A new Master for sissy – 1

A new Master for sissy – 1
As a submissive and obedient sissy with a deep craving for humiliation I’d served a few online Masters during my 50’s, but when I hit 60 I started to crave the experience of serving a Master in real time. I knew that to do this I’d need to join a site through which I could contact local men, and so created a sissy profile on fabguys. I uploaded pics of me as a sissy, wrote a reasonably honest summary of my experience to date, made it clear that it was real domination I was after, and kept a regular eye on who was looking at me.

At first I got a lot of attention, as happens for new profiles, but all of them were either fantasists, versatile, or pic collectors. After a few weeks I almost gave up, when a simple message appeared.

“Faggot: If you are genuine send me your mobile number. If not: fuck off!”

I looked at the senders profile. It was minimal, with no pics and few words, but for some reason felt genuine. He’d been on the site for a few years, and had a few validations. I’d always been careful and hesitant before revealing too many personal details but my needs were strong and so I decided to take a risk and comply.

The message to me had been sent 2 hours previously, but it was only 10 mins when my mobile beeped an incoming SMS message.

“Make yourself available to talk on phone tomorrow between 2pm and 3pm. Failure to answer means this ends immediately. Do not call this number without permission.”

It was a pretty sleepless night as my nerves were stretched. I arranged to take a later than usual lunch and found a bench in a quiet spot in a local park, arriving there at 1:50pm. I held the phone in my hand, my heart beating hard and very nervous indeed. I was expecting to be kept waiting until closer to 3pm but just after 2pm the phone range. I answered it.

“Sissy cunt”. His voice sounded ‘normal’ (not unlike mine) but his then and throughout had a hard edge.

“Yes Sir”
“You will refer to me as Master at all times. OK cunt?”
“Yes Master”
“I will ask you questions now and you will answer immediately with no hesitation. Hesitate and the call ends. Permanently. Understand cunt?”
“Yes Master”
“First name?”
“Answer respectfully you pervert!”
“Master, my name is Neville”
“Yes Master I am married”
“Wife’s name”
“Master, my wife’s name is Joan”
“Does your wife know she’s married to a pervert?”
“She knows I prefer men and that I cross-dress occasionally but not my needs for humiliation and dominance Master”
“Scares you to think she might find out does it sissy?
“Yes Master”
“Tonight send me a vanilla picture of yourself via fabguys”
“Yes Master”
“Tomorrow at this time be in Costa’s opposite the Theatre Royal, upstairs. Understand cunt?”
“Yes Master I understand”

And the call was ended abruptly.

I sent the picture as ordered, and after another sleepless night took another late lunch and waited upstairs in Costas from 1:45pm, very very nervously. As each person came up the stairs I watched in anticipation – a young woman, an elderly couple., a teenage boy – all ignored me and sat on other tables. The top floor of the café was not busy but not quiet, and there was subtle background music playing. After 25 mins (it seemed a lifetime) I took a look at my phone and when I looked up saw a middle-aged man, possibly late 50’s, dressed casually, average build, balding, a bit of middle aged spread approaching me.

He sat down opposite me.

“Hello sissy”

I looked around and was sure he’d been heard. He looked at me and said “Well?”

“Hello Master”
“Yes sissy” he said. “It is very probable that this conversation, or parts of it, will be overheard, but then you say you want public humiliation. But the method should be my choosing, don’t you agree?”
“Yes Master”
“Yes Master what?” said in a hard, and quite loud voice.
“Yes Master You decide how I am to be humiliated”

A pause, and then “Very well. So that my time is not wasted, not yours, I am going to give you a simple choice. Understand?”
“Yes Master”
“If you want to leave now, then do so. No bad feeling either way. If, however you are not a time water, as you state, unlock your phone, place it on the table in front of me, and go downstairs and buy me a skinny latte”

Another slight pause and then “Yes sissy – I am indeed going to use the contacts on your phone as my initial blackmail material to control you totally. Time to choose, sissy”

There was no way now but forward. My hands were trembling as I unlocked my phone, placed it in front of my new Master, and said “Would Master like sugar with his coffee?”

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