Cum and Piss at the Rest Area

Cum and Piss at the Rest Area
I pulled into the rest area just a little after sunset. There was only one other vehicle, a big truck. I parked several yards behind it. I got out, took a leak, and lit a cigarette. The big truck gave no indication as I smoked, so when I finished, I got back in my pickup and waited.

After a while, a pickup pulled up behind me. He got out and walked to the passenger side; it looked like he was taking a piss. After pissing, he remained standing there.

I got out and walked around to the passenger side of my pickup. I lit another cigarette and leaned over the hood. As I smoked, I pushed my sweats down below my ass cheeks, showing my lace panties and giving easy access to my hungry asshole.

Eventually, the guy in the pickup approached my pickup. As he came up behind me, he rubbed his hand across my panties and squeezed my ass cheek.

I whimpered a bit, but said nothing.

He continued to rub and squeeze my ass cheeks. Using his other hand, he slipped a couple of fingers inside my panties and moved the fabric so that my ass was fully exposed. As he held the lace to one side, he ran his fingers up and down my crack and across my hole.

Again, I whimpered.

He added some spit, and worked it around my hole. He played around a little more, then added more spit. He gingerly pushed a finger into me. He fucked his finger in and out several times, then added another finger. After two-finger fucking me for a bit, he added a third finger.

I moaned and pushed my ass back to meet his fingers. I heard him unzip his jeans and push them down.

He stepped in behind me, added more spit to my ass, and some to his cock. He rubbed his cock around my hole before placing it firmly at the entrance.

The heat of his cock head was a stark contrast to the cold winter air. I pushed back, again.

He pushed his hips forward, applying enough pressure that his cock head slid past my sphincter and into my hungry ass.

“Mmmm,” he groaned.

Again, I whimpered and let out a low moan.

He pushed his cock deeper. I could feel the girth stretching my ass. Slowly, slowly, he pushed his cock into me. Finally, his balls pushed against my thighs. He placed his hands on my hips and remained buried in my ass. His thick cock took some getting used to.

After a few minutes, he began a slow withdrawal, until only the head remained. Then, he slowly pushed until his balls were again against my thighs. After only a minute or two, a big truck came into the rest area. He ripped his cock from my ass and stepped back a few feet.

The big truck crept around the rest area until he was across the lot from us. He set his brake and climbed out of the cab. He came around to the passenger side, stepped between the tractor and the trailer, and pulled out his cock.

From the running lights, I could see that his cock was out, but he was not pissing. Although he was about twenty feet away, I could tell that he was jacking his cock.

The guy from the pickup stepped back up to my ass. He quickly slid his thick cock into me and began to fuck me. As he pulled his cock out, the cold air would chill the spit and ass juice on his cock. When he pushed in, I could feel the cold against the walls of my ass. He fucked slow and steady and deep.

The trucker stepped out from between the cab and trailer. His cock was still out of his jeans and jutted out and up in front of him. He boldly strutted across the lot to my pickup. As he watched the first guy fuck me, he jacked his cock; occasionally slapping it down with the back of his hand and making it jump back up and hit his stomach.

“You want some of this?” the guy in the pickup asked, his voice low and gravelly.

“Sure,” the trucker responded.

The first guy stepped back, dragging his cock from my horny ass. The trucker quickly stepped in behind me and placed his cock at my hole. He grabbed my hips with both hands. He pushed a couple of times, not really trying to enter, but just to apply some pressure. Then, he pushed hard. His cock slammed into me with such force that his ball sack swung forward and slapped my balls.

I grunted and lurched forward.

“Take it,” he growled, “You know ya fuckin’ want it.”

I spread my legs and firmly planted my feet, then, I braced my hands against the hood of my pickup. I wiggled my ass on his cock.

“That’s more like it,” he said. His fingers curled into my hips. He drew his cock out of my ass, then, seated the head at my entrance again. He repeated his initial move of a few pushes, and then slammed into me. Immediately, he pulled his cock completely out, and did it again. He fucked me like this for several thrusts, and then settled into a deep, solid fuck. With each withdrawal, the cold air would cool his cock, and with each reentry, my ass would warm it.

