Her Guessing game

Her Guessing game
I had never heard of a game called “Guess Who’s” until the other night at the CROSSFIT Social. It was the first time I went to one of these, but had always heard everyone say what a great time they are. It’s always a little interesting to see people dressed in clothes other than their workout stuff. I was wearing short body hugging skirt with a loose v-neck top. I was wearing a lacey bra which still couldn’t hide my nipples when they would become erect. I was wearing heels, which showed off my legs and brought my ass to the attention of some. I had decided to spend the night at one of the coaches house, so I was going to enjoy some drinks myself.

When I arrived, I was relieved to see not everyone brought their spouse or significant other. There were a few guys who I’d always enjoyed looking at while working out. Chad, Barry and Don kept hanging around my table chatting and making sure my glass or bottle never really was fully empty. I was feeling rather drunk, but not throw back my arm drunk.

It was around 11 o’clock when things started getting interesting. I was asked by Chad if I wanted to play a game. Barry said, he was sure I’d like it once I played it. I told them, the game sounded like they were the real winners but I was willing to listen to the rules again. “It’s a guessing game, you just put this blindfold on and you have to guess who is giving you a kiss.” The game sounded innocent enough. I was drunk enough to know this may not be such a good idea, but also drunk enough I was rather horny. “Finish your beer and put this blindfold on. Then kiss each one of us and guess who you kissed.”

The three guys lined up, Barry first then Don then Chad. Each guy gave me kiss and not a peck, but a full tongue plunging deep in my mouth. Each one grabbed the back of head holding a hunk of my hair firmly in his hand. Barry even reached down and put his hands on my ass and pulled me tight against him. I couldn’t help but put my arms around each guy and kiss them back. I was enjoying the attention; it had been a long time since our last visit together.

“Now guess who kissed you and in which order.” I wanted to know what I was going to win if I guessed them in the correct order. Brad told me, “guess and find out, but if you’re wrong…we move on to the second chance” So, I guess, “Barry, Don and Chad” only to be told “nope, sorry.” I kept my blindfold on; trying to figure out what would be next. Each guy undid his pants and pulled out their cocks. They stood there stroking their cocks until they were semi-hard. They moved closer to me and told me to put out my hand. Barry was first again. He took my wrist with one hand and put his almost fully erect cock in my hand. Of course, my initial instinct was to pull away but I love having my hard around a cock. So, I wrapped my hand around his cock and began to slide my hand up and down the shaft. Enjoying how it hardened in my grasp. It was about six or seven inches long with a nice thickness. I told him, I liked hard cocks. Next, it was Don’s turn. His cock was even bigger and instantly got hard as I slid my hand down his shaft. Chad was next. He had a cock that made me gasp a little without even seeing it. It was closer to nine inches long and so thick. I took both hands and wrapped around his meat. I began to stroke it. I really didn’t want to stop, but they said it was time to guess.

Again, I kept the same order of Barry, Don and Chad only to be told again, “sorry, you’re wrong again.” They told me not to worry as there was another test to try again. I asked for another drink before I went any further. They pulled up a chair and guided me to sit down. They kept the same order with Barry being first, again. I could feel him stepping between my legs. He took his cock and rubbed the tip of his cock against my lips. This is called, “the taste test.” I parted my lips so he could slide his cock inside my watering mouth. I held his cock firmly in my hand as I sucked his cock deep into the back of my throat. Barry put his hands on the back of my head and began to fuck my mouth. I enjoyed listening to his breathing changing. I loved sucking his cock. He stopped before he came, which was a little disappointing to me. Don was next. As his cock touched my lips, I started sliding my hand up and down his meat; jerking his cock in my hand as the head of his cock slipped back and forth over my lips. My legs were opening and closing from the heat and wetness building between my legs. Again, the cock is removed from my mouth without a drop of cum. I had to open my mouth quite a bit more to get the third cock between my lips. Although I could only get what seemed to be half his cock in my mouth, I sucked his cock like I hadn’t sucked a cock in years. I really didn’t want to stop sucking his cock. I tried to fight a little as he tried to pull out of my mouth. However, I lost the battle. For the third time, I was asked to guess. I don’t even know why I tried, I kind of knew I would be wrong. But it didn’t matter, I was excited to hear what the next test would be.

I was helped over to one of the tables. Barry stepped between my legs again and spread them apart. He pushed my shirt up exposing my black lace panties. He rubbed the tip of his cock up and down the crotch of my wet panties. He reached down, pulling the panties to the side. Again, he slid the head of cock up and down my pussy this time parting my pussy lips. My cunt was dripping. He grabbed the sides of my panties; as I raised my ass off the table to help him out. I reached down and put the head of Barry’s cock between the wet swollen lips of my cunt. I moaned as Barry’s cock entered my throbbing pussy. I put my arms around his neck and wrapped my legs around his back; pulling him deep inside me. He was fucking me slowly, but deep before he must have been tapped on his shoulder “next” As Barry removed his cock, his cock was shiny from my pussy juices. Don now stepped between my legs and slid his cock in so quickly and so hard it caused me to gasp. They really were not fucking me long enough. Just as I was enjoying the rhythm of one, the next one wanted his turn. I needed to be fucked and I knew, I still had the big, thick cock to split my lips. My pussy wrapped snuggly against his cock. My lips spread taunt against his meat. Chad slowly pushed his cock deeper and deeper in my pussy until it was almost all the way in. I pulled him down and sucked his tongue deep in my mouth, while he slowly pounded my pussy. “Fuck me and I mean, fuck me hard.”

Chad pulled my skirt down my legs and took my top off over my head. I was totally naked now. They knew they were going to take turns fucking me and I couldn’t wait. My nipples were hard as they pressed against his bare chest. Again, I begged for him to fuck me. He pulled me down the table a little and continued to slide in and out of my pussy with his huge cock. He was caught up in the moment, soon he was filling my cunt with his hot cum. My juices were running out of my pussy along with his cum down between the crack of my ass. I wasn’t down. I lifted my ass off the table; pumping his cock with my pussy. Slowly, Chad pulled out as he started to get soft. I had removed my blindfold; telling Barry and Don to fuck me too.”
They fucked me over and over again. Both taking turns slipping their cock between my legs or forcing me to clean their cock, before they would fuck my pussy again and again. By the time they had both cum inside or on me, Chad was hard and ready again. This time, he shoved his thick meet between my lips and fucked my mouth like he had fucked my pussy. Soon he was totally ready to fuck me again only this time he flipped me over to fuck me from behind. I got on all fours as he buried his massive cock deep inside me for a second time. Chad reached around and played with my nipples with one hand and rubbed my clit with his other. Don now walked over, offering his cock again. I opened my mouth eager to suck and be fucked. I sucked hard on his cock as Chad pounded my pussy over and over. Barry had been standing to the side, stroking his cock. He pushed Don out of the way to shoot his load over my lips. I licked and tried to swallow every drop available. I wanted more. I again opened my mouth to take Don’s cock. Before long, I was gagging on his cum and my pussy oozed more cum from Chad.

I was asked if I enjoyed the game. I just smiled and asked if I ever guessed anyone correctly? Now, it was their turn to smile as they said “everybody, everytime.”

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