Club Gomorrah Part 4. The New Girl.

Club Gomorrah Part 4. The New Girl.
*Everything here is fiction.*
Title: Club Gomorrah.
Chapter Three: The New Girl.

Blond hair falling gently over soft skin. The headset was tight on her, her lips stretched around the cock shaped gag filling her mouth as another helping of chemicals hormones and artificial cum were pumped and eagerly swallowed, feeding her freshly grown 32D breasts. The mixture had both stripped her of any strength she may once have had and repurposed her flesh for more suitable areas. All body hair was removed save a small blonde patch above her locked and steadily dripping gold chastity cage. The large dildo slid rapidly in and out of her ass, a plastic lover but a lover still, for what must have been days now she had been in this small room alone and fucking herself senseless, the stink of cum was again waking her cock and it strained helplessly in the cage, the pain and frustration aroused her and the precum drooled out.

The headset was suddenly dead, it was only moments later when she heard a voice call out that she realised the moaning was her own.
“I said that’s enough Slut.”
Pain shot through her as the collar around her neck began to shock her.
“Dumb slut. The fun’s over, your Master’s waiting.” The woman sighed, and the collar sent another shock. “That one was for making me wait. Clean her up and bring her to the viewing room, and don’t fuck around. The guests are waiting and I want them to see my new product as much as possible before the meeting begins.”
“Hai (Yes).”
The sound of Doctor Smiths high heels echoed through the small room as she left the other girl to deal with the new sissy.
“Sooooo, looks like you were having fuuuun, I really want to see how good a fuck you are but as Mistress said, we don’t have time to play just yet.” The headset was slowly removed, and as the sissy regained her sight she saw Ona staring back at her. Her soft hair brushed against the sissy, it smelled like strawberries. She was gentle as she undid the restraints wires and tubes but left the gag in place. “We won’t wont woo to upset the wests now would we.” She mocked as she pushed hard on the gag. Sending both a wave of lust and a small desire to throw up through the the sissy. “Oh… so the Doc went all the way with you hmmm, trust me new girl, when the nausea wears off you’ll have something in that Kawai (Cute) mouth of yours all day I wonder what else they changed.”