The guy from the pickup stroked his cock as he watched. Every now and then, he pinched my nipple through my t-shirt.

Each time he pinched, I moaned a little louder.

After the trucker had fucked for a while, he pulled his cock from my ass and laid in my crack. He asked the first guy if he wanted some more.

The first guy grunted and stepped forward.

The trucker stepped back.

Just as he started to push into me, another truck pulled into the rest area. Pickup guy stopped with about half of his cock head in my hole. The other truck stopped just inside the rest area, on the far side from us. Pickup guy pushed his cock into me slowly, like before. He resumed his slow, steady, deep fuck.

The other truck pulled away from the curb and started around the rest area. As he came around, he pulled up behind the pickup and stopped.

The guy fucking me did not hesitate. He continued to fuck me slow and steady.

“I need some more of that,” the first trucker said.

Pickup guy stepped back to make room for the trucker. He began like he had at first, with a few pushes then full on slam entry. He had just settled back into his deep solid fuck when the second trucker climbed out of his cab.

The second trucker wasted no time. With quick, long strides, he walked directly to us.

“Is this a private party, or can anyone join,” he asked as he adjusted his ball cap.

“Come on,” the first trucker said. He pulled his cock from my ass and offered me to the second trucker.

The second trucker pulled out his cock, jacked it a few times, applied some spit, and stepped in behind me. He placed a hand on my shoulder and a hand on my lower back. With one smooth thrust, he fully entered me. His cock was longer than the other’s, and I could feel it deep in my guts. He pushed down on my back, giving him further access to my ass. He fucked with quick, short strokes, bottoming out each time.

“Anybody cum in him, yet?” asked the second trucker.

“Nope,” answered the first trucker.

“Mind if I load him up first?” asked the second trucker.

“Nope,” answered the first trucker, again.

“Get it,” encouraged the pickup guy.

The second trucker moved both hands to my shoulders and got a firm grip. His strokes got longer and harder.

“Fuck me,” I whimpered. “Fuck me. Give me that load.”

“Here it cums. Here it cums,” he panted. He slammed his cock into my ass as deep as it would go, pulling back on my shoulders. “Uhn! Uhn! Uhn!” he grunted.

I could feel his cock swell as the cum pumped from his balls and into my ass. I pushed back against his groin as hard as I could.

His hips jumped with each spasm, and his hands yanked back on my shoulders.

Although he had finished cumming, he held his cock deep in me. Then, he slowly pulled almost out and then pushed back in. He did this several times, increasing the speed each time. He pulled his cock completely out, pushed it all the way back in, gave three hard fast thrusts, and then pulled out and stepped back.

“Damn,” he sighed.

“Hey,” the second trucker said to me, “Clean that dick up so he can get on down the road.”

I obediently swiveled on my feet, lowered my mouth to his cock, and sucked him into my mouth. I could taste the cum on his cock, and a few more drops dribbled into my mouth. After cleaning his cock, I licked the cum from his pubes and ball sack.

“Thanks, gents,” said the second trucker. He put his cock back into his jeans, closed up and went back to his truck.

By the time he pulled away, the first trucker was slam fucking me again. He showed no mercy this time, fucking me hard, fast, and rough.

“I’m gonna cum,” he groaned. “Take it. Take it. Take my fucking load you fucking cum whore.”

He pounded his cock into me relentlessly, pulling back on my hips with each inward thrust. I could tell he was cumming because he was holding his breath, but he continued to slam fuck my ass. At one point, his cock dislodged from my ass, and he sprayed a hefty cum squirt right on my asshole. But he didn’t slow down; he pushed right back in and continued to fill my ass with his cock and cum. Even after he finished cumming and resumed his breathing, he kept fucking me, just as hard and furious as he had before he came.

After just a few minutes, he pushed his cock deep into me and held it, pulling me to him by my hips. He held his breath. He was cumming again.

This time, I felt his cock swell with each pump, and there were several. I was amazed that he could cum again so quickly, and so much.

After his orgasm subsided, he abruptly pulled his cock from my ass, grabbed my head, spun me around, and pushed his cock into my mouth.

