Right after graduating highschool, I needed to make some serious money before going off to college. A friend of mine told me about a job at a camp. I was unqualified for the job when I applied but was surprised when I got the call for an interview. I drove out to meet with the manager of the camp. Her name was Karen. She was in her mid 40’s, average body, very tan, not great looking, but had very nice legs. I came wearing dress pants, a short sleeve button shirt with a tie, and my best pair of dress shoes….only had one pair. I guess I was overdressed since Karen was wearing a purple T-shirt, jean shorts and flip flops. We sat down in chairs and Karen started asking me questions. While talking, I found myself staring at her legs. I hadn’t perfected being discreet about staring yet but Karen would clear her throat to get my eye contact again. I was informed the position and was asked if I could perform maintenance and lawn care duties. Karen then took me on a tour of the fifteen acre property. We stopped by the main building where meetings, classrooms, the camp director’s office, and lunch hall was in. She went over janitorial duties as well as past electrical problems the building had. We then walked over to the pool and the duties associated with as well as certain rules. We then went to the storage shed where the tractor, mower, tools, and supplies were. The riding mower was in bad shape and Karen asked if I could take a look at it. Luckily, I had been working on small engines for years. Karen left me there and went back to her house just up from the main building …about a mile away.

It was hot that day and I took off my shirt and tie right away. I started checking the mower over. It took almost half an hour to discover the blockage came from a small fuel line tube that ran into the fuel pump that was causing the mower to sputter and shut off. I fixed it and went up to Karen’s house. I didn’t bother putting my shirt back on and was covered in sweat. Karen let me in and gave me water to drink. I just stood by the sink and refilled it on my own. Oddly, Karen just watched me not saying anything. She and I walked back to check the mower. Karen was very pleased and offered me the position. I wasn’t really ready to take the job at that moment because I was holding out for a 3rd shift job at a manufacturing plant that paid quite a bit more. I asked if I could think it over and get back to her. Karen seemed a little upset at first but agreed. As we walked back to my car, Karen asked if it was the money holding me up. I really wasn’t trying to negotiate a better deal but it just worked out that way when I told her about the other possible job. Karen said she would go over some numbers and see what she could do to entice me.

The next day Karen called my house but I was at the doctor’s office doing a d**g test because the 3rd shift job had opened up and the company wanted me to get in ASAP. When I got home, I called Karen. She had increased the summer salary but it still wasn’t enough to match the manufacturer job. Plus, I wasn’t fond of living out in the middle of nowhere at the camp for summer where if I took the manufacturing job…I could stay home and hangout with friends. I thanked her for the opportunity and told her I had taken another job. Karen was silent and I thought I heard her cry on the other end of the phone. Karen cleared her throat and asked if I’d come out for her final pitch to sell me on the camp position. I wasn’t comfortable with the idea and turned her down. I hung up.

A few hours later Karen called again. She seemed more calm and put together. Karen asked what I was planning to making at the manufacturing job. I punched the numbers into the calculator and gave her it. Karen said the best she could do was match it and she’d throw in home cooked meals. She then went on that I had been the only one to apply for the position and she needed someone to start right away with the first camp starting in just a few days. Once I heard her plight, I felt sorry for her and accepted. I packed my bags and started the next day.

