had installed motion detectors to bring on his cameras automatically. After his initial experience with Ford, he was hoping to catch yet another of his hunky students in flagrante delicti. So far no luck. Until now. When he'd caught Ford turning Nick into a slave. The Coach was dying to know how. Obviously, it had something to do with the next part of the tape. After working Nick to a lather with the ass beads, Ford had inserted some fancy-looking electric dildo toy into Nick, and tied the blond jock standing up to one of the posts. He then made him watch a tape on the TV cart for about an hour. The coach couldn't quite make out the screen in detail, but it was obviously sexual, and Nick watched it with equal mixtures of outrage and lust. Meanwhile, Ford played with the remote control, and twice forced Nick to come in his jockstrap while he watched. The Coach fast-forwarded through all of that. Then came the best part. Coach had to hand it to him, Ford had a wicked imagination. Nick was tied face up on a bench. Ford removed the semen-soaked jock from Nick (it gave every appearance that many loads had been shot on previous occasions, as well) and put it on himself. Ford then sat on Nick's face, forcing the helpless jock to eat out his ass. Ford squirmed and wriggled, enjoying each and every lick, occasionally spanking Nick's penis to make him lick harder. After about 20 minutes of this, Ford jerked off, also coming in the pouch. The dark-haired jock then stripped off the strap and stuffed the entire slimy thing in Nick's mouth. Their co-mingled jism must have trickled down Nick's throat as Ford fucked him hard, finally coming again in about 10 minutes. And forcing the hapless Nick to come with him. The Coach had to admit that it was a hot, hot tape. He had to admit that for some time he had longed to see Nick on the bottom. There were only three things wrong. 1) he wasn't there to see it; 2) he hadn't got to pop Nick's cherry himself; and 3) That goddam slave Ford had done all this WITHOUT PERMISSION!!! ARGHH!!! Oh well. What was done was done, but the Coach certainly was going to make the most of it. He glanced at the clock. He had arranged it so that Nick would show up during the last hour, and Ford after school. Just enough time to get ready. *** Nick swaggered into the office, seemingly as arrogant as ever. "Hey Coach! How they hangin'? Ready for some action with our mutual jock slave?" "You could say that." *** One hour later, Ford walked in. The Coach was filling out some forms. Ford looked around, puzzled. "Uh - where's Nick?" "Oh, he's a bit tied up at the moment. I thought we'd watch a film in the private training room." "Sure, Coach. Whatever." Ford couldn't quite believe what he saw as he opened the door to the back room. There was Nick, naked, gagged, set up in the dildo-ratchet key-on-a-string contraption. Ford well remembered the times he himself had been forced to use it, fucking up and down to click the ratchet and pull handcuff keys closer to his hands, 1/2" at a time. Now here was Nick,fucking himself like mad, watching a video. It was a couple seconds before Ford realized what the video was. Ford's stomach turned to icewater. The shit was about to hit the fan. "I told Nick here that I wanted to see if he really enjoyed getting it up the ass as much as it looked on this hot tape the two of you made for me last night. So I told him that each time he came I would re-set the string to the other side again. As you can see, I've already made him come once. And look, he's already got he key halfway across the room again. He fucks fast - faster than you, Ford." The Coach shoved Ford in the room and slammed the door behind them. "You have two seconds to get naked, boy." Ford hustled to obey. It took only about 30 seconds for the Coach to stuff him full of giant ass beads. About another 30 to cuff his hands to a ceiling hook and put on the nipple clamps and chain. "Now. The rules for this one are simple, Ford. I'm going to ask you some questions. Every good answer I get, I pull a bead out of your ass. Every time you hesitate, or I think you're lying, I'll put a weight on the nipple chain. Got it?" Ford nodded. "Good. Now. How did you make Nick do all that?" "Uh - he lost the coin toss -" The Coach hung a little weight on the chain. "You'll have to do better than that! What the hell was on that tape you made him watch?" "Uh - well -" Another weight. Ford thought fast. He couldn't tell Coach about Luke, or they would be in serious shit. But it had to be something good... "Please, sir, I promised not to tell -" "Promised who?" "Promised Nick, sir. He only let me fuck him if I promised not to tell - ouch!" "I don't believe you!" "It was - it was a bet sir! You see, I bet him he couldn't come faster than me, and he said he could, and I said if I could he would have to eat my ass for 10 minutes and then let me fuck him another 10. You know Nick, he's so arrogant, he was sure he would win. And if he won, I would have to stay all weekend and do whatever he wanted. Since you had canceled our Sunday session." "I see. And you won." "Yeah." "So what was on the tape you made him watch last night?" "Well - just what I said. I tied him up and taped while I used him." Another weight. "So how come the tape was an hour?" Oops. "Uh - well - ouch - okay, okay, I admit it, once I had him tied up, I did some other stuff, too. Nick was real mad about it, but I used all the ass toys on him, and made him come twice. I guess I just wanted to get even." "That true, Nick?" Nick was thinking fast, too. He certainly didn't see any point in telling the Coach the truth, which was even more embarrassing. He nodded. "Okay Ford, back to square one." He removed the weights from the chain and pulled out a bead. Ford groaned as the ball pushed past his sphincter. "Now, that part where you used these ass beads on Nick, it looked like you made him do some pretty hot begging. That true?" "Oh, yes! Yes, sir!" "Good." The Coach leaned close to Ford's ear. "I want you to tell me every detail. Make it hot." "Yes, sir! Well first, see, I made him tell a story about how the whole team ****d him..." Ten minutes later, he was almost through regaling the Coach with Nick's lewd remarks (much embellished, to Nick's gagged but noticeable outrage) when Coach realized that Nick nearly had the key to his hands. Ripping out the last ball, he released Ford from the cuffs. "Suck him off! Now! Make him come!" "Yes, sir!" Ford swallowed Nick's throbbing cock whole. The fucking motion made it so that Nick was thrusting into Ford's mouth. Nick sensed that he had to back off a little, so he stopped fucking himself on the ratchet dildo to keep from coming - but then realized he could never get the key, and Ford was bobbing up and down to get him off. Nick burst into a frenzy, hoping to fuck the key close enough before coming - it was only four inches away - eight thrusts - One, two, three, Oh no - Four Oh god - Five Omigodomigod oh noooooooooo - Nick came, pumping a load down Ford's throat. He watched in dismay as Coach pulled the key, just over an inch from his hands, clear back across the room. Ford stood up, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, smiling. Nick