Attractive Story

Attractive Story
Oh, she was so beautiful. She had long hair as soft as silk. Her eyes as blue as the clearest sky, warm hands and lips. Breasts as soft as pillows. Her cunt as hot as a winter’s stove. She came to me, the evening was young and we had not seen each other in a week. She wrapped her arms around me and kissed me gently. I returned the favor touching my lips to hers and gently caressing her neck. I pull her shirt off and her mine. She arches her back as I kiss her neck and down her chest to her perfect welcoming breasts. Her nipples, erect and pink await my sweet warm lips around them. She moans loudly as I kiss her nipple and firmly grasp one breast in my hand, and suck on her hard pulsing teat.
She undoes my belt, and unzips my pants letting them fall to the floor. She moves closer and pushes me back onto the bed. My rock hard member grows from her grasp. Breathing heavily, kissing we move further back and she moves down. She pulls off my boxers letting my cock flop out. Gripping it gently with one hand which she stroke my shaft with, she begins. Slowly, as first she slips her mouth around my rod and slides me into her mouth. Sucking she goes up and down using her tongue in circles around the head…I close my eyes and lean back trying hard not to blow in her mouth…I want to save that for her hot box.
She moves off my shaft and moves up closer to me, kissing slowly all over. I kiss her lips and wrap my arms around her pulling her close and squeeze her breasts gently. I kiss and suck on her nipples and push her back, so I can kiss down her chest. I move her over and she lays flat on the bed. I am on top now. I kiss down her chest. Paying carful attention to her breasts and her neck. She guides me, and moves her legs apart encouragingly. She spreads her lips apart and I go down slowly. I suck her lips and taste her hot sweet syrup flowing from her warm steamy cunt. I suck and kiss, and move my tongue in circles over her clit. She moans loudly, and begs me; urges me to keep going!! I continue sucking her clit. I move my tongue between her lips deep inside her. I feel the heat from her cunt on my face, pulsating, and dripping with her hot wet juice. Arching her back, I feel her cum, then again and again. She pulls me up to her and kisses me. She licks my lips to taste her self from my mouth. She strokes my cock with one hand and encouragingly guides my shaft toward her hot box.
I change positions…and move up on top. I kiss her gently on her lips. She helps guide my cock near her pussy. Very Slowly; and very carefully I slide my rod into her hot box. She bites her lip, closes her eyes and lets out a deep sexual tone. I push in deep, and pull back. I slide back in and she lets out a low “oh, fuck yea!! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!” I pull out and press the head of my cock on her clit and rub it back and forth then push down inside her cunt. I pump for a while, thrusting in and out feeling her steam warming my rod, and her juice surrounding my rock hard shaft. I pull out, my cock dripping with her syrup. I move up and slide my shaft into her welcoming mouth. Her warm lips suck and kiss my cock. She strokes my shaft with her hand and continues to suck. She rolls over on her knees and I move up behind her and slide into her from behind. I grip her hips and thrust in and out softer at first then harder, sliding deep inside her cunt hole. I feel myself building up but don’t want to waste it. I move away and lie on my back. She mounts my rod cowgirl. She moves up and down on me going faster and faster, letting my cock go deeper inside her. She groans loudly and gets louder then more she moves up and down on my cock. I WANT YOU INSIDE MY MOUTH she says. I WANT TO TASTE YOUR CUM! She moves into position, and takes my rod in her mouth and sucks me hard I close my eyes and grip my shaft stroking it to help me along I place my other hand on her head and still stroking begin to jerk myself off to cum. I go for a min then I let myself go, I fill her mouth with my warm juice. She swallows, licks her lips with satisfaction and kisses me, and smiles.

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