The cleaning consisted of Ona hosing down the new sissy with cold water and making sure there were no bruises or other marks from the restraints. No makeup or clothing was given, the little ceremony was to show off the new piece of meat to the Masters clients and other girls. But in truth the new girl was still far from finished. Much more still had to be done, the physical alterations were impressive considering they had been done in just three months. Doctor Smiths new procedure had cut a year off the process and all without major surgery or the need to outsource even if it was a little more expensive. Next the Doctor would insure the new sissy was… right.
“Mmm mmmmf”
“I said crawl backa! (Idiot).” The new girl fell to her knees as Ona yanked the gold chain harder than before. Ona may have looked innocent on the outside but in truth she was the curliest girl here. The hall of doors was eerily quiet, no sound but the pattering of Ona’s feet and the rattling chain, she stopped, the pink kimono clung tightly to Ona’s curved physique her breasts were smaller than the new girls but large enough to draw her attention. She yanked the chain, reeling the sissy in like a caught fish. She pointed to a large door at the end of the hall, it was black, wooden and had silver and gold depictions of men and women balled together fucking. “Now, when we go inside Master will show you off to his friends. They will inspect the work Mistress Smith has done on you, maybe even have a little grope.” The chain wrapped into a ball around Ona’s fist as she pulled the new girls face close, the smell of strawberries was intoxicating. “You behave and do exactly as the Master and Mistress say, or I’ll make you wish she took that little clitty of yours, mmkay.” A square of light appeared in the door and the sound of classical music flowed through.
“Well, you took your time, I was starting to think you got lost. Everyone’s waiting, come on.”
The door opened and bright light and music flooded through the hall, was this a meeting or a party. “I needed to make sure she behaves herself in there.”
“You in charge of her now?” Questioned a tall and muscular blond man.
“El’s gone with Jack to find the runaway so I get her until she’s back.”
“She looks good, considering she’s so… fresh. You think the Doc will let the guys use her new machine. I got some ideas on how we could.”
“Your dick’s big enough already Sammy.” Ona cut him off. “All we ever hear from Maria is how much her little butt butt hurts when you ‘Train’ her.” Ona smiled as she dragged the new girl past Sam and into the centre of the room where both Mistress Smith and The Master were waiting.
“Ahh, Ona my sweet.” The master took her by the chin and kissed her, as a flash of jealousy came briefly onto Mistress Smith’s face before she looked off into the crowds that had gathered in the room. Its oval walls of silver red velvet and gold reached high above to the roof, chandelears dangled gracefully high overhead, there was even a large cinema screen. Where one half of the room was a ballroom the other an amphitheater this place was used for both business and pleasure. It was grand, tasteful and reeked of power and wealth. The Master clapped his hands, and moments later a deafening silence had taken over.
“Welcome once again dear friends, it has been far too long science last we gathered here. Many new members have joined… and alas… some old have left us. Though we still mourn the passing of my father we must remember that while alive he had a dream, and that his dream… was made reality.” As The Master spoke Ona was slowly leading the new girl around the amphitheater, her body exposed to their gaze. All those seated wore black suits faceless black masks. Some had their own slaves with them, nestled tightly between their legs sucking eagerly away at hidden flesh. The thought made her own hidden flesh grow and strain in the gilded cage dangling between her legs. “My friends, it is now my turn to make my dream real, and my dream… is dark.” The master said with a smile, the room was filled with chuckles and light clapping from the audience as she took the chain from Ona. “This one here, how long do you say it took to grow these fine breasts, to have her dripping at the sight of a good cock, or to quite literally eat nothing but cum for the last month hmm?”
“A year!” One called.
“By the look of her a good while longer.” Joked another.
The master raised his hand. “Three…” And with a prideful smile said. “Months.”
“I have developed a process that cuts the transition time in well over half, and we have already begun alterations to her mental state also.”
The audience was now a mix of disbelief and cheers. Three months, was it that short a time, it had felt so much longer down in the haze of pain and pleasure the new girl had been in until just a few hours or so ago. How could it all have happened so fast…
“My friends, I understand some of you may not believe what we are saying, some may even think us to be deceiving you. But as father always said, If you want to sell someone the truth… keep a record.”
The screen above switched on, showing several videos and photographs of Doctor Smith and a male strapped into a machine, weight, hight, hair colour, the size of his cock and other personal information. Again the room was dead silent. The new girl confused simply stared at the screen, watching the images flash by, staring at her name on the screen.
“As you can all see, this… is… real.”
“Mmm, mmm mmmm mm…”
“I would like to formally introduce you all to my newest pet, a blank canvas on which to paint.” The master began to remove the gag.
“Mmmm mmmm!” She cried as inch by inch the plastic cock was taken from her throat, until finally her throat and mouth was empty.
“Riley, Club Gomorrah’s Ninety Fourth servant.
I held back my gag reflex as the dildo slid out of my throat and fell with a thud to the floor followed by me, my knees buckling under me from the strain of my weak muscles and the unfamiliar weight of my new breasts. Like a newborn I choked on the air coughing violently as the crowd cheered. I must have been one hell of a show for them, the haze was gone and I was once again aware that… this was not a dream.
“Ryan.” I croaked as Ona took the chain from Maaster. “Ryan!” I cried as the door slammed shut behind us, Sam smiling hungrily. “My name is…”
“Not anymore its not!” The Mistress was furious, her hand fell across my face so fast and so hard it knocked me back down to the cold hard floor. “Your name is Riley, slave and you would do well to remember it. Or I’ll make sure its the only thing you know how to say when I’m finished with you. Understand!?”
“Yes Mistress.” I cried as she yanked a handful of my hair into her fist.
“Humph… how discussing. Its a shame I cant just program you to behave properly, but we cant risk you becoming too obedient. Too easy for a rival to poach you and reverse engineer the process all while you happily suffocate yourself on their cock. Sometimes I wish I could just remodel all the men in the world but him…”
“Should I plug her back in Mistress?”
“No, I have something I need to do first, she’s all yours until I call for you.”
“Arigato gozaimasu (Thank you very much)” Ona said cheerily as she took the chain from Mistress Smith. “Come Riley, its time to play.”

