Football Cuckold

Football Cuckold
Football Season, I really love football and havn’t missed a season for as long as I remember. I even married Kate, off season, so we could do the honeymoon thing and all the rest, off-season.
Kate is a cute fun loving girl, in her early thirties, lovely figure, blonde, 5’5” slim waist, big butt and D cup breasts like she was only 17.
We have our own company and are doing great, six years married and no k**s. Our sex life was awesome and no complaints here.

For this season, I had bought a huge TV set so we could have an extra thrill out of the games. It was kind of a thing, that some of our friends would come over to watch the games when ever they could. Everything was normal until gameweek 8.

That particular sunday, Kate had prepared snacks and drinks and before the boys arrived, we had sex. That is, Kate asked me to eat her out first and then she geve me a blow job. She stopped a bit and looked at me and said she was particularly horny today. She had dreamed sexy stuff all night, she told me. As she wanked me slowly and licked the head of my cock, she told me she had dreamed that she was having sex with several men at the same time, as I was watching and holding her hand. The description made me extra hard and I felt that I could cum any moment. “Would you like that?” I managed to ask, as she paced up the sucking on my cock. “Yes”, she moaned, “I’d love to”. She then inserted a finger in my asshole and found my prostate and pressed it. I came instantly and intensly. We had never done this and I was impressed, too impressed to ask anything.
I went to the shower and came back dressed im my comfy pants and a T shirt. Kate told me to take it off since we were to be naked the whole afternoon till our guests arrived. It was after all an awesome proposal, so we both walked around in the house, naked. Kate would caress my cock at random, make it hard and bend over to take it standing up. Or she would straddle me on the couch and ride herself to orgasm.

Time passed and soon the guys would be here. The guys are Will and Tim. Two guys I grew up with, went to college with and was now our neighbours. We dressed and prepared drinks.

