I’ll swap my GF for your wife

I’ll swap my GF for your wife
I was in my junior year of college and was dating the hottest girl in my life. She was a sophomore, athletic, fit, tan, blonde, and we had sex almost every night. She was so fit that her “monthly friend” never appeared. I was totally into her as she was into me. Our sexual appetites were never satisfied. There wasn’t anything she wasn’t into. So when she mentioned “swinging”, I was game.

It was a hot July evening, around 11pm. I was taking Melissa from behind. She was facing the TV watching lesbian porn. I was pounding into her, my pelvis slapping into her firm behind. Melissa was moaning and I was enjoying watching her head bobbing up with every thrust. She liked to talk during sex. Melissa was a slutty school girl and I was the teacher giving her a lesson she’d never forget. Our bodies were soaked with sweat. To save money we never ran the AC, just fans to cool us down. I unloaded my seeds into her ravaged moist pussy. She fell onto her stomach and I collapsed on top of her for a moment, then rolled over to her side. We kissed for a little while then sat up and watched the rest of the video before taking a shower.

We were taking turns washing each other when Melissa asked if I’d like to have sex with another couple. She happened to be washing my cock and balls gently at that moment. It turned me on so much, I really liked how adventurous Melissa was. Of course I agreed. We eventually made it out of the shower and towelled off. We both sat down in front of my computer and started looking for couples. Initially, I thought it would be easy to find one but quickly learned there was lots of “stuff” you had to sift through in order to find a legitimate couple. The other problem was finding one close enough since we lived in a college town.

After about six days we finally found a couple. It wasn’t our “ideal” situation….both of us were expecting to find another hit couple like ourselves ( I should note we meant a couple our age and in shape…. I was very self centered back then ). Instead we had found this couple in their late forties. The man was stocky, hairy, with dark hair, eyes, and a thick beard. He did have a bigger, thicker cut cock that excited Melissa. His wife was younger looking than him. She was short 5’6″ compared to Melissa’s 5’11”, pudgy (to be kind, she weighed around 200lbs compared to me being a lean 185lbs), she had a cute face, long light brown hair, brown eyes, and enormous full breasts…which I didn’t hide my pleasure for with Melissa who had very nice perky small tits….she had thought about getting implants but we didn’t have the money for it at the time. Tony and Karen were their names. They were relatively new to being swingers and had only been with two other couples before..which made them experts compared to us.

We exchanged emails, pictures and performed a few sex acts on camera before actually talking on the phone and setup a face to face. We were both excited to finally meet them in person. We met them in a town thirty miles away, that was the halfway point between our locations. We had lunch with them and talked details. I admit, there was much more to this than expected. Firstly, they really wanted to get to know us and vise versa. It was wierd and slightly erotic to learn they had k**s the same age as us. We talked for two hours. After which, we agreed to go on a Mini-date with the other partner. Melissa was so nervous, she told me in private, so we agreed to stay in the same mall. I was surprised how excited I felt. It didn’t seem that big of deal hanging out with Karen, even though she was very quiet compared to Tony.

We agreed to meet back in just over an hour. Karen and I started walking around the mall. It was much to difficult to talk, so we went to the food court to sit down. At first, it was awkward smiles and silence. When I get nervous, I talk more. I began by asking Karen her favorite color and why. After that, I continued to ask more questions. Karen warmed up. Before long, our time was up. Tony and Melissa were walking towards us. She had a few shopping bags in her hands. She looked very happy and hugged me. Melissa whispered in my ear about some of the lingerie Tony had bought for her. I was looking forward to the fashion show she was going to give me. We walked out to the parking lot and I hugged Karen as did Melissa and Tony. We parted ways and awaited to hear back from them.

It was no surprise that Tony and Karen had messaged us just an hour later. They wanted to move forward and meet that coming weekend. Initially, both Melissa and I were excited but as the time grew closer…. Melissa got more nervous. We role-played it a couple times ….me as Tony. Melissa seemed to be into it at the time. Then on the morning of, Melissa got sick. She had worked herself up to the point of throwing up. I tried to nurse her back, making her replenish fluids and giving her oral until she climaxed. She wanted me to fuck her but I wanted to save myself for Karen. It was probably mean of me but I really wanted to impress Karen and “rock her world!” This ticked off Melissa and she didn’t talk much to me as we drove to the hotel we agreed to meet Tony and Karen.

We met Tony and Karen in the lobby of the hotel. We followed them to the elevator. Inside the elevator Tony gave me a key and my hand was shaking… I was so excited and nervous. The elevator stopped at the third floor….Tony took Melissa’s hand but she quickly drew it back. There was an awkward pause. I smiled nervously at both Tony and Karen. I asked if Melissa and I could have a moment. Tony gave me his key and I returned the one he gave me. They were both nice about and asked us to come see them afterwards. Melissa and I walked to the room.