hated him. Ford's mirth was short lived, however, as he saw the Coach's face. "Ford, you've really fucked up this time. You've taken a good master and turned him into a bottom. How am I going to find another? Huh? What am I going to do with two bottoms? Well, I'll certainly give them what they deserve. But you deserve a special punishment, because you're the one who fucked it all up. And believe me, today is just for starters. Bend over." The Coach took a funny-looking butt plug and shoved it into Ford, snapping it into place. "This little number has a plunger in the end. Pull it out and it collapses the tip of the plug 3 inches - like this - release it and it re-expands." Ford gasped as he felt the plug sock against his prostate. "Nifty, huh? Now, for starters, I want you to work the plunger and jack off facing Nick until you make yourself come. While you do it I want you offer sexual favors to Nick. Make it graphic. If I don't think your suggestions are hot, I'll put the nipple weights back on. And bear in mind that you'll have to do everything you say later. Go." Ford did as he was told. The new, pumping butt plug was very effective, and soon the stud was squirming, his heat mounting (as always) when he was forced to beg for abuse. Ford gained momentum, spreading his legs wide and displaying himself lewdly, pulling the plunger and pulling his prick, pushing himself closer and closer to the edge, closer and closer until he was ready to come - "Stop!" The Coach smacked his hand away. Ford lay quivering, his orgasm stopped on the edge. The Coach through an old pair of tight shorts and a tank top at him. Put these on. I'm taking you to the dean's office right now for disciplinary action." "N-now? But - but Coach -" "Do it!" Ford struggled into the tight shorts and top. His hard cock, unconstrained by a jock strap, tented out the shorts. "Please, Coach, I can't go down there like this -" Coach grabbed him in a half-nelson. "You can and you will! March!" And the Coach marched him down to the office. The students still in the building for late activities snickered as they saw the varsity jock being hustled to the dean. More than a few noted the prominent bulge of his erection. Through the front office (empty at this late hour) and then into the Dean's office. Dean Flagely was tapping his fingers impatiently. The Coach had told him early in the afternoon that he needed him to stay late - he had a "difficult case" for him. Dean Flagely raised an eyebrow as he saw who the "difficult case" was, and both eyebrows crawled up over the tops of his spectacles as he saw the boy's condition. "Well, well! What have we here, Coach?" "What we have here, Coach, is a boy who is insubordinate." "Insubordinate. Yes. Very bad." "He lies." "Prevaricator. Yes. Very, very bad." "And I caught him masturbating today." "Mastur - what? I mean, yes. Very, very bad indeed. Yes." He adjusted his glasses. "What do you propose to do, Coach. I believe his father is a minister -" "All the more reason his punishment should be harsh." "Yes." He eyed Ford up and down. "Yes, I quite agree." "I suggest a good paddling." "Yes, good idea." "There's a wooden paddle on the wall Ford. Get it and put it on the desk. Now take off your shorts." "Please, Coach, I don't -" "Do it! A paddling on the bare buttocks will teach you a lesson. And exposing your shameful condition will teach you another lesson." Ford was dizzy with heat. The Coach was pushing all his mental buttons. Being forced to strip in front of the Dean, getting paddled, humiliated while someone else watched - he was even harder just thinking about it. The Coach had obviously planned this carefully to maximize the punishment. Ford played along. "Please, Dean, don't make me do it -" "Take your punishment like a man! Do as the Coach says." Ford, blushing crimson, pulled off his shorts, revealing his throbbing cock. The Coach shoved him against the desk, kicking his legs wide apart until his cock was resting on the desk top. He then pushed Ford forward, bending him partially over the deskand making him support himself on his spread arms. He was practically face to face with the Dean. "You see his erection, Dean? The shameful symptom of his self-pleasuring ways?" "Erection. Yes. Indeed yes." "I'm going to paddle this boy until his erection subsides, evidence that he has learned his lesson. Please keep an eye on his erection and tell me when it subsides." "Eye. Subsides. Yes." The Coach took up the paddle with one hand, and Ford felt the Coach's other hand poised on the plunger still buried in his ass, out of the Dean's site. Ford realized the rest of the Coach's plan - he was going to make him come in front of the Dean. The degradation would be exquisite. The Coach raised the paddle. "One moment, Coach. I may have trouble noting the exact moment he subsides. This shirt d****s forward, making it somewhat difficult -" "Take off the shirt, boy. Do as he says." Ford straightened up, sweeping the shirt up and off. The Dean's eyes followed the motion, grazing up the boy's flawless torso and settling back on his cock. "Better. Yes. You may begin. I think a slow, long paddling is best in these cases, don't you Coach?" "Definitely." Ford settled back into position, cock pressed against the embossed leather desktop. The Coach retracted the plunger. Ford gave a gasp as his insides twisted. The paddle fell as the plunger was released, the sting of his buttocks coinciding with the hit on his prostate. Ford groaned. As each blow fell, he slid a bit, rubbing his cock on the rough leather. Oh, yes. It was only going to be a matter of time before he shot a big load all over the Dean's desk. Well, if he was going to be punished like this, he might as well put on a good show. The Dean was practically eating him with his eyes. Ford decided to hold off coming as long as he could. With each swat of the paddle, and each pull of the ass plunger, Ford, moaned, squirmed, rubbed himself on the desk. The Dean fiddled with his tie and squirmed in his seat. After a while Ford noticed that the Dean had one hand under his desk. Ford, emboldened, moaned louder, squirmed more suggestively, made no pretense about rubbing his cock against the desk. The Coach watched the Dean carefully, waiting for the right moment. "Dean - if I might make a suggestion?" "Suggestion. Certainly." "I find that boys this age have very sensitive nipples. Pinching them hard can help to cement these lessons into long-term memory." The Dean's eyes lit up. "Yes, I believe I read a study about that. Seizing the pinchable moment. Yes. Anything to help turn this boy around." The Dean reached forward with his dry, hard fingers, and got Ford's nipples and squeezed. After the earlier tit torture, Ford's nipples were now very sensitive. He knew he couldn't hold off for long, now. The Coach picked up the paddle tempo. "Oh, please - please no -" "Tell us, Ford. Tell us what a bad boy you are." Ford was writhing, a rain of blows falling on his reddened ass cheeks, his nipples twisted deliciously hard, the plunger plug twisting and pushing deep in his horny ass. "I'm sorry sir - punish me like I deserve sir - oh, please, teach me a lesson, I'm