Will and Tim arrived on time and the game was beginning. We sat at the couch all four of us. Me next to Kate, Tim and Will at the other side. Kate was wearing a loose dress, the summer time dress, and now I noticed she wasnt wearing a bra. Leaning back and forth was an invitation to peak at her exposed nipples. What I also noticed was that her right hand was placed high on Tim’s thigh. and his hand was on her thigh as well. Halftime came up and I went to the bathroom, my wife and Tim went to the kitchen to make more drinks and snacks.
Since the game had had some wierd calls I was absorbed by wanting to watch the highlights so I went back to the couch. Tim and Kate came back with drinks and sandwiches, like 3 minutes into 3rd quarter. It took me like 10 minutes to notice the smell of sex in the air, and then I realized that my wife must have fucked Tim in the kitchen. My cock got hard and my face was burning. I was feeling half a million emotions per second, and yet still had my hand on her thigh. I turned and looked at her. She smiled and gave me a kiss. A kiss with the typical smell of male cum. The game was coming to an end and was a bit boring. I went to the restroom, since there was only 2 minutes left of the game. As I came back I nearly had the shock of my life. Kate was on her knees, naked sucking Will’s cock and playing with Tim’s with her right hand. I just stood there watching and couldnt get myself to stop it. On the contrary, I was feeling a boner and the scene reminded me of a porn flick. No words were spoken and the blood rush was back in my face. Both of my friends had their shorts down and both are well hung. Will, I didnt tell, is very dark skinned, not negro though. I felt the urge to suck my wifes pussy, so I lay on the floor, and eased myself in between her open legs. I slowly pulled her down over my mouth so I could tongue her. Then I felt that she was not only wet, she was dripping cum. Dripping cum into my mouth. So, yes, Tim had definitly fucked her in the kitchen. Her cunt lips were a bit swollen too, and my dick got harder than ever. Kate came with my licking her clit, and she squeezed her pussy over my mouth, filling me with Tim’s cum. My wifes legg’s were trembling so I let go and stood up. My wife stood up and straddled Will. She guided his fat cock into her cunt as they kissed. It took a while before she could take him all. Slowly all his cock entered her and she let out a huge moan. Her asshole was flickering and slowly opening. I got on my knees and started to lick her ass hole for all I was worth. Will started pumping her and I had to halt. She was being fucked by Will and was kissing Tim. Then she whispered someting to him and he stood up and took my place. So I sat on the couch, next to Will. I took her hand and held it as she alternately kissed us both. Tim slowly eased his cock into her tight ass hole. As far as I can remember, I had maybe fucked her ass like 3-4 times in all the time we had been together.
My wife had now two cocks inside her, and she was moaning and panting like there was no tomorrow. I sat on the top of the couch and put my cock in her mouth. She sucked me for some 2-3 minutes and feeling that I was comming, she let go. I came all over her face and hair. But the boys was still fucking her silly. I sat at my chair and watched this incredible scene, my wife being double penetrated by my friends. A few minutes Will came in her cunt, and it didnt take Tim too much time before he came in her ass. Tim sat on the floor, Kate at the edge of the couch and Will stood up and went to the bathroom. My wife opened her legs so I could get a full view of her fucked cunt and ass hole. She started to leak and was passing a finger over the cum, spreading it all over her clit and cunt lips. She waved me over and I knew what it meant. I slowly crawled over and started to lick her clean. First her ass that was leaking a heavy stream of cum, and then her pussy. Actually, my wife came again with all the licking, her legs were trembling. Will came back and we sat and chatted a bit.
I said that we all should go to the kitchen and get some snacks and drinks. An idea welcomed by all. Kate in front and the rest of us in tow. Kate entering the kitchen stopped and bend over pretending picking something up from the floor. She did it only to expose her perfect ass, cunt and asshole. We laughed and felt at ease with my wife’s naughtiness. I started to make sandwiches, Will was behind my wife feeling her up, kissing and licking her neck and with a free hand, caressing her erect nipple. Tim saw an opportunity and started to kiss her other nipple. With a free hand, he was caressing her clit. Kate stood there indulging the attention. Her skin had goosebumps all over and it was very clear that she was very excited. Her hand reaching back caressing Wills neck, her closed eyes and soft moaning was a living proof. As I was making sandwiches it struck me how beautiful the contrast of her skin against Tim’s. Tim was kissing her and finger fucking her cunt.
Kate let go of Tim, and bend over the counter and ordered Will to fuck her. My wife positioned herself chest down, spread legs with her hands opening her butt cheeks. “Fuck my ass” she demanded. He put his erect cock in her ass and started pumping. First slowly then speeding up. As he increased pace she moaned harder and harder. Tim and I just stood there watching and talking about how fantastic this looked. Will must have fucked her for some 10 minutes and she started to shiver and cum. Will came too. Let my wife stretched on the counter and went to the restroom. We helped Kate to sit at the counter chair, and I served her a whiskey on the rocks. I had the sandwiches in the oven and they were nearly ready as Will came back. Tim sat next to Kate and they all started to eat. Will had to leave since he is married, so he dressed and said goodbye to all. Kissed my wife and left.
Kate asked me to put the spare matress at the living room floor. So I did. There was still another game on the TV, and I knew what she had in mind. I got the matress and put it between the TV and the couch.
We all went to the living room, where I sat on the couch and turned the volume of the TV down to zero. My wife lay on her back on the matress and Tim, dived between her legs and started licking her. She had her legs fully spread and was holding her knees so she could expose her cunt to her lover maximum possible. I was watching from a perfect angle and playing with my cock. My wife lifting her pelvis and moaning was a fantastic sight. A true turn on. After a while she came on his tongue, he must have licked her for some 20 minutes. He even put his big tongue in her asshole. Kate sat up and made Tim lie down. She ajusted herself so she could have eye contact with me as she sucked on his huge cock. Well, she didnt suck on it. She worshipped it, putting in in her mouth, in and out, jerking it off a bit and then licking it again. I stopped playing with myself, as I felt I would cum again. Kate then sat on his cock and rode it slowly, acomodating it fully in her cunt. I had never seen my wife so sexually aroused and active. She halted and took his cock and guided it to her asshole. Slowly she sat on it and with small up and down movements she started to fuck his cock. Her deep moaning gave her away, she was experiencing a pleasure she never had had before. She started to tremble and it was obvious that she had had another orgasm. She rolled over and was now on her back. Tim mounted her lying between her wide open legs, on top of her. They were kissing as he penetrated her. He slow-fucked her for a while as the kissing was more intense. They werent fucking anymore, they were making love, right there in front of me and, as I wasnt even there. Tim let out a groan and came inside my wife. He rolled to the side of her and lay there resting. My wife turned a bit to my side so I could watch her lover’s cum run out of her pussy. She played with herself a bit, teasing me. As she fingered herself Tim was kissing her and they seemed like teenagers, all over each other. Kate dozed away tugged up against Tim’s body, holding his cock in her hand. I saw Tim closing his eyes and relaxing.
Since there was a lot of game to watch, I tried to chill and focus on the game. Something like a half an hour later, my wife woke up, she stood up and went for some water in the kitchen. What a lovely sight watching my wife walking naked around the house. She went back to her lover and ajusted herself between his legs and took his cock in her mouth again, waking him up with her fantastic blow job. I dropped down from the couch and landed on the matress, between my wifes legs. I inserted my tongue in her swollen cunt and started to lick her. The smell of pussy, mixed with male cum was unbelievably arousing, and i took all the time in the world licking my lovely wifes cunt till it was totally clean. I know she must have cum a few times, so I went for her asshole, and licked that clean also. I was impressed by the amount of cum that still oozed out of her. Kate wiggled free of my oral ministrations and got on all fours. Tim got the message and I went back to my couch. Kate spread her legs a bit and told Tim to fuck her from behind. Tim put his huge cock in her and started to pump. My wife moaned loudly as Tim fucked her. It didnt take long and Tim came again, inside my wife. Kate passed out on the matress and Tim put his clothes on and said good bye.
I went down on the mattress and layed beside my wife caressing her. She asked me to lick her again and so I did.
We talked for a while about what had happend and she told me she was so happy with all the sex she had just had. She also told me that she had invited Tim over at week days so they could be alone and have sex in privacy.
TIm woould come over on thursdays and fuck my wife silly, he would leave before I arrived but Kate would walk around in the house naked so when I came home I would know that she had had sex with Tim all afternoon. We also maintained the game night sex with Will and Tim with Kate servicing us as the games went on on the telly.

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