Okay all the stuff you need to say. First and foremost this is totally fiction but the idea came from some videos I’ve seen. However this will be a bit different. No one, place or thing is real, all fiction. Sorry but it’s theater of the mind.

I should add that this is probably as close to an S&M theme as I will ever write. Just wanted to see how it would play.

Chapter 1:

Where to start, I know with us.

I’m Jack 42 years old, five foot-seven, pretty good condition and have a seven inch long dick. It’s served me well over the years and helped me attract and finally land my wife.

Her name is Jill and yes we get k**ded about that all the time but I don’t mind. She stands about five foot eight and in heels is a Goddess at five feet, 10 inches.

She has a great body, a fine looking ass, C cup breasts and fantastic long, strong legs.

We got into swinging a few years ago. Really spruced up our sex life, if it needed that. One benefit is that I found Jill can be pretty wild as well as determined and I really get off watching her take on all comers.

She’s had her share of both black and white guys and they all get to cum inside of her pussy, mouth and sometimes ass. Everyone in the club is tested and you can’t join until two clean tests are turned in, kept up to date and all the women are on birth control so we don’t worry about unexpected babies.

Usually before the real action begins everyone puts their clothes in assigned locker so after that we’re all naked except for maybe flip-flops. Sure gives you an eye massage while checking out a target for the night.

One night after I got through fucking a great looking black woman and Jill had been plowed by her husband, we were sitting in the club room and having a drink when a guy named Jake, who was a new member came and joined us.

You could see he had his eye on Jill and by the look on her face she’s wasn’t too adverse to his attentions. After some small talk he stood up, offered his hand and she took it.

We all then headed for one of the party rooms. This time I got to watch the show.

Once inside Jill was on her knees sucking his cock. She was a bit surprised as he’s longer and thicker than I am but it was too late to back out now.

After some sucking he stood her up and began to kiss her first on the lips then neck and on the nipples of each breast.

After putting her on the bed he got down beside her. By now she was very aroused and her breathing was very deep.

He first used his free hand to stroke her breasts then work down to her pussy. After some massaging, finger fucking and another orgasm from her he moved down for some tongue action.

Boy was she turned on. She arched her back a bit while he was licking her pussy and circling the entrance to her vagina with a finger.

After the next orgasm he slid on top of her and positioned himself for penetration. Now she rolled her pelvis a bit to give him a better angle and he started to enter her.

Well as I mentioned he was thicker than I was so as he was pushing inside her she was hissing, groaning and giving some ‘ouches,’ as his dick got further and further inside. Normally she might pull back but Jake had one hand on a shoulder preventing this

Finally he was all the way inside her and the real show began.

In and out his ass moved between her legs while she had her eyes closed and was moving with him. In and out, up and down it went on with her taking deep breaths and moaning,

Then his intensity increased as he sped up and the thrashing really got going. Finally he pushed himself into her as he hard as he could and let out a growl while pumping a load of cum into her pussy.

Jill gasped and groaned at the onslaught then had another orgasm as she said, ‘oh fuck!’

After that they both laid there catching their breath while hugging and caressing each other. I could see by Jill’s expression she was still buzzing after several minutes.

Finally it was time to scurry off to the bathroom and drain out as much of his cum as she could.

While we had a few minutes Jake asked me if I ever heard about the Glory Hole for Men.

“I said you mean like what we seeing porno videos?” I said.

“No this is very different than that,” he said.

Chapter 2:

He explained a friend of his had one set up in the basement of the large house he owned. Here the women were positioned so the only part of them was outside the stall they were in and one could only see them from the waist down as the hole has some rubber type things that kept the women’s upper body hidden.

That way his guests would never really know who they were although most of his wealthy friends came from other cities so it really wasn’t a problem.

One position had the woman on her back while the other was on her stomach. While both their pussy and ass were available most guys used each position separately, so the one on her stomach could expect it would probably be anal.

After 90 minutes the women got a 40-minute break to clean up and get some refreshments. Then they switched positions

The group of men chose what they wanted and were divided in two groups so one focused on pussy fucking while the other did anal.

He added the amount of money offered, thousands of dollars to each woman, was a big incentive. Then he said the woman had to endure both sessions to get the full amount.

I was pretty stunned then said there might also be a special bonus round if one of them wanted to try it.

“Wow all that for one night of essentially being gang banged,” I said.

“Yep, my friend is willing to pay a bunch to entertain his friends. During the sessions you and the other man are in separate booths that have monitors and should so you can watch the action from several different angles,” he said.

I told him I’d need to talk it over with Jill first and he said that would be fine.

Right about then Jill emerged then Jake went over and wrapped his arms around her. Between kisses he said how great she had been, this brought a nice smile from her.

Since he began to get hard again it appeared there would be a round two to enjoy. Jill gave me a questioning look and I nodded my approval.

Jake began to stroke her body, would bend slight and kiss her nipples then return to plant soft kisses on her neck. Well she responded and was also rubbing his body then started holding and massaging his dick, which was getting really hard.

Chapter 3:

Once again Jake moved her to the bed and gently pushed until she was on her back. After much stroking and tongue action at her pussy he rolled her over.

She thought it was going to be a doggy session but Jake had another target in mind. After he started rimming her Jill realized he wanted her ass.

Jill looked over and I gave her thumbs up. So with a sigh she lifted her butt and slid a pillow under her pelvis to give him a better angle.

Now he spread some KY on and inside her ass opening then he put some on his dick. Since it was larger and thicker than mine I wondered how my wife would take to this.

I was soon to find out.

Once in position he started to penetrate while holding onto one of her shoulders so Jill couldn’t pull away.

“Ouch, was her first expression as she bit her lip while he began to work his way up her ass. He would push a bit then relax before repeating the pressure while she gasped, hissed and groaned as he got further up her ass.

Finally he was all the way inside and stopped for a moment. She did her best to relax and was breathing rapidly.

Now the in and out ballet began. On and on then faster and faster it went. She was groaning and gasping as is intensity increased.

Finally it was time to cum so he pulled back on her shoulders while pushing in as far as he go. Then with a roar he pumped a load of cum far into her ass.

Now Jill did have a couple of orgasms but at this point she let out with another ‘oh God that hurts,’ and gasping. Finally it was over so they could relax.

After some rubbing and telling her how great that was Jake slowly pulled out. Looking I saw some cum leaking out of her ass.

She looked a bit dazed but was relieved this was over. Then getting up he gave her another kiss and hug before she took off for the bathroom with some cum running down the inside of one of her legs.

Jake got dressed, headed out the door and mentioned to be sure to let him know about that offer. He also let me now he’d be there next week.

What I didn’t realize was that Jake was giving her an audition for future things.

Jill emerged and we headed to the lockers to get out clothes. Once dressed it was off to home as the night had been a bit exhausting for her.

As for me I really enjoyed the show and was mulling about that offer and how much we could make. That money would be a very welcome addition to our bank account.

In fact if she went through with it and let herself be used as a fuck toy/cum dump for a night we could clear our debts and still have some left over for a possible down payment on a house.

Eventually we wanted one as well as starting a family. Now however I needed to see if she would take Jake up on his offer.

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