such a bad boy, sir -" "Are you a pervert, boy? A disgusting sexual a****l? Do you deserve to be punished?" "Oh yes sir I admit it yes a pervert make me pay, make me take it like I deserve -" "Well, if you're such a disgusting pervert, I bet you're going to come, aren't you? Maybe we should punish you that way, make you come to show what a degraded slut you really are!" "Oh no, please Coach, not that, don't make me come oh please don't make me don't make me come oh no please please -" "Yes, we are going to punish you and make you come like the a****l you are. You are going to learn a lesson, boy!" Ford, writhing uncontrollably, reared back, ready to come, whimpering. The Dean piped up, his voice cracking with excitement. "Ejaculation! Yes! Lesson! Yes! Lesson, lesson, lesson!!!" And he reached out and grabbed Ford's penis with both hands, pulling hard. Ford came, throwing out compact wads of come, the first several exploding against the Dean's chest like jelly bullets. His upper body flailed while his cock and ass were pinned firmly in place. Finally he was finished. Opening his eyes, he saw gobs of jism dripping down the Dean's tie and suitcoat. There were tiny drops on his glasses, and a streaked trail of slime across his desk to Ford's cock, which the Dean reluctantly released. "Looks like this boy made a big mess, Dean. Apologize, Ford." "I - I'm sorry, sir." "Well, I never really liked this tie, even if I did pay $90 for it - a small price to pay to help correct a wayward youth. "I - I'd offer to pay you for it sir, but my family isn't very well off-" "Well, Ford, maybe the Dean has some yardwork you could do for him. Minimum wage, 16 hours should do it." "Yardwork. Yes. Yes, with winter ending I'm sure my hard will need a lot of attention. I mean - er - yard. Yes. Good idea, Coach." "Okay Ford, you've taken enough of the Dean's valuable time. Get dressed and get back to the locker room." Ford, still dazed, slipped on the shorts and tank top as the Dean looked on approvingly. "My time is yours. Only too glad to help, Coach. This boy appears to need a lot of discipline, and I can see that you're up to it. Don't hesitate to send him down again if you have any problems." *** The Coach and Ford entered the back room again to find that Nick had finally retrieved the key and freed his hands. However, he was still riding the dildo, and jerking his cock like mad. The moment they opened the door he started to come. Unable to stop, he shot his third load of the day as they watched. The Coach smirked. "Okay, Ford, get naked. I want both of you down on your hands and knees. Now!" As the jocks scrambled to obey, the Coach stripped of his sweats. His cock stood out like a wooden staff, demanding attention. He knelt behind the boys, placing one hand on each well-muscled rump, pulling them against each other. He glanced from one to the other, letting his thumbs trace their asscracks before slipping in to test each hole. He sighed. "So many assholes, so little time." The Coach began to lube his cock. "Oh, by the way, Ford - that video you made of Nick. I want a copy by the end of the week. Or else." The two jock slaves looked at each other with but a single thought. Shit. *** WEDNESDAY "Well, we're just going to have to make one!" "No way! I'm not making a tape where you get to fuck me! You set me up for this!" "How was I supposed to know he was going to ask for a copy? I was just trying to think fast!" "And did you have to add all that stuff with the toys? No way, man!" "So, you're going to tell him we lied." Nick looked around the deserted early-morning parking lot. Thought about the Coach's personality. Sighed. "My folks are out until real late tomorrow night. Some kind of fund raiser. I guess we'll have to do it then." "I'll bring the toys. You supply the rope." *** Later that morning, Ford looked around the library. Man, he was horny. The Coach was at some kind of workshop today, and Nick was pissed with him for getting him into this video thing. And the more Ford thought about the new situation, with Nick dragged into slavery, and himself getting punished by Coach, the hornier he got. That scene with Dean had been something else. He looked at his watch. The next period was lunch, and Ford wasn't hungry. Not for food. *** "Yes, Miss Schooner?" "Dean Flagely, there's a young man out here who says he needs to see you." "I'm busy." "He says it's urgent. Something about subsiding problems, or something." "Subsiding... Yes! Oh, yes. Please send him in. Yes. And Miss Schooner, why don't you treat yourself to an early lunch. Just lock up the office behind you." "Why - why thank you, sir! I'll do that." The Dean took the paddle off the wall and slipped off his tie and jacket. He wasn't about to try to explain how he ruined two suits in a row. About an hour later, the Dean was tidying up his office while thinking about this Ford boy. Fortunately, he had a lot of blotter paper handy. It had been an instructive session. Very instructive. Why, the Dean had never thought about using the *handle* of the paddle that way before. Interesting. Yes. *** THURSDAY "Not so tight!" "Okay - how's that?" Nick flexed his legs, which were tied back over his head to expose his ass. "Better." Ford clicked the cuffs on Nick's wrists, attaching them to the same posts. "There we go. All ready. You remember the script?" "For god sake, we didn't need a script. It's ridiculous!" "Well, we can't exactly be asking each other what to do next while we're filming! It has to look real. And I wrote some really good fantasies for you to tell - I thought the one about the judges giving you points for rimming your opponents during the state finals was hot. And the one where you get ****d by the whole team in the showers - " "Forget it. I'm not saying all that shit. Besides, I couldn't possibly remember all the stories you wrote out. Jeezus, it looked like a research paper. Now, start the fucking tape and let's get this over with." Ford started the tape, approaching the bed with his bag of ass toys. Carefully, he laid them out on the bed, arranged pointing at Nick's exposed ass. "Now, Nick, I know our bet was for 10 minutes of rimming and fucking, but since you look so cooperative I thought you might enjoy some ass play. Quite a lot of it." Nick struggled. It actually looked pretty convincing. "No - stop it, you bitch - no! No!" Ford pushed the vibrating plug into Nick's ass. As usual, the change was quick. It was like there were two Nicks, Nick the Prick and Nick the Hole. And, as Ford was learning, Nick the Hole just couldn't say no. As soon as the vibrations warmed up his ass, Nick's protests turned to moans. Yes, Nick the Hole was going to put on a good show for the camera. Ford was going to see to that. It had been an accident, getting them into having to make a tape for the Coach. But it was an accident that Ford intended exploit to the max. Ford grabbed Nick's balls and twisted one of his nipples. "Squirm pretty for the camera, slave! Show us what a slut ass you have. Yeah. Work it. Work that ass. You like that vibrator, don't you slave?" Nick was already tossing his head side to side. "Oh man - oh god - fuck me - " "Yeah, I bet a hot jock slut