Ona hummed as she tugged my chain lead through the halls of the strange dungeon. It was the first time I had seen them properly, there were many doors, all of different styles and sizes. Two were metal and were clearly the two I had spent my three months in… the Mindfuck room and the Remodelling room, muffled moans and screams came from some doors while others were completely silent. The one that stuck out the most was a grey heavily spiked metal door with a large lock on the front. An uneasy feeling gripped me as I crawled past it, it was an ominous looking thing, a true gate to hell if there was such a place. A scary thought… considering where I was. Ona’s door was in stark contrast to the spiked one, it was styled to look like a Japanese sliding door but was light pink and opened like a regular door. Inside it was another styled room, just as the door, it was made up to be as accurate to the Japanese style of bedroom as was possible, with light pink dominating the colour pallet. Ona yanked on my chain again, leading me over to the bed onto my feet before removing the collar.
“Tut tut tut, Riley’s been a bad girl.” Her finger began to trace the still red handprint on my cheek. “What did I say about making the Master and Mistress happy hmmm?” Before I could speak the finger became a hand that was tightening around my throat, Ona may have been smaller than me and the other girls physically, but in my weakened state all I could do was grip her arm tightly as I gasped for air there was something about her choking me made me aroused, suddenly she threw me back onto the mattress.
“Still, you did what you were told, have to give you points for that at least.”
The pink kimono fell from her shoulders, her breasts exposed.
Smaller, but not small. I thought to myself as I was entranced by this perfect stranger and how perfect she seemed.
“I have been sooo horny waiting for Mistress Smith to finish remodelling you. I even made Tanya cry, and thats not easy, trust me.” Ona was now crawling up the bed on her hands and knees like a cat, stopping at my caged cock… my clitty. “That painslut would cum from having her teeth pulled.” She was now nuzzling the cage, toying with me. From there she began planting kisses inside my thigh, up and to my stomach and she began sucking on my nipple, it was like nothing I had ever felt before, never had I found pleasure in touching my nipples as a guy and yet I was so aroused at this tiny piece of attention. Her teeth sank into my flesh and I let out a scream, trying to push her away. In retaliation Ona grabbed both of my nipples and pinched them hard, again I screamed.
“Please that hurts.”
“Backa! (Idiot) I know it hurts, but you’ll learn to like it slut. You’re a sissy now, you don’t get to decide how you’re used! Its time you learn the pecking order in this place.” The kimono was now on the floor and for the first time I could see Ons cock, It was six inches and quite thick, she grabbed my hair and dragged me to the edge of the bed, my head dangling over. Ona forced her way into my mouth with ease, the taste and smell of her cock filling me with more lust as she began thrusting into my throat, each of her strokes came with a squeal of pleasure her cock was now heavily coated in my spit. It was as she fucked my face that I realised my gag reflex had almost completely disappeared and my throat was instead tingling.
“Fucking slut, look at you, not so fucking resistant now are you.” I was no longer fighting but instead pulling her deeper, something had been done to me, something had been changed in my flesh I was moaning with my first ever throat orgasm when Ona pulled her cock from my throat, my eyes rolling in my head shaking like a cheep whore with a steady stream of my spit dripping from my face onto the floor. I was in a state of total orgasmic bliss.
“You disgusting pig. Backa (idiot) Hentai (Pervert), you came all over my bed.” Ona’s eyes were now focused on the soft plump ass that she had played with months ago… and she was angry.
I was still high on the pleasure when she pulled my hair back and slammed her cock into my still uncocked ass hole. I had spent hours pleasuring myself and being pleasured with fake lifeless lovers, but now I felt it, the warmth the realness of Ona’s cock plunged deep into me. I looked back at her in my dazed state with the pain my impalement clear on my face as she smiled and said.
”You can clean everything when I’m finished slut.”

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