FINGER PAINTINGSadie loved being painted. She had the body the artists loved. Today she was with Sam and she was standing naked as he looked over her nude form. She had big firm tits and a nice round ass and a flat stomach. He also was naked except fr the brief speedo he wore which hugged his nice thick cock. He decided to do a jungle theme on her body. After he was done he would take pictures and send them in to a company for further jobs. He needed to cover her whole body with a basic flavored cream lickable paint so all the colors he added would show. He started at her neck and his hands rubbed the paint into her skin. He got to her chest and then over her tits. When he rubbed the paint on her tits her nipples got hard. He used two fingers to cover the nipples and as he did he felt his cock swell in the tight briefs. He lifted each tit and made sure the underside was covered and moved to her stomach and down to her pussy. Her pussy was shaved bald and he then rubbed the paint over each lip. He spread her legs wide and used his fingers to paint inside her lips and over her clit. He took unneeded time to paint the pussy and she did not mind. He then pushed two paint covered fingers in her cunt and fucked her. He used his other hand to remove his speedo and let his hard cock out. He then bent her over and began to rub paint over her ass cheeks and then into her crack and he added more paint to his fingers and shoved them into her asshole and fucked it. As he fingered her ass he globbed paint onto his throbbing cock and pulled his fingers out and shoved that cock in deep and fucked her hard. As his cock fucked her ass his paint covered hands and fingers went from tit to cunt. He loved fucking his models and especially like Sadie with big tits and a nice round ass. As he cock şişli escort fucked her ass his hands ravaged her cunt and tits. When he finally filled her ass deep with his cum he laid her on a huge piece of paper and dumped paint on it and laid her first on her stomach then turned her to her back and then he laid on top of her and tongue kissed her and then went to a nipple and sucked it licking the paint from it. He then licked down to her pussy and his face was now covered with the paint as he spread her legs and grabbed her clit with his teeth and then he sucked it before he let his tongue fuck her cunt. He tongue fucked her hard as his fingers entered her cum filled asshole and she was covering his face with her cum. As he laid on the paint his cock was now covered and he slid up and shoved the painted cock into her cunt and fucked her deep with every inch. He was pounding her cunt as she begged for harder and harder. He grabbed a nipple with his teeth as he would pull his cock out then ram it back in all the way giving her the deep hard fuck she begged for. He pounded her cunt for almost an hour before he could fill her with cum. When he did he kept his cock in her and sucked and licked and chewed her tits. He loved her huge melons that did not sag and had big hard nipples that poked straight ahead. He then stood up and pulled her up and told her “No painting today. I just want to fuck you and lick and suck your body. Let’s go shower and then I will take you to my bed for more get sex with your delicious body.”In the shower he washed her body as he fingered her ass and cunt washing the cum and paint out of each hole. He then got on his knees and put her leg over his shoulder and began licking and sucking on her clit. He felt her pulse and then pushed his tongue şişli escort bayan in her cunt and tongue fucked her sucking her cum out of her wet warm hole. As he tongue fucked her cunt he soaped his fingers and washed around her asshole then shoved two in her ass and tongued her cunt and fingered her ass. Cum was flowing out her cunt as he sucked it down his throat. She gave him more cum than any girl ever had. She kept the juice flowing as he sucked it out of her. Then he stood up and shoved her to her knees and rubbed the head of his cock over her lips leaving a trail of cum as she licked it off. She then grabbed his cock with one hand and his balls with the other. She did a milking motion with his balls and gripped his cock tight as she licked the slit on the tip of his thick cock. He had a big head and she licked every inch of it as cum oozed out. Then she took the whole head in her mouth and wrapped her lips around it as she sucked him hard. She knew what a man enjoyed. Cum kept leaking out of the slit as she sucked him harder. She now was kneading his balls harder as she sucked and he just wanted to feel his monster meat go down her throat. She had his cock just how she wanted it and then she took a little more in her mouth and as she sucked she ran her tongue over the under side of his big thick meat. He was long and thick and she had no problem with his size. She kept sucking more into her mouth and soon had his cock in her as she deep throated every inch and pumped his balls. She was sucking him deep and hard as she ravaged his balls then he felt two fingers enter his ass and she finger fucked his ass with no mercy. She had total control of his cock, balls and asshole. She was wild and rough and he loved it.She was pulling down on his balls and letting mecidiyeköy escort bayan them snap back as she shoved a third finger into his asshole and he then screamed. He had never felt any thing so good and she had taken him beyond his wildest dreams. She was the best cocksucker he had ever been with and he loved it but he knew he was soon going to cum and he was thankful he had cum twice and was able to last as long as he had. He never wanted her to stop. He then felt her squeezed his balls hard as he shot cum down her throat. She swallowed every drop but did not stop. His cock was semi hard and she kept sucking and ravaging his ass and balls. It did not take him long to feel his cock get rock hard once again. He felt her tongue under neath his cock and her teeth on the top of his cock and he got chills from how good it felt. She was a great cock lover and she made him feel better than he ever had. She then took her fingers out of his ass and ran her nails over his pucker and then over his ass cheeks and down to his balls and the inside of his legs close to his cock. She let her nails lightly feel his cock and balls as she kept sucking that huge cock. Her hand then went back to his ass and she gave his ass cheeks a few slaps before she plunged three fingers deep in his asshole and began fucking his rough and hard. He had a new sensation of wanting his ass paddled as she sucked his cock. He knew she would use a belt on his ass and make the sex scream. She sucked his cock and ravaged his balls and ass for almost two hours before he could cum once more. His balls were swollen from the abuse and his ass was raw and he did not think his cock would ever be normal again. It was so sore and so tender from the sucking. They then got out of the shower and he took her to his bed. He would not be fucking her but he was going to work her over with his fingers and tongue till he had her as sore as he was and making her scream as he kept her cumming for hours. He was going to see how much abuse those tits, ass and cunt could take.

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