like you has a lot of fantasies. I bet you beat off, thinking about your hunky teammates. Do you, jock slut?" "Oh yeah - hot - fucking me - making me do it - oh yeah - like the time they got me in the showers..." As it turned out, Nick remembered the script quite well. Ford was pleased with the demonstration, using each ass toy fully while Nick babbled on, totally into it. Later, Nick didn't even notice when the rim job lasted much longer than the appointed 10 minutes. Ford, however, certainly noticed. And loved it.... They met David at 3:00 Saturday afternoon, as ordered. He opened the rear doors of the windowless van and they got in. David checked the carrier on top of the van once more to make sure the equipment was secure, and got in as well, drawing the doors shut behind him. "All right, boys. Let's see your preparations." Each hunky jock stripped off his team sweatsuit to reveal stained, ripped gym shorts and tight, slashed tee shirts. These they had worn under their clothes round the clock since Monday morning (save for a couple sessions with Coach) and neither had showered all week. Ripe, sweet, funky male odors began to permeate the van interior. David felt each boy's ass to make sure he was wearing a butt plug as ordered, and then gagged them. Getting Ford on the floor, he tied him face up, spread-eagled, then tied Nick reversed on top, each guy's nose in the space between the other's legs, and gagged them both. Reaching into their shorts, he worked the butt plugs for a minute, forcing the helpless studs to get hard. Withdrawing his hands, he patted Nick's muscular ass. "Enjoy the ride, boys! You won't be able to see the scenery, but at least you'll have something to smell!" David left the struggling, squirming jocks and went through the partition to the front of the van, closing the hatch behind him. He started the engine and pulled out of the drive. Smiling, he reached to the control panel and turned the rear cabin heater to high. David rubbed his crotch as he imagined the boys, bound in the increasingly over-hot van interior, slimy with dripping sweat, immersed in the cheesy testosterone stink of unwashed teen hunk. The boys' Coach had assured him that their pubes and asscracks would be crusted with the evidence of their weekly sex sessions. Three hours later, they arrived at a secluded motel on a wooded back road, a series of cabins spaced about 40 feet apart with privacy fences. The place catered to those with unusual sexual appetites, and a man with two sweaty, smelly, half-naked youths barely raised an eyebrow. Once David had produced the boys' driver's licenses to show that they were 18, the clerk waved them on. Their cabin had furniture covered in old white vinyl, a little 1950's kitchenette, and a four-poster bed with latex sheets. The bed posts were conveniently covered with steel rings at various heights. As the boys unloaded the equipment from the carrier on top of the van, David set up the video cameras, each on a wheeled stand for ease of movement. The cameras were really just to satisfy Coach. For his own records, David preferred to use a good photo camera (with a remote cord, of course). David watched the two jocks bending and carrying the boxes, admiring their hard young bodies, the flashes of ass cheek exposed by the ripped gym shorts. When they were finished, he cuffed their hands behind their backs. "Okay. Now, while I finish getting ready, I want you two to go out in front of the fence to the parking lot and run in place for 20 minutes. I want you to get really, really sweaty. Got it? Go!" The jocks looked at each other, shrugged, and headed out. "Run in place!" Nick snorted. "Not exactly hard stuff! This guy's gonna be easy compared to Coach!" As soon as they started to run, Nick realized his mistake. The activity made the butt plugs move in their asses, making them throw a rod in seconds. And with their hands cuffed behind their backs, they couldn't keep their shifting erections from slipping out through the rips in their tight gym shorts. A couple cars driving back in the compound slowed down as the occupants took in the sight of two jock boys, chests thrown back to keep their balance, running in place as their hard cocks bounced in the cool air. When they returned, hair damp with perspiration, they were met at the door by David. "Well, look at you two boys! Sweaty and dirty! Come in before you catch your death of cold! I declare! Boys will be boys!" Ford and Nick gaped at the incongruous sight before them. David's muscular gymnast's physique was dressed in June Lockhart wig and pearls, a very tiny white lace apron, yellow pumps, and knee-high stockings. He hustled them into the room and shut the door, prattling on. "And look at those outfits! All sweaty! I bet you two are hungry from roughhousing or whatever boys like to do. Would you like a snack?" Actually they were famished. Ford stared at David uncertainly. "Yes, sir. Uh - ma'am?" "You boys can call me Miss Dee. First we'd better get you all cleaned up. Out of those clothes, now." He unlocked the cuffs, and they shucked off the shorts and shirts. David picked up the dirty laundry, taking a deep whiff of the crotches of the shorts. "Oh, yes! You boys are really ripe! Now off to the bathroom and we'll have you spic-and-span in no time!" The bathroom was huge, nearly the size of the bedroom, with a Jacuzzi at one end, and an open shower covering the far wall, with nozzles all over the walls and ceiling. In addition to the regular necessities of toilet and sink, the two long walls were completely mirrored. In the corner stood one of the video cameras, which was running. Hanging over the drain in the shower floor was a pair of cuffs on a pulley chain. "Okay, Ford, you first! We'll just get these little cuff thingies on... there! Now get your feet apart - wider, Ford, put them on those nice yellow flower safety stickies - good. Stand on tip toe, there's a good boy. And let's see - oh, yes, we should take a 'before' picture." [PHOTO: Ford standing with his hands cuffed overhead, his arms stretched taut, legs spread, balanced on the balls of his feet.] After the photo, David cuffed Nick's hands behind his back and pushed him to his knees, dragging him over to Ford. "Okay, Nicky, show me your tongue... Oh, good! What a nice strong- looking tongue! Now, I want you to scour all the sweat off Ford's body, every square inch. Start with his feet. I want you to do a really thorough job, understand me?" Nick's face fell. As ripe as Ford smelled, he knew the taste would be strong too. "Yes, Miss Dee." Nicky hunkered down and bent his blond head low to lick the soles of the bound boy's feet. Ford giggled and squirmed as the ticklish tongue bath continued. David retrieved Ford's shorts, turned them inside out and held the funky crotch firmly to Ford's nose. It was still damp with sweat. Holding Ford's head by the hair, he forced the boy to smell his own ripe ass and cock odors as Nick slowly licked his legs all over. As Nick reached the tops of Ford's thighs, David told him to skip the cock and balls for now. "I want you to scrub those abs and pecs, Nick, and suck really hard on his nipples, they need it. Now, Ford, I want you to