charity work

charity work
Its required every semester
I need to do some charity work for credirs

its cold outside Im walking with food boxes from houses to houses on my list
dress as a Xmass elf, knocking at door delivering food

He shook my hand looking down at me from his 6feet4 his bug dark hand making mine disapear as i shook it

”hi there little elf you brought me some food for my mom here i guess”

”thanks its really appreciated, the office got offshored and Im only startting to work in a month, a bit hard to pay for her stuff”

closing the door walking to the living room a grand ma thanking me

”alright mom I gotta go , ill see you tomorrow”

i walk down the stair of the appartement building with the black tall guy

i had 2 more boxes to deliver I said after he ask for a lift to the closest subway

he wait in the SUV of the charity as i deliver the food
”i tought i woud drive, tell me where to go little elf”

driving me to the last place
dropping of the box the a lady with k**s

and i was back in the car

”you are nice doing this for people you know, you make a cute elf too”

on the hiway the sound of his jean zipper loud and clear looking at him getting his fat black cock out

”be a good elf and come suck on this ”

i dont know what happen . my body wanted to lay over and suck this hot cock

”dont be shy, come suck my cock ”

”I…. Im not gay I…”

”me neither, i just want to feel that cute mouth around my cock”

”you want it too, come here”

I started to move toward it
his hand on my neck helping me over in place crawl over the middle console ass up his fat head between my lipse
”here thats it cute little helping elf. you suck that big cock now”

”oh yes up and down in that pretty mouth”

”open up for the cock, be a good elf , suck the cock”

mouth wet enjoying the feeling of his powerfull tool invading my mouth

how big it felt and nice in my mouth
sucking a big cock like a good little elf was making me so horny

he was right , it was fun sucking on his big black cock , i loved it, so big in my mouth

”thats it good little elf, you like it , cute little elf love that bbc in her mouth, i bet you have a cute pussy under that leggings””

”dont stop , dont stop no talking, no arguing, keep your mouth on that cock like a good elf ”

my attempt to argue stop , his cock put back in my mouth

the car stopped and i look up

”where are mmpphhhhh”

cock back in my mouth

in the middle of nowhere
only electrick pylons in sight

the strong tall holder guy dragging me to the back on the back seat
ass up leggings rippen up over my lil hole

a wet tongue starting to lick my pink love hole
as i moan face down on the back seat getting my pink hole invaded by a tongue
making me wet and open for his hot bbc
the tought of it was intoxicating
ass up getting wet and ready to be fuck

nothing can explain the feeling of a bbc pushing in for the 1st very time
i felt owned and ashame i could take him so easy all in my pretty boy pussy

it went in ,. disapear completely and he laught

”just like a pussy , ohhhh yeahh”

”found myself some good horny pussy to fuck”

”ohhhhh yeah little elf, gimme that pussy you slut”

squealing like a kitty on the backseat

loud and helpless arm pull on my back taking the cock like a girl

the tall black guy horny and loving to turn white ass into pussies he could fuck

diving in and having fun watching me moan face down arms n the back just taking the cock

tight leggins ripped open for him his cock pumpig in fast and steady

”your so tight, i love feeling you squeeze my cock;”

”such a tight pussy, come here babby”

on his lap ass falling down on his bbc

kissing me his tongue owning my mouth, his hands holdins my ass making me go up and down slowly
deep up and down bouncing on his cock

i lost myself on him, loving the fat cock i was sit on so much
he kiss me like a pretty girl and made me moan mouncing up and down by muself now

”there you go, bounce on my cock babby”

kissing him on my own moaning im his girl
before he grunt holding me ass deep resting on him kissing, the fat cock exploding in me, feeling the jets hits deep in me
moaning eyes closed enjoyig the warm feeling of cum filling me up

”now jump on it, with that pussy full”

i became a bouncing little slut moaning and taking all of the big fat cock easy making poping sound

i coudnt stop wanting to bounce on it
it felt so good being a pussy
not carring a single minute i was becoming a cockslut

just wanting my ass fucked open

working for more cum in me
giggling i want more

feeling him getting sear

”i want it, cum please cumm”

not thinking about anything else but the geeling of it

wanting to feel it explode again

up and down moaning i want cum

feeling so happy when it exploded
stopping the bouncing sit down steady moaning feelig him emptying it more in me

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