Anal Instinct

Anal Instinct
Thanks again for setting up this date for me Estephania.

Estephania: Don’t mention it. It’s my duty as your c***dhood friend and best woman to make sure that you’ll say goodbye to your life as a single lady and hello to the one as a married woman without having any unfulfilled fantasies and desires.

Amanda: If only Bruno could think like you do… To be honest i’m feeling kind of guilty that i’m about to cheat on him the night before our marriage.

Estephania: There is no reason for that. He is having his bachelor party and you’re going to have yours any time now.

Amanda: He is probably fucking the stripper’s brains out as we speak.

Estephania: I hope he doesn’t go tender and romantic on her as well!

Amanda: Oh…don’t be such a bitch! He isn’t THAT soft…i hope.

Estephania: I made a copy of your keys and gave it to Rodrigo. When you hear the sound of keys, get in position and he’ll take it from there.

Meanwhile in the apartment building’s hallway…


Rodrigo: Blasted cellphone! Who is it now? Yes, who is it please? Yes, it’s me, what happened? WHAT? Where are they taking her? Okay, i’m on my way!

Bruno: Yo, bro! What’s up?

Rodrigo: My mother had a heart attack and they’re taking her to the hospital!

Bruno: Sorry to hear this my friend.

Rodrigo: Oh, man! And i had a date with a first class babe!! I have to go!

Bruno: Good luck, you’re going to need it. It looks like that tonight is a shitty night for everyone. Let’s see how my gal is doin!

Amanda: He is here! I have to hang up the phone, see you tomorrow at the church!!

Estephania: Later girlfriend, have fun!!

Amanda turned off the lights, ran back to the bedroom, and fell on all fours. Bruno opened the door while he was lost in thought.

Bruno: The fuckers can keep those paid whores for themselves. My heart and my body fluids belong ONLY to Amanda! Huh? What are these small candles doin on the floor? Did my baby lit them? Hey, there are rose petals as well! My bae knew that i would never cheat on her and she’s been waiting for me to come back so she could “reward me”.

Bruno made his way to the bedroom and for the first time in his life, forgot that he was a conservative and traditional “boy scout” and received a strong erection.

Amanda: I’ve been waiting for you anxiously. I hope you liked the atmosphere i made. As you can see i’m ready and i even put lube inside my butthole for easier access. Do what you have to do and…


Bruno ripped her thong and stuck his hard Mexican cock to Amanda’s curvy and juicy Latina ass. Amanda was delighted, she had never experienced such, brutality, such raw, unrestrained masculinity before. “Rodrigo” proceeded to grab her by the hair and slap her buttcheeks as hard as he could in order to turn them red.

Amanda: Aaaahhh…AAAhhh…AAAHHH!!

Bruno: RRRRRRrrrrrrr!!

Amanda: ( He is a true b**st, a force of nature).

Bruno: (I never thought that pushing shit would be so hot and addicting).

Amanda: Yeeeeeaaaaahhhh!! Fuck the SHIT out of me!! Rip me, break me in twoooooooo!!

Bruno: ( Time to surprise her even more with some creativity).

Bruno let her hair fall, grabbed her two arms, picked her up and put her to Reverse Cowgirl position.


Bruno: ( Damn, she’s kinky)!

Amanda: ( My anus is hurting but the pain only increases my pleasure. I am his now and forever! I want him to fuck my shitthole until i get too old and gray. Sorry Bruno, you will never match this stud). FUCK YEAHHHHH!! TEAR MY FUCKING SHITTHOLE APAARRRTTT!!


Bruno: (Bruno you son of a bitch, your chick is housewife material)!


Bruno: (…i guess i overdid it a little).

Amanda: Oh, no! I’m so ashamed!! Please forgive me, this was the first time i tried anal sex and…

Bruno: No need to apologize honey, your primitive four legged position, awoke my inner caveman and i went all out on you. I am the one who should…

Amanda: Hush! Don’t ruin it.

Bruno: I did not sleep with the stripper. You are the only mamacita i want to bang, now and forever! Sorry for being such a cuck all this time.

Amanda: SMOOCH!! You have no idea how happy you’ve just made me. My boy FINALLY became a man i can be proud of!

Bruno: Now you can say that i LITERALLY fucked the shit out of you!

Amanda: Sorry, love…

Bruno: I don’t mind it as long as it comes from you. I love every single thing about you, regardless of how beautiful or ugly it is.

Amanda:…SSSNNNIIIFFF!! There are no more men like you out there!

Bruno: They broke the mold when they made me because i was the coldest mothafucka in the neighbourhood.

Amanda: He, he! I can’t wait to give birth to your c***dren.

Bruno: k**s don’t come from the ass though, so why don’t we try some good old fashioned missionary once we’ve taken a shower?

Amanda: We need to clean up this mess as well. What do you say lover? Care to give your future spouse a hand?

Bruno: I ain’t cleanin up YOUR mess! Get your sorry ass and get rid of your own crap, woman!


Bruno: I didn’t…

Amanda: It was perfect! That’s exactly how i want you to treat me in AND outside of the bedroom.

Bruno: You know somethin? I like this new side of myself as well! Who said that it’s bad luck for the marriage if the groom spends the night with the bride before the wedding?

Amanda: Quite the opposite. Ha, ha, ha!


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