start chewing on this cloth. Get it soaked and chew hard so you get all the delicious flavor... yes, good boy." After a while, as Ford extracted the sweet/sour sweat of his own cock meat, and the salty funk of his crack, Nick was ordered to stop chewing on Ford's nipples and start on his back, working from the top down. Nick worked his way lower, hoping David would have him skip Ford's ass too, but he was forced to continue, licking the jock's flexing butt cheeks all over before being made to scrub out the salty ripe ass crack, even working his tongue around the flange of the butt plug. Ford's crack tasted of the residue of a weeks worth of anal sex, old lube, ass juice, dried cum from both himself and the Coach. At this point, David stuffed the now sodden gym shorts into Ford's mouth, gagging him. He then donned yellow playtex gloves and removed the plug from Ford's ass. He sniffed it, wrinkling his nose, then grabbed the kneeling Nick by the neck. "This certainly needs a good cleaning!" David thrust the slimy plug into Nick's mouth, making him lick it clean, then pushed his face into Ford's ass. "Get that hole squeaky clean, boy!" Nick lapped and slurped at the dirty hole, forced to lick it thoroughly as Ford moaned with pleasure. After a few minutes, David thrust one gloved finger up Ford's rectum and examined it. "Well, you still aren't clean. We'll have to use something better than Nick's tongue." David got out an enema bag and filled it with warm water, hung it on a shower head and inserted the enema nozzle into Ford's ass, leaving the tube still clipped. Ford had never had an enema before and wondered what it would feel like. David released the clip. Ford groaned as he felt the warm water flood into him, stretching his ass deliciously. Between the water pressure and the taste and smell of his musky shorts, Ford's cock rose to full mast. David withdrew the tube and Ford's sphincter automatically clamped tight. "All right, Ford, I want you to be a good boy and hold that water while Nicky finishes cleaning you up. If you release that water before I tell you, I'm going to have to punish you. Understand?" Ford nodded. "All right, Nick: get to work on his arm pits, and make it good!" Nick went to work, vigorously licking Ford's vulnerable arm pits' breathing deeply of the bitter pheromone-laced odors. Ford shook and shuddered at the ticklish assault, working like mad to keep his asshole clamped shut tight. He knew he couldn't make it. His breath was coming in spastic bursts, and he started to close his legs a bit to make holding the water easier. David produced a flyswatter and attacked Ford's inner thighs. Swat! Swat! "Keep those legs spread, you naughty boy! And hold your water!" Ford squirmed and struggled, unable to dodge the stinging blows. Swat! Swat! A good smack on each buttock. "I can see you need special encouragement." Whereupon David delivered a rain of light stinging swats on his throbbing cock. Between the spanking and the tongue tickling his pits, Ford knew he couldn't last. He cried out into his gag, on the verge of letting go - when David stopped and pulled Nick off of him. David let Ford alone for a moment as he got himself under control again. His inner thighs were damp. "That was close, Ford. You're going to have to do better." Ford nodded again as his breathing returned to normal. The water pushed demandingly at his clutching sphincter. David then pushed Nick to his knees. "Now, Nicky, Ford's cock and balls are particularly ripe. They'll need a very good cleaning." Ford moaned as Nicky sucked on his balls and cock, struggling to hold the water as he got hornier and hornier. Each time his moved his legs, he got another taste of the flyswatter. Nick managed to get Ford's entire scrotum in his mouth at once for a good suck. "Nicky, I want you to concentrate on Ford's penis now. I want the shaft especially clean. I want you to suck hard until I tell you to stop. Do you understand me?" "Mm-hm." Nick went at it, licking and sucking, working his tongue on the glans and piss-slit, deep-throating the throbbing shaft. He was acutely conscious that the sticky dried stuff on Ford's cock was from his own asshole. David looked Ford in the eyes and smiled. Ford whimpered, knowing that if Nick made him come, there was no way he could hold the water. And he was getting close. Ford started to shake. David was inches away, enjoying Ford's struggle. He slipped off the plastic gloves and ran his hands all over Ford's upper body, feeling the smooth firm skin, sticky with Nick's saliva. David looked the hot stud up and down, then stared into his eyes again. Ford was whimpering into his smelly gag, squirming as the hunky guy felt him up. A tiny trickle of water ran down his legs. "Yeah, squirm, you jock stud, work it. Show me what a hot, helpless slave you are, moaning like a slut. I love watching you struggle, watching you try to hold the water, trying desperately not come. Watching your muscles spasm and stretch. You are one hot fucking number, boy. And right now, you're all mine." He stopped feeling Ford up and pinched both the jock's nipples, twisting them. Ford's eyes widened as he realized he was going to come. David smiled again. "You aren't going to believe what this feels like." Ford gasped as his orgasm erupted, at the same time that the water exploded from his ass. He felt like he was being pulled inside out, a continuous string of semen pulled from his spurting cock as his guts were yanked backwards out his gaping butt hole. It was a minute before he could see straight. David tore the sodden gag from his mouth. "Bad, bad boy!" Ford gasped for air, humiliated, recovering from the intense orgasm. "I'm - I'm sorry, Miss Dee, please, I just couldn't help it -" "Oh, shut up while I think of a proper punishment." David stood with his arms crossed, tapping his fingers. Then he gave Nick a nudge with his shoe. "Nick, there's some beer in the refrigerator. Bring me two cans at once." Nick stood up, wiping dribbles of come from the corners of his mouth. "Yes, Miss Dee." Ford watched as David got out another enema bag, this one with a large butt plug for a nozzle. Then he got out a stubby pecker gag, with a hole clear through it. [PHOTO: Ford, same position, in his mouth a pecker gag with a tube nozzle on it, in his ass the tube of an enema bag, clipped. David is pouring beer into the enema bag.] David released the clip, letting two cans of cold beer gush through the hollow butt plug into Ford's defenseless ass. Then he clipped the hose end, removed it from the enema bag, and put the hose on the gag nozzle. Ford's body twitched and jerked in spasms as he felt the icy liquid invade his gut. He strained to eject it but the hollow plug was firmly snapped in his ass. Inches from his mouth, the clamp on the hose kept the beer from gushing into his dildo gag. David reached for the clamp. "How about some nice cold beer, Ford?" Ford struggled and kicked, and David backed off, laughing. "Well, I can see you prefer warm beer! How continental! We'll just give it a few minutes and let your ass double brew it!" David tied Ford's feet with ropes to rings in the two side walls to keep him from kicking, then took the