Ammu: A One Night Bride


Ammu: A One Night Bride

Now I am here with a new sexperience which took place on Jan 1, 2017.

Coming to the story. It was 31st Night, I went to a party with my friends and enjoyed a lot over there. While I was returning back, It was 3 in the morning and no vehicles were seen on the road. I had left my scooter in a garage for servicing. Due to that, I had to stand in the road asking for a lift. No vehicles came. I was losing my hope and began to walk slowly towards the beach. It was a 15mins walk. I went near the shore and sat by keeping my legs in the sea water. I sat on the other side of the beach where it would be calm and quiet.

I was feeling peaceful. My mind was calm by hearing the sounds of the waves in the sea. I was in my shorts and mickey mouse t-shirt. I removed my tee shirt and kept it inside my bag. I laid in the sand with just my bra and shorts. It was such a pleasant moment. Suddenly, I felt so horny. So, I unzipped my shorts and inserted my hand inside my panty and began to smooch my pussy. No sooner, I heard a sound of the jeep, so I quickly wore my tee shirt. Within a minute or so the jeep stood near me and few men got out from the jeep with wine bottles in their hand. They came closer to me and began to ask me why I was here. I shouted at them that it was none of their business. I was still sitting in the sand so I quickly got up and was about to move when they began to pass comments about the color of my panty and the shape of my ass.

Then I noticed that, that I forgot to zip my shorts and therefore when I stood my shorts fell down revealing my ass completely. I bent down to lift it when one of them lifted me by my ass and threw me towards the sea. I was completely drenched in water. I gained my balance and came to the shore when they again threw me in water. This happened nearly 4-5 times. At the last time, I was not able to even stand. I was trembling in chillness. Whenever I tried to get up, I fell down. Somehow after lots of trying, I came and directly fell on the shore. They again lifted me to throw in water. I really had no energy to come back again, so I begged them not to do that again and agreed to do whatever they say. Then they took me and kept inside their jeep and started off. I was really not able to recognize which place it was. I was completely trembling with chillness. They compelled me to drink the wine from their bottle as my body was extremely cool. I drank a whole bottle and fell u*********s.

When I woke up I was lying in a bed. I tried to move but my hands and legs were tied with its ends. I shouted if someone was there. No one appeared. But after few minutes, the same few men who appeared in beach appeared before me. Without even speaking, they directly came and sat with me near the bed and untied the ropes and took me to another room where some women were there. They told the women to decorate me. I began to question them but one of them just shouted at me to keep quiet or else they would again repeat the same treatment again. I became quiet. Soon, the ladies began to dress me like a bride and wore me the mangal sutra. I asked them why they were doing this, but they remained quite and applied sindoor on my forehead and pushed me out of the room. The men were waiting for me outside. As soon as, I came they told me to follow them. I followed them to a room. They ordered me to enter the room. I was about to enter but they stopped me and closed my face using the gunghat and then pushed me inside and told me to sit like a bride in the bed as their boss was coming to fuck me. I was quite amazed as well as confused. But, I did as they told me. I sat in the bed as a bride.

I waited for nearly half an hour but no one appeared but within a minute the door was unlocked and a man in his mid-30s entered the room. He was a well-built man with an attractive face. He walked towards the bed and began to tell about himself. Then he told about his lifestyle. He is a don. Then he told me that I must be confused why I was dressed as a bride. He told me the reason that he promised his parents that he would fuck women only after marrying her. Therefore, he used to dress everyone as a bride before sleeping with her. I really could not understand the logic. Within, few minutes he completed his story and climbed the bed and removed my gunghat and began to kiss me on my lips wildly. Then he removed my pallu and began to squeeze my boobs over my blouse. I was feeling uncomfortable so I pushed him aside and removed my blouse and bra.

He appreciated me for my intelligence and began to suck my nipples. Then afterwards he made me sit on the bed and began to remove the jewels as it was disturbing. Then he removed his shirt and pant and sat on top of me and began to kiss me again. After some time, he raised my skirt till my waist and then removed my panty and began to smooch it and then began to lick it. I cummed twice because of that. Then he made me get on my knees and dropped his boxers and told me to suck it. I began to give him a handjob and then licked his balls and took his 6 inches cock in my mouth meanwhile he was slapping my ass and began to finger it.

Within sometimes he cummed his entire load inside my mouth. He then demanded me to make it erect as he wanted to fuck me. Then I took his cock between my boobies and began to lick its tip. Within no time his dick was erect again. Then he pushed down and began to fuck my pussy and then removed it and inserted it into my ass. After 20mins, he cummed all over my body. We laid in bed covered with the juices. Then again he fucked me several times in different styles. When we finished, it was 6 in the morning. He insisted me to have a bath together. Then we went to his bathroom. First, he filled his bath tub completely with water and then added some gel in it. Instantly, the water turned in aqua blue color. He told me that the gel releases pain out of the body. Then he made me sit inside and fucked and had a bath together.

After, half an hour we completed our bath and I came outside covered myself in a turkey towel and asked him for my clothes as I wanted to get back home. He told me to go out and his men will be there who will give me back my clothes and bag. We both moved towards the door and we had a long kiss and I opened the door and was about to leave when he called his men and told them to fuck me as much as they wanted and then hand me my clothes and bag and then leave me at my home. They then dragged me towards the swimming pool and fucked me there for 2 hours while he was watching everything from his balcony.

When they completed, I cleaned myself clean in the swimming pool. Afterward, they returned my belongings and I changed to my clothes. Then, they took me to the same jeep and tied my eyes with a cloth and kept something inside my bag and told me to see it when I reach my home. Within some time, I was dropped in my home. When I reached my home, I searched for my phone when I got a package in it. It was from him. I opened it to find some cash and a ticket to Darjeeling with him to spend time with him. The ticket was scheduled for 2nd Jan 2017 and I was asked to pack my luggage as he will come in his car to pick me up the next morning. I was over excited and packed my luggage and next morning he came to my house and we both went and spent our week in Darjeeling and returned back during 9th Jan 2017.

This is the end of the story guys. Please keep in touch with me to hear more stories from me and for any queries contact me here

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