I arrived at the camp and was given a small cabin only half a mile away from Karen’s house. I dropped my bags off and started mowing the property. Karen helped out by cleaning the main building. I spent most of the day mowing, clearing down branches and cleaning the camp huts. Karen made me a sandwich for lunch at her house. We worked till sundown. Karen made me supper, just spaghetti and a salad. I ate it up, went to my cabin, showered, called my folks and went to bed. The next morning Karen made us breakfast and it was back to getting the camp ready. There were some small electrical issues with one of the huts and Karen worked on getting the pool ready. It was a hot very humid day. Karen had taken off her top and was just wearing a bikini top. I was at the shed putting tools away. Even though I was several feet away, I watched her chest jiggle as she was skimming the pool. Her top was a little small for her cleavage and the overflow was very nice. I wasn’t paying attention and dropped a tool on the floor. Karen heard it and looked my way. I waved at her laughing as I picked the tool up. I had finished with my morning lust of things to do and it was almost lunch time. Karen asked if I wanted a lift on her ATV back up to her house. I said sure. I was wearing just shorts, socks, and shoes….I had put my shirt down somewhere but couldn’t find it. I was surprised when Karen didn’t bother putting her top on over her bikini top. I hopped on behind her, trying not to put my sweaty body up against her. I leaned back and almost fell off when she tore off. Karen stopped the ATV and said grab ahold of her. I wrapped my arms just under her cleavage around her chubby belly. Her body, even though it was sweaty felt cool to me. As we rode up on the gravel road her breasts were slapping onto my forearms. In just a minute, I was fully erect. We got to Karen’s house and I slowly unhooked my arms around her. I didn’t want to move and let Karen know I was pitching a tent in my shorts. Then Karen, without looking, reached back with her left-hand and felt me. I almost shot cum as her hand rubbed my shorts. Karen turned around, smiled at me and said let’s go inside. She got off the ATV first. I sat there gingerly getting off to follow. Karen moved into the house quickly. By the time I got just inside her door I found her shorts on the floor. Karen called me into the bedroom. I followed the trail on panties and her bikini top to the bedroom. There Karen stood at the foot of her bed naked. Her body glistened with sweat. Her womanly curves looked amazing. I kicked my shoes off and tried to peel my socks off using the other foot. Instead, I tripped over them and onto the floor at the feet of Karen. She laughed and helped me up. She took off my shorts and sweaty underwear. Then she took me over to the bed and pushed me onto my back. Karen straddled me all the way up onto my face.

I didn’t fight it as she buried her bushy pussy on my face. I wasn’t sure if she was wet or just sweaty. Karen pushed down hard on my face grinding and grunting. She suffocated me. I panicked and feircly pushed off me and over beside me on the bed. Karen seemed to like it and her dark brown eyes had this spark in them. I jumped over onto her and forced myself between her legs. Karen put up a little struggle. She relaxed her thighs and I began to press my cock up against her searching for her. It took a few tries until Karen reached down and guided me into her. The gushing sound as Karen went “uuunnghh!” was electric. I already was ready to cum but I wanted to hold out as long as I could. I pounded myself into Karen and she wasn’t shy about it… shouting out loud. I got my hands under her legs and picked them up.i moved up higher onto her, drilling deep into her. Our bodies were slapping and I watched her tits bounce all over. Karen saw me focus on them. She squeezed them and began to lick her nipples. It was too much. I grunted with ever ejaculation into her. I pushed as much cum as i could deep into her. My body shook as I deposited all of myself in Karen. I collasped on top of her and she squeezed me. I stayed on top of her until my shrunken cock was pushed out. I rolled over and Karen rubbed herself. She wanted to cum. Karen asked for me to suck her nipples and play with them as she masturbated. I eagerly accepted and helped Karen reached climax. Her body shook uncontrollably until Karen’s hand gave out from rubbing do hard. We just lay there looking at each other for several minutes. Until we heard a car coming on the gravel road.

Karen jumped up and quickly got fresh clothes on. She begged me to stay in bed as she ran out of the bedroom brushing her hair. I heard the car door open and shut. I heard a young woman’s voice.i jumped out of bed and peaked out the window. The girl was a few years older than me, early 20’s. She was short, but I could easily tell she had an amazing chest under her shirt, she had wide hips like Karen and her legs were chunky…not as good as Karen’s legs. Still, it got me hard again. Karen jumped on her ATV and the girl followed her down to the camp director’s cabin which was just next to mine. I decided to shower up at Karen’s. I was just rincing off when Karen got back. She asked that I not share this anyone. Then she took me out of the shower and gave me a whirlwind blowjob. I would of fallen over Karen had I not enough arm strength to catch myself on the sink counter. It was by far the best bj I’d ever had up till then. Karen sucked me bone dry. She stood up and gave me a huge kiss…in which I got to taste my own semen. She slapped my ass and went into the kitchen to make lunch. I was thrilled about putting on my sweaty underwear so I just slipped my shorts on.