flyswatter and gave Ford a good working over. After a few minutes, the alcohol metabolized through Ford's intestines, and the jock struggled less. Ford felt a pleasant warmth creep through his gut, up his spine, and seep into his brain. The sweet, sharp sting of the flyswatter heated up his skin, making him groan when a blow landed on his cock or balls. Once he could see that the alcohol was taking hold, David stopped the swatting and stepped close to Ford. Holding his head still with one hand, he reached for the hose clamp with the other. Ford watched, wide-eyed, as David rested his hand on the clamp. "I believe the only possible toast for this is: Bottoms Up!" Ford felt a stream of warm beer strike his mouth, under pressure from his ass. The gag was tight and he had to swallow or choke. He swallowed, tasting his own anal juices mingled with the beer. As he was forced to guzzle the two cans' worth, Ford felt David dropped a hand down to work his cock, making him hard again. Then Ford noticed Nick at the side, watching his humiliation with open amusement. Mortified, Ford hung in shame as the liquid finally stopped flowing. Afterward, Ford felt the score was partly evened up when Nick was told to kneel behind him and remove the plug. The remaining beer in the tube gushed backwards, splattering his face. A tiny trickle of warm beer trickled from Ford's gaping ass hole. David ordered him to lick Ford's butt clean again, and Nick shuddered with disgust as he lapped up the last drops of the anal brew. "Okay Ford, almost done. Nick, I want you to take this sponge and soap him up well - especially his perky little backside. Then we'll rinse him all off with the shower." Nick scrubbed him hard, working the lather into his ass, then the array of nozzles were turned on, blasting him with steaming hot water. David released him, and Ford rubbed his wrists and stretched. Now that the ordeal was over felt super fantastic. Light as a feather, clean all over. And more than a trifle tipsy. David gave him a swat on the ass. "What do you say to Miss Dee for getting you so nice and clean, hm?" "Oh - uh - Thank you, Miss Dee. I feel much better." "Good boy. Now help me get Nicky cleaned up. I can smell his crotch and arm pits from here." *** After Nicky was all clean, David had them straighten up the bathroom and remove the video camera and equipment, then let the boys have a soak in the Jacuzzi to unwind. David snapped a photo of the two handsome jocks lounging in the water. "You boys still hungry?" "Oh yeah!" "I'm starved!" "Good. I'll get a nice snack ready while you soak." The two jocks huddled next to each other in the tub, whispering. Both boys were still tasting the strong sexual flavors they had been forced to clean from each other's smelly areas. Ford was still humiliated over the beer enema punishment. "You asshole. Why'd you suck me off so hard? You knew I'd lose it and get punished." "Hey, he told me to! Besides, it's not my fault you've got a loose asshole." Nick grinned nastily and waved his cock in the water. "Come to think of it, I guess it is!" "Yeah, Nick, you think you're so superior, next time I'm in charge, I'm gonna remember that flyswatter trick. You were twitching like a fish on a hook! I can't believe he made you come just by spanking your cock with it. What a slut!" The studs glared at each other, then looked away. Ford broke the silence. "You know what?" "What?" "Someone oughta tell Miss Dee to shave her legs if she's gonna do nylons." The jocks giggled and leaned back. David came in, holding a relish tray and a large yellow can with a white nozzle. "Okay! Who likes cheezwhiz?" Two pairs of eyes met in apprehension. [PHOTO: Ford on his back on the coffee table at the foot of the bed, arms cuffed together underneath it, legs spread wide and pulled back, held by ropes to the bed posts above his head, one of the dirty gym shorts stuffed in his mouth. Neat cones of cheezwhiz cover his nipples, a rosette fills his navel, there is piping running down his cock, continuing between his legs all the way to his ass hole. David, head tipped to the side with a TV mom smile, gestures at Ford with one hand, while pressing the cheezwhiz nozzle up inside his ass.] "Voila! Now for the garni!" David put an olive on each nipple, a broccoli floret in his navel, green pepper rings around his cock, and shoved a handful of carrot and celery sticks up Ford's ass. Putting a fresh rosette of cheese over his stuffed anus, he topped it with a cherry tomato. "Okay, Nicky. We just have to get you ready." Whipping out a pair of handcuffs, he clipped Nick's wrists together behind his back, then put a plastic baby bib around his neck. "There you go, dear! Bon Appetite!" Nick stared at Ford, aghast. "No way! That's disgusting!" Reaching into a bag, David pulled out a wooden ruler and advanced on Nick, grabbing his exposed cock and giving it a hard yank, bringing them face to face. David glowered at him, eyes fierce. "I can see you're going to have to be taught some manners." [PHOTO: Nick, kneeling between Ford's legs, face pressed into the spread ass, red ruler-marks visible on his white buttocks. Ford's back is arched in pleasure, his nipples, navel and cock shiny with sticky spit. David, looking stern, has one hand pressed to the back of Nick's blond head, forcing him to finish his vegetables.] The microwave timer chimed cheerily. David came back with a plate as Nick finished sucking out the last of the cheese residue and raised his head. His cheeks were smeared with cheezwhiz. "What a good boy! Next, here's a real Wisconsin treat! Bratwurst! Nice and hot! Do you like ketchup or mustard?" Nick groaned. Ford simply couldn't imagine where David had found a brat 2" thick and 10" long. But he soon found out exactly how a nice hot one felt shoved up his ass. Nicky really did like bratwurst, but he thought David shoved it in further than necessary. It took him a good 10 minutes of persistent tongue work just to get it started. And Ford was no help at all, unless moaning deeply counts as help. And, for dessert - "Banana Split!" Ford's ass was liberally filled with whipped cream, then a peeled banana coated with hard chocolate and rolled in chopped nuts was carefully inserted, and a cherry lodged right in his pucker. Meanwhile, David had melted dipping chocolate in the microwave, and applied the hot goo to Ford's cock, as it cooled encasing his erection in a thick chocolate condom. More whipped cream adorned his cock and balls, with nuts sprinkled on top. Finally, David tucked a scoop of vanilla ice cream in each armpit. He knew it would melt before Nick got that far, but it was fun to watch Ford writhe. After managing to dig out the whole banana, and sucking the cream from his quivering asshole, Nick cleaned up Ford's balls and armpits before David allowed him to go down on the chocolate cock. Nick worked vigorously, deep-throating the candy shaft until he dissolved the hard surface to the hot, throbbing flesh underneath. At which point he got a large load of Ford's personal cream topping. [PHOTO: Ford, back arched in the throes of orgasm, straining at his ropes. Nick, cheeks covered with chocolate, mouth around the knob of Ford's