“Get ya some more, cum whore,” he commanded.

As with the other trucker, I cleaned his cock, then his pubes and nut sack. Pickup guy watched and stroked through all of it.

He grabbed his cock and slapped it back and forth across my cheeks and nose. Traces of cum escaped from his cock and smeared on my face. He used his cock to gather the cum and rub it onto my lips.

“Don’t miss any,” he sneered.

I licked his cum from my lips as he stepped back.

“Finish him off,” he told pickup guy.

Pickup guy again stepped in behind me. This time, he was not gentle or slow. He plowed into me with wild abandon. His hands were everywhere: my hips, my shoulders, my ass cheeks, my nipples, my back, my thighs, my face, my neck. Everywhere! He pounded his cock in and out of my ass furiously.

Then, suddenly, he planted his thick cock deep in my ass and held it deep. His cock swelled thicker as he pumped his cum into me. His cock swelled so much with each pump that it felt like my ass was going to explode. His whole body would jerk with each squirt. As soon as he finished cumming, he yanked his cock from my ass.

The trucker grabbed me and spun me around to clean pickup guy’s cock. As I sucked his cock into my mouth, he danced and wriggled around. I could tell his cock was sensitive after cumming, so I didn’t spend much time on it. When I moved to his pubes, I was delighted to find that he had fucked a considerable amount of cum out of me. I greedily sucked the cum from his pubes and licked the large globs of cum from his ball sack.

“Thanks, dude,” murmured the pickup guy. And he quickly put himself together and left.

“I’ve got a little more for ya, whore,” stated the trucker. He pushed me back against my pickup and slammed his cock into me again. He fucked me hard for a few minutes, then pushed as deep as he could, lifting me onto my toes.

“Squeeze my cock,” he demanded. “Squeeze it tight; don’t let any out.”

His balls pulled up against my ass and his cock swelled. It was not the fast spasming swell of a cock cumming; it was the intense, prolonged swell of a cock pissing.

As his piss filled my ass, I clamped down on his cock as tightly as I could. I raised myself to my tip toes in order to gain an even tighter grip on his cock and all that filled my ass.

He used his hands to push my ass cheeks together. He slowly pulled his cock from my ass, continuing to hold my ass shut. He stepped in front of me and told me to clean him up.

As I cleaned his cock, pubes, and balls, I could taste the mixture of cum and piss, and I didn’t mind it as much as I thought I would have. Although I tired to keep my ass muscles clenched, I felt the cum and piss begin to seep out.

The trucker pushed his cock back into my mouth and pressed down on my back.

“Show me what ya got in there, whore,” he said. “Push it out for me. I wanna see just how much that ass can hold.”

With his cock lodged in my throat, I pushed. I was amazed at how much liquid gushed from my ass, and how far it shot. Towards the end, it began to dribble down my nut sack and run down my legs.

“Can’t let ya go home empty handed, can I, whore,” he stated more than asked.

He spun me around and plowed his cock up my ass. I did not have time to brace myself against the pickup, and he almost knocked me over. His grip on my hips was solid enough that he held me on my feet as he power fucked his cock into me. Several insanely powerful thrust later, he came.

“Take it, you fucking bitch, take this fucking load!” he commanded. “Fucking take it!”

As he came, he wrapped one leg around my leg and locked us together. He jerked his hips forward with each spurt; he pulled back on my hips, he squeezed my leg with his leg. When he finished, he pulled me upright, so that his belly and chest were against my back. He bit into my shoulder and then tweaked my nipple, hard!

“Now, clean me up,” he said. “I gotta get down the road.” And he pushed my face into his crotch.

Again, I cleaned his cock, pubes, and balls. When he had had enough, he grabbed me by my hair, pulled my face back to look up at him, slapped his cock across my face, and then walked away. He put his cock back in his pants as he walked across the lot to his truck.

While I put myself together, I realized that I had shot my load, but I did not know when. The front of my panties and sweats were soaked, way more than just precum. I checked the time; it was almost ten o’clock. I had been fucked for almost an hour and a half hour, but I could only think, “Are there any more horny truckers up here?”

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