Fun with two guys on a Catamaran

Fun with two guys on a Catamaran
My wife and I were on vacation to Mexico for a well-deserved rest.

I’m an adapt of water sports and the hotel where we are has at the disposal of their customers catamarans to take without instructors.

I sailed a view times during the week, but it’s two young guys in a relationship that attracted my attention (Michel & Justin)!

After a few days watching them on the beach and them watching me go with the catamaran, I took the chance and invited them for a session on the water.

The three of us went on the catamaran and we sailed as I always do, out to sea and just to the end of the bay. They enjoyed their ride and they asked me if it was possible to redo the next day.

I told them yes and to come and meet me the next day around 09:00 to book two time slots so that we would have two hours of catamaran has they had a lot of fun, but they would have liked longer ride.

The next day, I meet them at 9:00 and we took two time slots of 11:30 (me) and 12:30 (them).

My wife did not want to go the next day because for her it’s too long at sea … It was Perfect for me because I had other ideas in mind with my new-found friends!

We meet again at 11:30 to water sports kiosk as planned.

This time I was surprised to see one of the guys with a speedo that showcased well his toy (Justin)!

We took the catamaran and left the shore of the beach and headed out to sea. As we were riding, I noticed that Justin toy was much bigger than at the beginning of our journey which excited me a lot!!! I think that they knew what they were doing!!!

That’s when that Michel started to talk Justin (my speedo friend) and asked him what’s was going on with him and he mentions that the water that hit him gave him good feelings …

Laughing Michel asked Justin if he would be better without his speedo and if it bothered me to see them naked… They knew very well that I would not say no!

As we were far from the bank and there were no jet skis in sight, I said yes, and I too could also put the catamaran in neutral position so we can enjoy the sun.

They both got undresses and I did the same, they noticed that I was fully erect!

They asked me if I was bi because of the previous conversations we had days before, they thought yes.

I said yes and I was hoping that they would ask me to have fun with them. We had 30 to 40 minutes of intense pleasure and I loved getting fingered by two guys.

There was no penetration because the salt water, no lube, etc …

As we were having our fun, Michel said that he was about to come. When he climaxed had liters of sperm (ok not liters but a lot) and he came all over Justin’s face and chest. I took a nasty pleasure to suck and rimmed to finish it all it was salty and tasted good (I’m not sure if it was his sperm or a combination of both salt water and sperm!!!) Michel asked me to stop because he had shocks enjoyment.

Michel & I spread out Michel’s sperm on Justin as if it was tanning lotions!. One after the other we jumped into the water to clean a bit!

I put the catamaran back in motion towards the shore and we came back exhausted and happy.

We exchanged our emails and we will meet again soon because they are also in Montreal. I hope I can invite my wife for that next rendez-vous!

What a beautiful catamaran moment …

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