prick, semen leaking through his stretched lips.] "Well, Ford, I bet you're really hungry by now! Let's see what I have for you - I hope you like peanut butter, I have a whole jar of the extra crunchy kind - then for salad, this lovely fat cucumber (burpless!) with avocado dressing - then, of course, the bratwurst - and then a bag of miniature snicker bars for dessert! I wonder how many bars Nicky can hold at once?" *** After Ford finished his 'snack', David got down to business. Tearing off his feminine costume, he ordered the boys onto the bed, waving his big hard cock at them. "All right, foreplay's over! Time for you two slaves to put out!" Pouring lube oil all over them, he slid onto the latex-covered bed. Pushing Nick face down, he forced his cock up the whimpering jock's hole. The blond stud squirmed and slid on the greasy bed as David fucked him hard. Meanwhile, David pulled Ford's head down alongside Nick's flexing buttocks, telling him to watch since he would be next. David thrust hard and fast, his balls slapping Nick's ass. Nick grunted with each thrust. "You want it, don't you slave? You're my pussy boy, you want this hard cock up your ass, yeah, you want it! Say it!" "Oh - uh - uh - please - yeah - fuck me - fuck my ass -" "Tell me! Out Loud! Tell me what a slut you are!" "Oh, yes, sir - I'm your slut slave, sir, I'm your pussy boy, your butt toy, fuck that ass, oh fuck me -" David worked him, making him beg for it as he thrust over and over into the jock's hot hole. Finally, he made him beg to have David come up his ass. Abruptly, David withdrew, leaving the well-fucked jock squirming. "Not yet, slut boy. Ford's turn." David looked down at his throbbing, slimy cock. "Looks like you missed some of that peanut butter earlier. Better lick it off first." Ford cleaned David's cock, fresh from Nick's ass, then lay face down and spread his legs. He grunted as David's large cock took his ass, thrusting in deep and hard, raising his ass submissively. David got into rhythm, fucking the jock's tight, buttery hole. Nick lay alongside, watching. David noticed that his cock was hard. "You liked that, didn't you stud. Admit it! Fucking gets you hot." Nick looked sullen. David, without missing a beat, slipped one hand around to get three fingers up Nick's ass. The blond jock moaned. "Yeah, you love it! Now, while I give Ford what he needs, go get a big dildo and get back here. You can give your ass a nice hard fuck while I watch." Nick's eyes flicked toward Ford. "Oh no, please -" David saw the message in that quick look. "Do it! I want you to give Ford a good show, too." Nick bit his lip. David could tell the boy still suffered from having been forced to be Ford's slave as well. Nick did as he was told, coming back and raising his legs to give David a good look at his ass. He started to fuck himself slowly, but David reached over and made him do it faster. Soon, unable to help himself, Nick was moaning with pleasure. David teased Nick in between his grunts, and the slap of flesh on flesh as he plowed into Ford. Nick was obviously embarrassed and ashamed as David hit at his weak spot: "Yeah, boy, show this other slave what a fag-slut you are, yeah show him how you're just a boy whore, a greedy ass-cunt, yeah, a helpless butt-slave . . ." And the worst thing for Nick was that it was all true - and the degradation just made his aching cock harder as David forced him to display himself. He tried to avoid eye-contact with Ford, but every so often their glances met, Ford grunting and groaning as David's strong slick cock ****d his ass, but eating up nick's shame with his shining brown eyes. David wanted the fucking to last, but the actually of getting to act out his fantasy for real had him too hot to hold off. Forcing two studs to eat food from each other's assholes - man, he'd jerked off to that thought ever since college. And now he'd done it! He could still feel his hand pressing on the back of Nick's head, forcing him to do it, still hear the jock slurping at the cheezwhiz, see Ford squirming in his bondage. He didn't know why, but the thought of cheezwhiz up somebody's butt made him hot. He couldn't go down the snack aisle of the grocery store without throwing a rod. He glanced at Nick. The arrogant blond stud, forced to fuck himself, debase himself, moaning in pleasure as he did as he was told. Ford, spreading his ass and whimpering, letting David impale his ass. It was the control that made him hot. Control. Power. Jock slaves. All his. David picked up the tempo, feeling his orgasm building inside him. He thought about the fantasy he was going to make them act out tomorrow. "Oh, yes, take it, take my cock, yeah, do it, be my slave, take it, oh yeah take it takeittakeittakeitohgodohgodohgodohFUCK!!!" Coming, David clutched himself against Ford, holding the sweaty stud tight as he pumped unending gallons of hot cream up the jock's clutching asshole. As the spurts slowed, David withdrew and pulled Nick's head down on his cock, giving him the last few drops and making him lick the ass juice of his cock. Then he pulled Nick's head off his cock and thrust it into Ford's messy ass. "Eat my cream, slave boy! Eat it all!" Nick, humiliated, slurped at Ford's ass, eating David's spicy come. Then he felt David start to thrust the dildo still up his ass. Then he felt David's hand on his cock. "You know, Nick, I think you might be real humiliated if I make you come while you're forced to eat ass and take a dildo. It would show that you really enjoy being degraded. What do you think?" Nick, whimpering, knew David was pushing buttons he wouldn't be able to resist. He didn't say anything, moaning helplessly into Ford's squirming ass as his body began to be wracked with spasms. But the blond slave's cock spoke for him. Loud and clear. Fortunately the camera remote was handy . *** SUNDAY MORNING The two jocks awoke to a blast of very loud organ music. Blearily, they rubbed their eyes, not remembering for a moment where they were. Then it came back, and they groaned in unison and lay back on the bed. The music was coming from a boom box across the room. David was nowhere to be seen. They stretched, sore and tired from the wild night. Both had piss hard-ons. David stormed in from the bathroom, dressed in a black cassock and white collar, a knotted black rope tied in complicated fashion girdling his waist. "sleeping in on Sunday morning! Evil! Work of the devil!" It was then the jocks realized that they were dressed like altar boys. "What the fuck?" Nick muttered. "Insolent boys, taking your ease, playing your dirty games! Lift your robes at once!" They did as they were told, exposing their hard-ons. David grasped them both, yanking them hard. "Yes, I can see that you have been very bad, pleasuring yourselves with unnatural fornication! You must confess all to me! What unnatural acts have you committed? Answer me!" David yanked on Ford's cock. "You, you slutty boy! Are you are perverted cocksucker?" "Um - yes, I am. I admit it, uh, Father?" "Fellatio! Evil! What else have you done?" Ford got with the program. "We have licked each other's assholes, Father. Many times." "Analingus! Disgusting!" "And Nick here likes to get fucked." "Sodomy!" "Now wait a minute, asshole, you get fucked, too!" "Yeah, well I don't carry on like you do!" "Silence! You will demonstrate! You!" He pointed at Nick. "Stand in the middle of the room. Lift your robe to expose your shame. And you! Kneel and take his cock in your lewd mouth!" Nick stood, legs apart, lifting his red robe. Ford knelt and started to suck his cock. 