The camp director joined Karen and I for lunch. I’m sure it was a great first impression, me just in my shorts, no shoes, no socks and no shirt. Still the camp director, Traci, didn’t seem to mind….plus she had a fiancee. Karen and I kept our affairs secret through the first two camps. I would sneak out after curfew in the dark to Karen’s. The sex got more interesting each time. First it was light bondage on her with gags, then on me, then Karen wanted me to use a dildo on her and play with her breasts whike she rubbed herself, then she used a strapon on me. Then I help put up a sex swing in her garage, we both took turns in it. It all went south for Karen and I after a bad anal experience where I didn’t stop until after I had cum inside her ass….Karen had begged me to stop because of discomfort and I mistook it as just roleplay from previous experiences. Karen had ordered me out afterwards and we didn’t talk much after that.

Meanwhile, I had become friends with Traci. She was sarcastic like me and I on occasion would hang out to watch TV. Traci confessed that she had only had sex with her fiancee and that he had cheated on her shortly after she started working at the camp. Traci was trying to forgive her fiancee but was deeply hurt and questioned their engagement. Then one night as I was about to leave she kissed me. When I started to kiss her back she stopped it. I went back to my cabin and masturbated out of frustration. Over the next two nights, Traci and I went further and further. Until just after the third camp finished and Karen was out of town for work, Traci had made me supper and we ended up in her bed. Traci confessed that she developed an infatuation for me when she saw me at Karen’s in just shorts. Unbelievably, Traci had no idea that Karen and I were having sex. I never told her.

In Traci’s bed, I let her run my cock as I played with her enormous full firm breasts. She had the cutest small nipples and her tanline from her low cut shirts was a real turn on for me. For a girl who had sex with just one guy, Traci gave pretty good oral. I didn’t cum but it was stimulating. A thing that shocked me was that Traci had never had oral sex performed on her. So I made sure to do my best. Traci’s body jerked all over from what she called “tickling”. Still I worked my tongue tirelessly until she begged me to stop. Traci stopped me just as she started cumming. Traci git embarrassed as three liquid blimps came out of her. Traci worried so much that she asked me out of bed and begun to change the sheets. I told her it was awesome to watch and wished she would of cum on me. Traci seemed grossed out a little and threw clean sheet at me to put on the bed while she cleaned up. I figured to hear the sink running but instead Traci was taking a shower. I skipped making the bed and joined her. I started washing her body and soon she was helping me. While she was facing the showerhead, I tried slipping myself inside her from behind. Traci stopped me with “shouldn’t we use a condom?” I stopped and even though I didn’t like condoms, I knew I wasn’t going inside Traci without one. We got out, dried off and put clean sheets on. Traci acted tired when I spooned her in bed. But my hard cock wanted her really bad. I grinded from behind and began rubbing her teaching around her body. Traci leaned over to her nightstand and took out a condom and handed it to me. She didn’t turn around as I opened it up. I had gotten the condom over my tip and was unrolling it down my shaft. Traci turned over and got on top before I got it completely unrolled. I held my cock up under her as she lowered herself onto me. As soon as I felt the warmth of her pussy wrap around me, I focused on her breasts. I grabbed them with both hands, squeezing them, sucking her nipples as Traci slowly rode me. She leaned over me, her hair tickled my face as I kept playing with her wonderful chest. A few times Traci got too high off me and my cock fell out of her. I reached down on the second time and noticed the condom has come off. I really didn’t want to stop to put on another and slipped myself back in. Traci’s body shivered as I went in and I wondered if she knew. Instead pressed her body down on me and I rolled us over. I went slow taking my time just looking into Traci’s eyes. I could see her excitement but also a fear. I asked if she felt good. Traci just nodded as I kept going. I was getting close and knew I better pull out before i did. I kept leaning over going slower and slower until I was about to burst. I pulled out and jerked myself all over her stomach and rubbed my cock up between her tits. I had a couple squirts more with her breasts making my cock looking like a small hotdog in a huge bun. Traci’s eyes were huge but she said nothing. I asked what was wrong. Traci told me she knew the condom had come off and wondered if I was going to cum inside her. Later she confessed that it heighten the sex because of the risk we were taking having unprotected sex.

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