Once inside, Melissa was having second thoughts and wanted to know if I had them too. I really didn’t but lied that I did too. I told her that if she wanted to leave we could right now. I also added that we might never have a chance like this again.. especially because Tony and Karen were so nice and paying for everything. Tony even agreed to wear a condom even though he didn’t want to and he also agreed to try no anal. I played the power card on Melissa, stating that she’d probably be the best sex he would ever have and to role play like she was in control …she had the power to make Tony do whatever she wanted. I finished up by saying just stay in character and have fun. I joked that Karen had no idea what she was getting herself into and that I’d be thinking of her, Melissa, the whole time because it would help me keep it up. Melissa laughed and wiped the tears from her eyes. She agreed to go through with it.

We showed up on the fifth floor and a very relieved Tony and Karen answered the door. Melissa and I came in. We talked and then Karen and I decided to head down to the third floor room. Once inside the elevator, Karen and I began kissing. She wasted no time stuffing her hands into my shorts. I pushed my hand up under her shirt and bra pulling out one of her huge breasts. I was sucking a tit by the time the elevator reached the third floor. I zipped up and she stuffed her breast back into her bra. I followed Karen grabbing her ass. She jumped and let out a very cute “whoop!” I chased after to the room. I reached around her and kissed her neck as she guided my hand to unlock the door. Entering, she then guided my hand down in between her skirt. I dropped the keys on the floor as the door slammed shut behind up. I rubbed her and brought my other hand around her waist and began to unbutton. She reached back and looked up at me. Karen gave me a look that still burns in my brain. She had this spark in her brown eyes. I could see her excitement. She turned around and we ripped each other’s close off. We moved over to the edge of the bed. We grabbed and fondled anything we could touch while we kissed. Karen pressed her lips hard against mine, our tongues danced with our heavy breathing. She pushed me down and went to her knees. Karen wasted no time sucking ferociously. Her hand squeezed my balls hard and the other stroked me firmly when she spoke “I want your cum!” Then she worked on my cock. Her mouth opened wide as she plunged all the way down. I just watched in awe. She was so aggressive and dirty…. I liked it. Karen kept going until the urge was too much to hold back. I gripped the sides of her head and launched my juices into her mouth. Karen didn’t flinch or gag….she just gulped each ounce down like it was water. My body jerked hard and I shiver went down my spine as I watched this spectacle. I was infatuated!

I moved up to the headboard and Karen joined me. She wiped a little cum from her mouth and licked it. We kissed and I rubbed her body. I was more into this than I expected. I stayed hard even after climax. We kissed and kissed, it was softer this time and sweet. I stopped briefly to grab a condom from my shorts but Karen stopped me. “We don’t need it, I want your cum.” Just the ease at how she said it was so stimulating. I got between her legs. She took my rod and guided it gently into her warm moist center. I had never felt such heat radiating from a pussy. The slurpy sounds of my cock going in and out of her….how amazing soft and good. I think Karen noticed my surprise. I was half expecting her being dry and lifeless. Instead, I felt her heartbeat pulsating between her legs. Then without warning, I unleashed into her. I cried out “No, not now!” My body jerked a few times as my seeds escaped from my body. I apologized. Karen smiled.

I tried to stay inside her as long as I could. But my cock had shrunk from giving Karen my second helping. I rolled off and Karen snuggled up to me. I felt her excitement but I was feeling regret for going too soon. She played with my tiny turtle head as I pinched one of her nipples lightly. Karen’s body was electric. “We are not close to being done.” She got on top of me and rubbed herself hard. She began to play with her breasts. Even lowering one into my mouth. I willingly accepted it and sucked. Karen told me bite hard on her nipple. I did so but she wanted really hard. I complied. She tugged it away and out from my teeth. The nipple was bright red and enlongated. She put the other in my mouth and tried the same. I raised my head and kept my firm bite on it. Karen kept grinding me but my cock was in shock.

Karen moved up my body until she was grinding on my face. Her legs pinned my arms down as she pressed herself down on my face. I had no choice but to suck, lick, and bite into her. Karen’s furnace was intense. She’d bury my face into her longer and longer. I struggled to get breath. I gasped each time she allowed me to breath. Karen played with her breasts, I really enjoyed watching it…it was something I had mentioned as a huge turn on and Karen was torturing me knowing I wanted to be the one groping them. Karen reached down and rubbed just above her clit as she grinded. Harder, faster..until she burst out “Unghhh!” Over and over as she quivered. My cock was now erect.

I felt Karen’s power slip. I pushed her over, got on top between her legs. Karen was exhausted but that look..let me know it was my turn. I plunged into her and she let out a gasped as if the air from her lungs had escaped. I pounded into her. My hands went under each ass cheek. I grasped firmly as Karen lifted her legs up onto my shoulders. The slapping of our bodies echoed in the room. The smell of our sweaty bodies and fluids filled my nostrils. Karen began shouting out “F me, F me, F me!” Which only increased my throttling into her. Then with every ounce of energy, I planted into well. I injected everything in my tank into her hole until there was nothing left. Karen’s legs shook as the came off my shoulders. She groaned. We kissed softly and I moved off her. I held her close to me. Then Karen told me something I didn’t expect to hear….

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