'Father' David, meanwhile, took a wooden paddle and dealt measured strokes to Nick's buttocks. Smack. Smack. "How does it feel, boy, having his mouth suck your cock? Having his tongue caress your throbbing prick?" Smack. "Ow! It feels really good, Father." Smack. "Tell me how it feels! Does it make you hot, having another boy at your feet, pleasuring you?" Smack. "Uh - oh yeah, it feels so good, he's sucking it, making me hot, making me feel good, oh yeah - OW! - licking me, sucking me working his tongue -" Smack. "So! I see what a filthy boy you are, pleasing yourself with him. You are so lewd that you will spill your seed, soiling yourself with your polluted lust!" "Ow! Ow! Oh no, please I won't come, Father!" "Yes, perverted youth, you will! Suck him! Suck harder! Make him know the shame of his lust!" Nick was squirming as the blows fell harder and Ford worked his cock. "Yes, moan with lust! Thrust your cock into his mouth! Make him take it!" Nick worked his hips, thrusting into Ford's wet mouth, moaning. David paddled his ass harder. Nick was writhing, the delicious sucking offset by the painful spanking. He bunched the robe around his neck, groaning with the need to come. Ford sucked and slurped at his cock, working the glans roughly as Nick liked it. Normally Nick came easily in the morning, but the spanking distracted him. "Pervert! Slut! Male whore!" Nick whimpered, the pain in his ass cheeks mounting. "Yes - yes - beat me, make me do it I'm so bad, yes, beat my ass make me pay make me take it -" Nick leaned forward, spreading his ass to the paddle's blows. The pain was changing, blending with the sexual feeling. Nick remembered the humiliating moment the day before when David had made him come just by spanking his penis. "Oh yes - yes - make me do it - make pay - make me come - oh yeah - make me come make me come!" Suddenly David stopped spanking him and pushed Ford off his cock. Nick groaned in frustration. David grabbed Ford and forced him onto the bed on his back, then led Nick over. He made Nick take off the red robe, leaving him in only the white lace top. "Now, this disgusting cock sucker is going to worship your ass! Sit on his face!" Nick got up on the bed and straddled Ford, lowering his tender buttocks onto the other jock's face and settling his anus on Ford's mouth. He moaned as he felt Ford's agile tongue slip into him. "Is he licking you?" "Ooooh, yes, Father -" "Now, you must punish the filthy asseater! Spank his buttocks and work his unworthy cock with your hand!" David lifted Ford's legs up and back, folding back the robe, exposing his ass to Nick. Nick paddled Ford's ass with one hand while jerking the boy's cock with the other as Ford continued to eat his ass. Ford squirmed and groaned as Nick let him have it. Nick spread his thighs wide, enjoying the rim job even though his ass cheeks still burned. "Yes! Make the ass-worshipper pay! Beat his ass! Beat his cock! Make him squirm!" Nick could tell the abuse was getting Ford hot, by his throbbing cock and the moans he could feel in his ass. Nick's own cock was throbbing, too, brushing tantalizingly against the lace surplice he wore. "Now, lift him! Draw his ass up to you and suck his hot filthy penis!" Nick got his hands under Ford's back and tipped his ass up nearly vertical, then cradled his back with one arm, guiding Ford's cock into his mouth. He felt Ford groan deeply as his lips were buried in Ford's pubic hair. "Yes! Suck him! Use your mouth to make him come!" Suddenly David got up on the bed, standing over Ford's raised ass. He uncurled a loop of his sash, which was a 1/2" thick silk rope tied in large decorative knots every few inches. Pouring oil onto Ford's anus, he forced a length of the rope into him, pushing the big knots in deep. Ford struggled helplessly, face buried in Nick's ass, cock sucked, ass stuffed. "Squirm, little pervert, squirm with lust! I see your shame, and you will be forced to enjoy your depraved lewdness. Yes! You will be made to come, and come, and come!" David gauged his moment, seeing when Ford was right on the cusp, and then yanked the knotted rope clear out of his ass. Ford cried out, coming convulsively. Nick, mouth impaled on Ford's spurting member, felt the come strike the back of his throat. When Ford's orgasm was over, they lowered his back down to the bed. Nick's throbbing cock peeked out through his lace top, then bobbed as he got off the bed. He really needed to come, but he wasn't sure if David would punish him for getting himself off. David ignored him, running his hands over Ford's sweaty skin. "Uh - excuse me - um - can I -" he gestured at his cock "I mean - well - what about me?" David turned toward him with a raised eyebrow. [PHOTO: Nick tied face up on the bed, legs tied up at an angle. His back is arched. David is pulling the knotted rope out of his ass in a blur.] [PHOTO: Nick in same position. Ford using a dildo on Nick's ass.] [PHOTO: Nick in same position. Ford sitting on Nick's face. He is holding a remote control, with a wire running into Nick's ass. The bed is covered with slimy ass toys.] [PHOTO: Nick kneeling upright on the end of the bed facing the room, hands cuffed to the bed posts up high. His face is contorted, mouth open wide, blond hair hanging limp, dark with sweat. Ford kneels behind with his red robe lifted, fucking Nick's ass. David stands at the foot of the bed, his hand on Nick's cock. A long strand of semen arcs high in the air. There is a large white puddle on the floor.] David, hot from his fantasy, dragged Ford off the bed, leaving Nick hanging limp in his cuffs. Breathing hard, he pushed Ford to his knees. David raised his cassock to reveal only black dress socks and a blood-engorged erection. Ford immediately went down on it and David gave a little whimpering cry of pleasure. He looked down at the dark- haired altar boy sucking his cock. Bad, bad, bad... "Ford..." "Mmhf?" Still sucking the big cock, he felt David pressing something into his hand. What David said next surprised him. "Spank me... hard..." As Nick recovered, he was treated to the spectacle of 'altar boy' Ford blowing 'Father' David while reaching around to paddle his ass. In moments David came, clutching Ford's head and falling backwards onto the sofa, writhing and pressing Ford's face to his twitching groin until the last drop was milked. Later, as the boys cleaned up the room, David stretched out and watched them, daydreaming about things to come. Acting out his fantasies had been an incredible experience. The more he thought about it, the more he was convinced: there had to be a way to share this. There had to be a lot of guys like him, waiting for the chance. His eye lit on the phone jack, and he thought about his computer friend in California. Hmmm... ***

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