First Gay Tendencies (part 2)

First Gay Tendencies (part 2)
Waking up the next morning, the sun shone really bright. The day before had been a revelation for my sexlife, and our marriage appeared to be at a crossroads because of it. Browsing gay porn for several hours together the night before, my wife and I exposed an entirely new side to both of our sexualities. She had already finished a bottle of wine, and I opened a second for us. I knew how she gets when she drinks, and she was indulging herself. She was really curious what I was interested in, what I liked. It was an entirely new world we were exploring. I was discovering for the first time what else appealed to me, and was happily experiencing this with my wife by my side. There were hairy, shaved, toned, muscular younger and older guys sparking my curiosity. She would ask many times “What do you think about him”? Every video we played, she just had to know. And I could tell she was super turned on.

Finally, two really good looking, toned guys with three day beards…I just had to watch. My penis became instantly erect. As my wife began stroking me, she quickly exposed trickles of precum running down my swollen head. As I looked back at her to get a reaction, she turned my head back towards the screen and demanded “Keep watching”! As the scene continued to escalate, I suddenly blurted out “So hot”! She then shot back immediately “Which one? Which guy”? “The one standing. Keep stroking”! She smiled and then picked up the pace. This stud was getting his cock sucked, and soon leaned his head back in pleasure, exposing his super hot and bearded square jaw. She whispered into my ear “You would like to be the one sucking him, tasting his precum until that gorgeous hunk exploded in your mouth…wouldn’t you”? “Ohh yeah…keep going”. And she did continue…”Just think about him, you prompting all of his warm fluids out of hot body into yours. And I bet you this young guy has so much cum. You yearn for it. Your mouth yearns for him. You want to taste him, don’t you”?

The guy sucking in the film stood before kissing his partner. I yelled out “I’m cuming”! My wife was giggling profusely as semen erupted into the air. “That didn’t take very long, did it?” she mockingly professed. “I’ve never seen you explode like that”! But she was now slightly moaning and breathing heavily herself. She then stuck her fingers into my mouth. “Taste your delicious cum”. As I licked her fingers and the back of her hand clean, she began kissing my chest. She worked her way down and began slurping up little puddles of cum. And then we began cum kissing like we had never kissed before. “Don’t swallow it” she said before I turned her over on her back, where I was almost on top of her.

I squeezed her big naturals for sometime, as cum seeped all over the side of our faces. Our lubricated tongues seemed to be as one, as they were now dancing to an entirely new tune. I slowly slid my fingers down to her hairy and very wet pussy. I rubbed her clitoris for a short, few moments before she demanded “Finger fuck me”! Come on, stick it in there”! She then grabbed the back of my head and stuffed her tongue down my throat. I rapidly pounded her pussy with my middle finger, and it didn’t take long for her to gasp for air. I licked the cum off her cheeks and chin, before she grabbed my head and stuck her tongue between my lips once more. But she couldn’t move the inside of her mouth, she was just starting to orgasm. She was desperately breathing through her nostrils, as she locked our mouths using great force. And then she leaned back and yelled out with such intensity “Don’t stop fucking me! AHHHHHHHHH”.

After she calmed herself, I noticed the bedsheet under her ass was completely soaked. Looking closer, I yelled out “Wow! I think you just squirted”! It was the first time in her life. She didn’t even believe women could ejaculate. “Hold me” she called out as her torso and limbs were ferociously trembling. After we cuddled for a few moments, I told her I wanted to go out for a smoke. “No, smoke here with me. Stay with me. Please”? Another first in my life. She allowed me to smoke in our home, in our bedroom no less. When she completely relaxed, she hesitantly asked “Do you want to watch some more? Maybe some….lesbian porn”? My eyes popped out as I grinned from ear to ear. I vigorously shook my head up and down in approval.

The following morning, she was completely hungover. She asked that I lye with her for a while, until she would fall back asleep. Before she dozed off, she whispered “We have to find you some big, younger hard cock”. I replied “And for you some very wet, younger hairy pussy”. We were learning all about each other, once more after all these years.

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